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Manufacturing Excellence Case Studies By Tetrahedron


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Manufacturing Excellence Case Studies presentation studied by Tetrahedron Manufacturing Services Pvt Ltd.

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Manufacturing Excellence Case Studies By Tetrahedron

  1. 1. * © Tetrahedron Manufacturing Services Pvt Ltd Manufacturing Excellence Case Studies
  2. 2. Lean Management in Fettling Operation Leading Global Automotive Part Manufacturer (Bhubaneswar) (Before TMS – Operating as a batch process fettling operation leading to huge WIPs and frequent delivery failures due to unavailability of finished goods) Tetrahedron conducted Time & Motion Study for Shot blasting to painting operation of the fettling line with a target to develop a Lean Line with 5 Yrs capacity projection. The result achieved in 6 months:- 1. 3 Shifts (24 Hrs ) operation reduced to 19 Hrs 2. Line Balancing Implemented – Sequential Flow of Goods, FIFO 3. Line formation with exact manpower requirement with projections 4. Identified 20+ Simple Automation 5. Multiple Operation by single workman by formation improvement
  3. 3. Productivity Improvement Automotive Assembly Manufacturer (Gurgaon) (Before TMS – Not able to match customer order despite of 24 Hrs X 7 Day operations resulting in 20% business/revenue loss every month. Client was planning to take additional space on rent to set up new line to cater to existing customer order) Tetrahedron conducted Time & Motion Study on Horn Assembly Line as a pilot and later horizontal-deployed to all Inspection line. The result achieved in 3 months:- 1. Improved the Parts / Man-Hour by 28 % 2. Identified bottle neck operation and created sub-tier set up 3. Deployed Manuf. Line Assembly set up ( earlier batch set up) 4. One Piece flow implemented
  4. 4. Manpower Cost Standardization Medical Diagnostic Equipment Manufacturer (Manesar) (Before TMS – Management was concerned for high / fluctuating manpower cost /piece and unavailability of skilled manpower. When enquired by TMS, the supervisor said “we need more manpower to execute/produce given quantity”) Tetrahedron conducted Time & Motion Study for the existing assembly line to see the deviation on manufacturing cost The result achieved in 3 months:- 1. Identified 12 bottle neck operations (more than average) in the line 2. Developed SOPs for 78 process with end-to-end standardisation 3. Number of manpower allocated reduced from 23 to 17 4. Skill level improvement and multi-skilling of line operator
  5. 5. Manufacturing Excellence in Flock Manufacturing India’s Leading Velvet Cloth Manufacturing Before Tetrahedron 1. Low Productivity Leading to Lower VAPE 2. High WIP and Inventory due to improper Planning 3. Manual Loading leading to high labour and time Tetrahedron implemented S&OP to improve the Production planning reduce WIP reduction due to reduce order production mismatch , Designing of low cost automation for material handling 1. VAPE improved by 17% 2. WIP reduction by 23% 3. Truck Loading Time Reduced by 28%
  6. 6. Manufacturing Excellence in Cement Manufacturing Leading Cement Manufacturer (French Conglomerate) Before Tetrahedron 1. High Process Variability Leading to uncontrolled quality & B Grade Cement 2. High Truck Retention Time in side plant : 8 Hr 3. INR 75 Lakh / Month Demurrage to Indian Railway due to loading delays Tetrahedron implemented Six Sigma concept to standardize / reduce the variability in input material and by using online monitoring controlled the parameter to reduce B Grade output. Implemented lean logistics concepts to trigger series based on truck reporting in gate to reduce the truck retention time and railway wagon loading process • A Grade : B Grade ratio increased from 79:21 to 89:11
  7. 7. Over Time Reduction in Jewelry Manufacturing India’s Largest Silver Jewelry Manufacturer & Exporter Before Tetrahedron 1. 7 Lakhs/ Month Over time expenses in Manufacturing 2. Material Mismatch and Poor Delivery Adherence ( 85%) 3. Increasing Absenteeism for Overtime Allocation (14%) Tetrahedron implemented Lean Flow Management with FIFO ( First In and First Out ) with multi-colur bin tracking system on Delivery Dates. Manufacturing Data analysis and visualization of real time data helped identify the real time bottle neck and take immediate and appropriate corrective actions. • Over Time Reduction from 2,20,000 to 1,05,000 in 2 Months in Mfg Dept