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Image is Everything

  1. 1. Image is Everything Six Successful Logo Makeovers An eBOOK from Sagefrog Marketing Group ©2013 SAGEFROG MARKETING GROUP, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  2. 2. A company’s logo is one of its most valuable—and visible—branding tools. A strong logo defines an organization and sets it apart from competitors. Designed effectively, your logo enables your audience to easilyidentifyyourcompanywhileinstillingfeelingsofvalueandtrust. Several components must be considered when creating or updating a logo, from colors, graphics, and symbols to typefaces and taglines. Distilling these complex elements into a distinctive visual identity requires focus, patience, creativity and skill. A great logo carefully balances these elements to convey the essence of your company. An ideal logo evolves over time as a company grows, shifts or expands its market focus, changes its product line, or simply wants to refresh its image.The following six examples highlight effective logo makeovers that improve on existing designs while retaining key elements to maintain the brands’recognizability.
  3. 3. Refreshed and Revitalized Arc2Earth provides Geographic Information Systems (GIS) products for a wide range of industries throughout the world. While the new logo is similar to the original version,making it easily recognizable to existing customers, some important changes were made to refresh and and revitalize it.The typeface has been updated for a simpler and cleaner look.The arc shape is more defined and clearly represented. BEFORE
  4. 4. Refining Brand Promise Customized Distribution Services provides logistics,transportation and warehousing solutions for organizations across the country.The company’s revamped logo clearly shows a case of product—the primary unit of measure that CDS handles for its clients—surrounded by arrows that signify the speed of cases moving through CDS warehouses.The choice of colors was intentional:Green represents the CDS commitment to sustainability,orange represents both safety and the customer’s visibility into the CDS management process,and blue harkens back to the original logo to reflect the company’s depth of experience. CUSTOMIZED DISTRIBUTION SERVICES BEFORE
  5. 5. Rx for an Ailing Logo Auto Rx works with pharmacies to facilitate prescription processing for people injured in car accidents.By using a friendlier typeface and moving the medical aid icon outside the text,the logo has become simpler and more readable.Treatment of the“Rx”symbol more clearly identifies the company as being involved in the business of pharmaceuticals. BEFORE
  6. 6. Less Complex = More Effective Graffen Integrated Business Solutions helps its customers incorporate technology into their business by providing IT solutions,dictation and transcription systems,and managed print services.The company’s revamped logo is eye-catching and appealing.The updated tagline more clearly reflects the company’s mission.The complementary color palette is clean and refreshed while retaining a similar shade of the original blue for enhanced customer recognition.Now less complex,the logo will reproduce well at any size. BEFORE
  7. 7. Giving a Brand New Life Defibtech manufactures automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and related accessories.A few specific changes have rendered the company’s logo simpler and cleaner,while more clearly defining its mission.Moving the heart graphic outside the text enhances readability,and adding the bolt icon inside the graphic more accurately represents the function and benefits of the company’s products.The simple typeface was retained,making the logo easily recognizable to existing customers. BEFORE
  8. 8. Hatching a More Polished Look ChickMaster manufactures a line of incubators for poultry production around the world.The company’s revamped logo showcases a fresh typeface and a bold color palette that communicates both the company’s dedication to poultry production (yellow) and its long-held commitment to the environment (green).Note that the explicit chick image is not necessary to convey the company’s product line. BEFORE
  9. 9. Does your logo need a makeover? Your logo is the face of your business. It can be one of the most effective tools in creating and maintaining your brand’s identity and inspiring trust and loyalty among your customers. SagefrogMarketingGroupisafull-servicemarketing,interactive,publicrelations,and advertising agency serving companies in greater Philadelphia and New Jersey. Our award-winning team can revitalize your logo using a unique design approach that clearly conveys your company’s mission, culture, values and personality. For more information, please contact us: (215) 230.9024 » »