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Final p pt-vt


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Published in: Career, Business
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Final p pt-vt

  1. 1. An Online Placement Cell…..
  2. 2. Helps in providing authenticate data to both recruiters and job hunters Recruiters are able to access candidates according to requirements. Faster and Better communication, as the HR Executive is able to send emails immediately. The HR executive can keep a track of students selected. Conduct analysis of Human Resource available by a quick search. Better than the competitors.
  3. 3. Technical FeasibilityOperational FeasibilityEconomic Feasibility Target Market Existing Systems Higher ROI Better HR Processes
  4. 4. Integration with any present ERP or BPM of any organization Integration with Email & SMS to inform candidates when they are selected Expansion to conduct Online Aptitude Test for the candidates, which shall be evaluated online