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A bigger secret than the secret


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A bigger secret than the secret

  1. 1. A Bigger Secret Than The Secret We all want to live in better apartments, but how can we simplify this already overly-complex process and get better results? If you follow these few pieces of advice, you won't be in for any nasty surprises with your new home. One of the most important ways to make sure you avoid rundown apartments is to check the fine print of the lease. What kind of penalty are they charging to get out of the lease, if you change your mind a month-in? What kind of restrictions do they have, and what is allowed? For example, if you like hanging up art, but they have a strict policy of no nails in the walls or adhesives, you're going to have to plan for professional installation. Keep Track of Options When looking across multiple listings, it's essential that you create a "checklist" for each unit, especially when paying hefty application fees. Once you've submitted an application, keep tabs on all of your communication with the housing department.
  2. 2. Haven't heard back in a couple of days over email? Make a quick phone call to make sure you haven't forgotten anything. Are you waiting for a lease to come in the mail? See if you can't get an electronic copy to review while you wait. These timesaving steps will make sure you don't miss out.If your property needs to be in a certain location, it might be a good idea to physically drive around the area or search online for the property owners of all the complexes in the area. That way if they are owned or managed by one or multiple property management companies, you can contact them individually or together to expedite your search. Also, the pickier you are with terms like "pet- friendly" and smoking/nonsmoking, the higher chance you have of finding what you're looking for.
  3. 3. Be Deposit-Ready This step is essential. You'll want to contact the landlord and offer to pay a deposit. A landlord who sees a tenant is much more likely to process an application rapidly. Who isn't persuaded a bit by the prospect of a little cash? Finally, it's important that you be prepared for unexpected expenses. There are a variety of moving expenses that you might not have remembered, from moving trucks to boxing and packing fees. There are usually a significant amount of fees due immediately, called "move-in costs," that can range from cleaning fees all the way to administration costs. Sometimes you'll pay a portion of these with your deposit and sometimes they won't show up until you first subsequent month's rent bill. If you have a buffer of savings in the bank, you should be able to handle these curve balls and make these next apartments the best yet.
  4. 4. Those students knew I was a former student of the university. They have seen me come to the university and attend lectures as a senior student. But that was not the whole story. The actual story was that I was able to impart the lectures in an easy and convenient manner provided that the concepts regarding those lectures were crystal clear in my mind. This also enabled me to answer their questions, which were silly or The Amazing You Review relevant, in ways that they were happy. As years went by, I once told my students in a class course I was teaching that if they understood 50% of my lectures, they will be through. They could then help themselves with the rest from reading textbooks. But what they said in return was that they got my lectures at the level 70- 75%. Now that was something to celebrate and feel contented with. Well, the reason I told them so at the start was that I myself, as a student, got very little from the teacher of the same course. But books had helped me a lot!