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Sagar (fast nu khi)


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Electricity Crisis In Pakistan
By: Sagar Rafique
City: Dadu Sindh
Fast University Karachi

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Sagar (fast nu khi)

  1. 1.  Introduction Sources Companies Causes Effects Conclusion Recommendations
  2. 2.  Role of electricity Economic development Industrial development Domestic use of citizen
  3. 3.  Thermal Hydel Nuclear
  4. 4.  WAPDA KESC
  5. 5.  Poor planning Politics Excess consumption Theft of electricity Oil price changes
  6. 6.  Research & Development Avoid excess consumption Pakistan has the resources to overcome energy crisis.
  7. 7.  People (household sector) Economy (agriculture and industrial sector)
  8. 8.  Proper planning Subsidy to oil producers Stoppage of theft of electric power Effective rules must be implemented by govt.
  9. 9.  Solar energy Wind plants Underground Wiring Construction of small dams Improving old dams