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Low Cost Automation Case Studies By Tetrahedron


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Low Cost Automation Case Studies, Studies by Tetrahedron Manufacturing Services Pvt Ltd

Cost Reduction In Manufacturing || Manpower Reduction/Optimisation

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Low Cost Automation Case Studies By Tetrahedron

  1. 1. * © Tetrahedron Manufacturing Services Pvt Ltd Low Cost Automation Case Studies
  2. 2. Automation for Quality Improvement of Assembly Line India’s Largest Two Wheeler Manufacturer (Before Tetrahedron – 1. Problems in Engine Assembly Line ; Part Mismatch and Missing Components 2. Frame Assembly Quality Issue”) Tetrahedron studied the Assembly line in detail and suggested changes; more over made sure that the engineers are comfortable with the existing technologies Following results were achieved :- 1. Development and Implementation of Poke Yoke Device in order to churn assailable products 2. Implementation of Low Cost Automation to reduce product rejection issues to zero.
  3. 3. Automation Implementation and Manpower Reduction (On going) India’s Largest uPVC Manufacturer (Before Tetrahedron: 1. High Cost due to High Manual Manufacturing 2. Low Productivity due to non standardized product 3. High WIP because of Material Handling 4. High Manual Packaging leading to high labour Costs ”) Tetrahedron studied the entire production line and helped in identify at least 43 opportunities to implement automation . With this in mind, 17 high impact projects were taken on. Following results were achieved:- 1. 36% Manpower Reduction 2. Ideation and Implementation of end to end Material Handling 3. Material Handling breakages reduced by 70%
  4. 4. Material Handling and Process Automation (On- Going) India’s Largest Precious Metal Exporters (Before Tetrahedron 1. Extremely labour intensive operations resulting to high costs 2. High pilferage of precious raw materials 3.Quaterly INR 40 Lacs of raw material unaccountable or pilfered ) Tetrahedron helped the company to turn around the operations of the company in an industry which resistant to change. Following results have been achieved:- 1. 15% reduction in Manpower; 20% reduction still on going
  5. 5. Innovation & Strategy Management Leading Manufacturer of Electric Vehicle Parts & Energy Solution Before Tetrahedron 1. Stagnant Market for last 2 years due to competition 2. Missing Linkage between Operations and Revenue Generation 3. Top Management looking for Innovative New Approach Tetrahedron implemented various Innovative Approach like TRIZ, Design Thinking, Five Step Discovery Process to hand hold senior managers for new product development with clear focus on customer need and revenue potential. Implemented Balance Score Card, Hoshin Kanri and Daily Work Management Principle to link each individuals activity with annual target on Customer Focus, Financials, Internal Process and Learning & Growth
  6. 6. Gearing-Up for Industry 4.0 Leading Automotive Part Manufacturer Before Tetrahedron 1. Struggling with managing supply chain of 12 plants across India 2. Deadline by OEM customer for implementing Industry 4.0 Tetrahedron Conducted Pre-assessment and strategizing a blueprint of implementation of Industry 4.0 elements with respect to company’s strengths. Conducting ROI Analysis and Cost Benefit for 9 elements of Industry 4.0 made action plan for 2 yrs for implementation. The main focus was to streamline supply chain of all 12 plants to reduce cost and improve efficiency • 3 out of 9 elements selected for Industry 4.0 implementation
  7. 7. Automation for Feeding of Rubber to Improve Productivity and Quality Leading Tire Manufacturer in North India (Before TMS – Long cycle time for weighing the natural rubber and chemical that would feed the heater for base preparation. Long Cycle time as well as manpower fatigue, incorrect batch composition was leading to productivity loss as well as quality problems. When enquired by TMS, the manager said “we need more manpower to execute/produce given quantity and quality”) Tetrahedron developed the automation map of the company and identified 3 solutions for automating the process described above. Following result achieved in 2 months:- 1. Cycle time standardized for all 6 Heaters 2. Batch consistency improved from 67% to 92 % 3. Manpower saved / Heater = 8 /Machine to 3 Per Machine