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DigiDMS is an integrated Medical Information Management Company, which offers Electronic Health Records (EHR), Medical Billing, and Transcription Services. Our EHR includes integrated Appointment Scheduling, Billing Modules, Electronic Medical Records, Online Prescriptions and accessibility of information anywhere, anytime. Our services have evolved to a level where we can be deemed a Virtual Secretary targeted for hospitals, clinics, and independent doctors.

The company is promoted by technical experts from diversified industries. In a relatively short span of 6 years, we have been able to transform 300+ medical offices nationwide into efficiency engines. Our strategy is to build productivity through the use of technology, highly trained personnel, and customized consulting services. With resources composed of 32+ employees nationwide and 175+ employees overseas, we have found a solution for all the problems in running a medical practice resulting in better clinical, revenue cycle, and employee management.

We are the sole proprietors of the Electronic Health Records software, the Medical Billing service, and the Transcription Service. This allows us to streamline all our respective services into one effective solution for running a medical practice.

Currently we are servicing clients in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee and expanding throughout the United States of America.

Our offices are based in New Jersey, Texas and North Carolina.

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Webinar 8 Patient Engagement using Patient Portal | DigiDMS.com

  1. 1. Webinar 8: Patient Engagement Using  Patient Portal Tuesday, April 23, 2014 at 3:30 PM EST Wednesday, April 24, 2014 at 4:30 PM EST EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging 1
  2. 2. EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging https://www.myPersonalChart.com
  3. 3. EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging myPersonalChart Patient Portal How it Works? Share Chart  Share PHI Clinical Summary Appointment Approval Refill Approval Screening Reminders Secure Messaging Lab Results Documents Send Statements Online Registration Request for Appointment Request for Refill Secure Messaging Share Record to Clinics Pay Statements Online View Chart Manage Health Information Audit Activity Manage Clinics Patient Education Physician Patient Physician Authorized Representative
  4. 4. EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging Meaningful Use Objectives Addressed by  Creating a Patient Portal Patient‐Specific Education Resources EHR has an integrated patient education tool that allows clinical staff to search and select from more than  600 summaries on diagnoses and symptoms and more than 1,000 medications. Materials, which are  available and English and Spanish, can be printed out and reviewed with patients at the time of the visit. Provide Clinical Summaries Patients are provided with clinical summaries of their visit upon request. Patients who are registered with  the patient portal can receive the clinical summary electronically. Provide Electronic Access to Health  Information Routine lab results are provided to patients registered with the portal. When lab results are published to  the patient portal, patients receive an e‐mail message telling them to check the portal. Providers attach a  message explaining the lab results and addressing anticipated questions, such as “Your test results are  normal” or “Your cholesterol is high, please make an appointment within the next 30 days to discuss.” Patients can download any clinical reports shared via the secure messaging feature to their computers or a  portable storage device.
  5. 5. Patient Portal Benefits  Patient Care and Provider Workflow EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging "As doctors gained experience with the portal, they realized it was a very  efficient way to communicate with patients. Phone encounters can be long  because patients get talkative and ask a lot of questions. Using messaging,  their questions are more pointed."  –Dr. James Weiss “It actually cuts down on the phone calls and  the back and forth" – Tracy Morris
  6. 6. Patient Portal Benefits  Patient Care and Provider Workflow EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging Getting Patients Registered •Distributing fliers, •Posting materials about the portal in their clinics, •Providing talking points for front-office staff to encourage patient registration and use Sample Talking Points for Providers Do you use e‐mail? The portal is just a secure e‐mail system that we can use to communicate. You can send me a message and it goes right into your chart, so I have all of your information at hand when I  read it and respond. If you use it and don’t like it, you don’t have to continue to use it. Just let us know. It’s really very easy to use. If you use the Internet, you’ll most likely find the portal helpful and easy to  navigate. It is particularly persuasive when providers encourage patients to use the portal because patients trust providers and value their opinions. One provider says he reinforces a patient’s use of the portal by closing all messages with “Thanks for using the portal.” Some patients were concerned that Patient Portal would send them spam. When providers and staff tell patients about the portal, they assure them that the portal will only be used to respond to the patient’s message and to share important health information such as the clinical summaries. They also explain how to prevent messages from going into the spam folder.
  7. 7. Patient Portal Benefits  Patient Portal Implementation Experienced EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging Providers experienced: •Patients use the secure messaging appropriately, asking clear and pointed questions, with very few exceptions, and e‐mail volume was not problematic •Found themselves wishing more patients would use the portal for things such as medication refill requests •It takes providers and staff less time to respond to e-mails than to process incoming calls and route them •Appreciation of efficient communication and reduction of “phone tag” that often results in delays and miscommunication •Messages are in patients’ own words and not subject to others interpretation, biases, or attention to detail •Advise that it is important to set expectations with patients, explaining what kind of questions are appropriate and how and when providers will use the messaging; for example, “I’ll be sending your test results on the portal in 2-3 days” Patients experienced: •They appreciate the direct communication with providers •They appreciate the ability to ask questions in-between visits and convenience of requesting medication and referrals online •Some patients have told them they selected PHMG (and “fired” their other providers) in part because of the availability of the portal
  8. 8. EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging myPersonalChart Patient Portal Activate Portal Account from DigiDMS EHR Patient Chart  Edit Demographics
  9. 9. EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging myPersonalChart Patient Portal patient Receives eMail and Activates
  10. 10. EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging myPersonalChart Patient Portal patient Account Setup
  11. 11. EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging myPersonalChart Patient Portal patient view of Patient Portal
  12. 12. EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging myPersonalChart Patient Portal patient view of Active Problems Patient can  ‐ Mark problems as Inactive, Resolved  ‐ Add New Active Problems ‐ Open Patient Education Material ‐ Verify source of Information
  13. 13. EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging myPersonalChart Patient Portal patient view of Messages Patient can  ‐ Read Message ‐ Reply/ Forward ‐ New Message ‐ Appointment ‐ Refill ‐ General
  14. 14. EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging myPersonalChart Patient Portal patient view of Demographics
  15. 15. EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging myPersonalChart Patient Portal patient view of Manage Clinics
  16. 16. EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging myPersonalChart Patient Portal Sharing Patient Chart to Authorized  Representatives
  17. 17. EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging myPersonalChart Patient Portal View, Download & Transmit
  18. 18. EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging myPersonalChart Patient Portal Audit Log
  19. 19. EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging myPersonalChart Patient Portal Online Payments
  20. 20. EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging DigiDMS EHR – Physician View Preference Configuration
  21. 21. EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging DigiDMS EHR – Physician View Which Data to Share and How Share PHR  Send  Patient Portal Encounter Note  Clinical Summary  Send to  Patient Portal Patient Chart  Documents  Select Documents  Send  Patient Portal Patient Education  Send  Patient Portal Patient Screening Module  Generate List of Patients  send Patient Portal
  22. 22. EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging DigiDMS EHR – Physician View How to Review Data Received from Patient Portal Messaging Inbox  Direct Messages * Web Messages
  23. 23. EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging DigiDMS EHR – Physician View How to Review Data Received from Patient Portal Messaging Inbox  Direct Messages * Web Messages
  24. 24. EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging DigiDMS EHR – Physician View How to Review Data Received from Patient Portal Messaging Inbox  Direct Messages * Web Messages  View & Import
  25. 25. EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging myPersonalChart Patient Portal Patient Registration Find Clinic and Register or Register in Waiting Area
  26. 26. EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging myPersonalChart Patient Portal Patient Registration Fill Details
  27. 27. EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging Questions & Answers ? 27
  28. 28. Thank You! EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging 28