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Business Process Reengineering - The Way To Business Success


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Business Process Reengineering - The Way To Business Success

  1. 1. Sagar MandalAbhishek RoyAvinash KodicalDarrel D’SouzaTanmayi C.Nethra
  2. 2. What is BPR? Reengineering is the fundamental rethinking and redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in critical, contemporary measures of performance, such as cost, quality, service and speed.
  3. 3. Why Reengineer?• Demanding • Local • Technology• Sophistication • Global • Customer• Changing Preferences NeedsCustomers Competition Change
  4. 4. Why Organizations Don’t Reengineer? Complacency Political Resistance New Developments Fear of Unknown and Failure
  5. 5. BPR Seeks Improvements InCost Service Quality Speed
  6. 6. Key Characteristics Systems Philosophy Global Perspective on Business Processes Radical Improvement Integrated Change People Centred Focus on End-Customers Process-Based
  7. 7. Systems Perspective Feedback Inputs Transformation Outputs Environment
  8. 8. Process Based • BPR Initiatives Added must add-value Value over and above the existing process • BPR Initiatives Customer- must meet the Led needs of the customer
  9. 9. Radical Improvement Sustainable Stepped Approach• Process improvements • Process improvements need to become firmly will not happen over rooted within the night they need to be organization gradually introduced • Also assists the acceptance by staff of the change
  10. 10. Integrated Change • Process Viable improvements Solutions must be viable and practical • Process Balanced improvements Improvements must be realistic
  11. 11. Business Empowerment OrganizationalUnderstanding & Participation Culture
  12. 12. {
  13. 13. Key Steps Select The Process & Appoint Process Team Understand The Current ProcessDevelop & Communicate Vision Of Improved Process Identify Action Plan Execute Plan
  14. 14. Select the Process Review Business Understand Select Core Don’t AssumeStrategy and Customer Processes Anything Customer NeedsRequirements
  15. 15. Appoint the Process Team Appoint BPR Champion Identify Process Owners Establish Executive Improvement Team Provide Training to Executive Team
  16. 16. Core Skills Required Capacity to view the organization as a whole Ability to focus on end-customers Ability to challenge fundamental assumptions Courage to deliver and venture into unknown areasAbility to assume individual and collective responsibility Employ ‘Bridge Builders’
  17. 17. Execute Plan Provide advanced Benchmark team training the process Evaluate the change Define and impact on eliminate the business Perform process periodic and onQualify/certif problems customers qualificationy the process reviews