Strengthening Your Website through an Integrated Marketing Plan


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Your website is a critical component of your business. At a time when online competition has never been so fierce, it’s crucial to ensure that qualified traffic is coming to your site. This seminar, presented my Mike Duncan, CEO of Sage Island addresses the necessity of a well designed, innovative website, and how to properly market it through a hands on approach of planning, analysis, and optimization. Mike speaks to the art of SEO and PPC tactics, successful eCommerce strategies, and how to properly utilize social media platforms to drive results and maximize your bottom line.

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Strengthening Your Website through an Integrated Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Strengthening Your Web Site’sPresence through an Integrated Marketing Plan Mike Dunca n mdunc an @Sa ge Is Sage Island CEO
  2. 2. Conversion Experts• 2009 Sales of $24.51B (+28%)• 275M visitors/mo (56.5m unique)• Converts 9.6%• Avg. Sale $170Traffic Comes from:• Search Engines (32%)• New Shoppers (30%)• Return Shoppers (70%)
  3. 3. Know your Customer
  4. 4. Speak your Customers Language
  5. 5. Keyword ResearchHave a Strategy, Careful keyword selection is the heart of any campaign!Create a robust keyword portfolio of relevant keyword phrases that aresearched on by potential customers. Google Adwords Keyword Tool
  6. 6. Drive Traffic to your Store
  7. 7. SEO On-Page Optimization• Use keyword research to determine how customers search• Inject keywords into body copy, titles, and images• User friendly and search engine friendly site.Ranking
  8. 8. Meta Data<TITLE>Skateboards - Warehouse Skateboards offers Complete Skateboards,Skateboard Decks, Trucks, Wheels & Much More!</TITLE><META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Biggest selection of skateboards,skateboard decks, complete skateboards, skateboard wheels, skateboard trucks,skateboards delivered right to your door!"> <META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="skateboards,skateboard,completeskateboards,skateboard decks,skateboard wheels,skateboard trucks,skatedecks,warehouse skateboards">Mike Duncan’s Best Practicesh"p://­‐best.pdf
  9. 9. Sitemap SubmissionGoogle WebMaster Tools - (MSN) WebMaster Tools - Yahoo! Site Explorer - Create a Sitemap Do you have a Robots.txt file? User-agent: * Disallow: /my-dirty-photos Sitemap:
  10. 10. SEO OFF-Page Optimization Link Building
  11. 11. Jan 25, 2007
  12. 12. Quality/Quantity external links is what you are after! What is a Quality link? Answer: Good Google Page Rank (3+) Relevant
  13. 13. How does your site rank in SEO?
  14. 14. Paid Search
  15. 15. Shopping Networks
  16. 16. Company Blogging
  17. 17. Social Networking
  18. 18. Customer Service
  19. 19. Track Everything!
  20. 20. Questions?slidesha re .net/sa geisla nd Search Engine Optimization – Kristopher Jones Get to the top on Google – David Viney Landing Page Optimization – Tim Ash Building Findable Websites – Aarron Walter Mike Dunca n mdunc an @Sa ge Is