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8 Clues That Your Company Needs a New Website


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Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business
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8 Clues That Your Company Needs a New Website

  1. 1. eBOOK 8 CluesThatYour Company Needs a NewWebsite What has your website done for you lately? Are you getting the traffic, leads and sales that you expect and deserve? Your website needs to be professional, optimized and easy to use and maintain.It’s time to revive your website if it’s not meeting these criteria for success. ©2012 SAGEFROG MARKETING GROUP, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  2. 2. CLUE ONE Target customers can’t find my website using search engines Your website needs to be easily found by your potential customers. If popular search engines such as Google, Bing andYahoo don’t return your website high in their listings, you’re losing business to your competitors. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help your website “organically”show up on the first few result pages of a search using relevant keywords and phrases. Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also known as, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is paid advertising on search engines. Sagefrog’s Online Marketing Team optimized the RPM Direct website to ensure they’d be easy to find.
  3. 3. CLUE T WO My competitors’websites are attracting more attention than mine Have you checked out your competitors’websites lately? Look at their positioning, messaging and how up-to-date their content is. Evaluate how successful, professional and relevant their websites look.Your website should be comparable, if not superior, to the competition. A new website helps AXIS Global Accident & Health Insurance take business from bigger and older competitors.
  4. 4. CLUE THREE My website doesn’t display well on all devices Look around – most people use a smartphone or tablet to access the internet. It’s naïve to think that all of your website visitors are sitting behind a computer monitor using the same browser. Make sure your website displays properly and provides easy navigation on all devices. Your new website should feature responsive design, allowing it to expand and contract in a visually appealing way. The Hussian School of Art website is designed to display properly on a variety of monitors, browsers, and devices.
  5. 5. CLUE FOUR My website doesn’t portray the image of a successful company Your website should project the image of a company your size or larger and it should engage visitors with its professional design while enticing them to learn more about your company, products and services. A great website has the look and feel of a company that people want to do business with. ARAMARK Facility Services asked Sagefrog to build a new website that was modern and portayed the image of a professional organization.
  6. 6. CLUE FIVE My website content isn’t very engaging or persuasive What are your value proposition and key messages to target customers? Is it being communicated on your website? If not, you may be confusing people and sending them away to your competitors.Try talking less and saying more. Edit text to communicate your message in fewer, shorter and more thoughtful words and sentences. Using subheads and bullets can make complex information easier to understand. It’s clear from their website that Elm City Communications bends over backward for their clients.
  7. 7. CLUE SIX Visitors to my site can’t quickly find the information they need Your homepage should provide a clear map for visitors to easily find and identify their areas of interest and get relevant information fast, with an intuitive user-interface, sitemap and well-organized content.Your site can be creative and exciting, but it should not be perceived as inappropriate by people in your market. If you have a lot of content and numerous webpages, consider drop down, pop-up or fly-out menus making your site easier to navigate. Finding the information you’re looking for is painless on the Opt-In Dental Laboratory Cooperative website.
  8. 8. CLUE SEVEN My website isn’t generating sales leads Every page of your website should have a call-to-action to prompt your visitors to engage with you. Make sure to offer information that visitors find useful and they will be more likely to provide their contact information in return. Don’t be selfish — you need to“give-to-get“ and provide ”news they can use”so visitors will fill out a lead form. Is your existing website integrated with Social Media channels and a CRM system? If not, you may be losing track of potential customers. The Graffen Business Systems website is a lead generation machine.
  9. 9. CLUE EIGHT It’s not easy to update and maintain my website Today, most new websites are built on Content Management Systems (CMS), which enable non-programmers to quickly and easily update content. It’s important that visitors see your latest developments and current content helps your rankings on search engines such as Google.When search engines see new content, they will push up your website on its listings. The AutoRx website features a WordPress Content Management System (CMS).
  10. 10. Ready to revive your website and your results? Your website needs to support your business strategy and objectives by engaging, persuading and generating leads. The website development professionals at Sagefrog Marketing Group can design, develop and implement an effective website for your company to drive up your traffic, leads and sales. Sagefrog is a full service marketing, interactive, public relations and advertising agency. We specialize in healthcare, technology and business-to-business marketing for companies in greater Philadelphia and New Jersey. For more information, please contact us: (215) 230.9024 » » ©2012 SAGEFROG MARKETING GROUP, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED