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Indi sagar

  1. 1. Established in 1979 as Techno Chemical Industries. The major focus of thecompany was to provideIndia with Import Substitutes, providing the support & service of Just in timesupplies of Chemicals. Focusing on our core chemistries of High PressureHydrogenation, Indo Amines Ltd diversified into Fine & Specialty chemicals ,a growing opportunity to expand.In 1994 Techno Chemical Industries went Public to emerge as Indo Amines Ltdwhich had 2 Manufacturing Sites focusing on Fine & Specialty to become oneof Indias Leading Manufacturer.In 2001, had a focus on Exports with the expanding market & opportunitieswhich we could foresee for growth.In 2003 , Research & Development took a major lead role. Continuous effortswere being made to bring in Product & Internationally recognized Qualitystandards.
  2. 2. In 2005 , Indo Amines Ltd was awarded with ISO 9001-2000 certification from TUV.making it & its products Internationally approved.In 2006, the company established a strong global marketing presence in the UK.,Establishing their own first marketing office for European Sales.Acquired Flame pharmaceuticals- F.D.A APPROVEDSheeraj Chemicals & Flame pharmaceutical merged together & joined IAL as Rabale plant.In 2007, Started Bulk Drug and Intermediate products
  3. 3. Our mission is to be best-in-classChemical Company committed toexcellence in Chemical manufacturewhich provides its customer with strongmix of technical competency andcustomer service.
  4. 4. Our vision is to be one of the LeadingIndian Chemical Manufacturer, takingIndia to the world
  5. 5. 1 Deepak Kanekar Chairman2 C L Kadam Executive Director3 Narayan G Mane Executive Director4 Vijay B Palkar Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer5 Nishikant Sule Non Executive & Independent Director6 Suresh Iyer Independent Non-Executive Director7 Dhawal J Vora Independent Non-Executive Director8 Vishwas Mehendale Independent Non-Executive Director9 R Raghavendra Ravi Independent Non-Executive Director10 Kirit H Shah Whole Time Director11 Rahul V Palkar Promoter Executive Director /CFO12 Bharati V Palkar Promoter Executive Director
  6. 6. • Dombivli Unit (Thane) Plot no. W- 37, 38, 39• Baroda unit ( Gujarat)• Rabale (Navi Mumbai) W – 265, 266A
  7. 7. Indo Amines Ltd., with the involvement of allthe employees is committed to manufacturequality products consistently to the satisfactionof customers in global market. This shall be achieved by continualimprovement in quality & adapting to ISO 9001– 2000.
  8. 8. The Kilo-Lab facility was installed in 2004 to bridge the gap incapacity between laboratory and Pilot Plant and to provide themeans for offering manufacture of smaller volume high-valueadded products. In particular, the facility was designed with thedevelopmental and preclinical needs of the pharmaceuticalindustry in mind.The unit is housed separately from the laboratory but close enoughto our Pilot Plant to access all of the Pilot Plant facilities, such asscrubbers and abatement and vacuum. The facility is operated inaccordance with ISO standards; the objective being to provide earlyphase trial materials on minimum lead times with more flexibilityand at less cost than equivalent fully GMP units.
  9. 9. Kilo-Lab in Summary:• 20 L Glass Assembly• Temperature range from 30 to 300°C• 50 L Glass Assembly with Distillation.• 5 L Fractional Distillation unit.• 2 L Hydrogenates 3 nos.• Full access to Pilot Plant facilities - vacuum & abatement• Vacuum Oven for drying low melting solids.
  10. 10. Indo Amines Ltd Pilot Plant facility is used for scale-up and development of ournew products and processes as well as commercial manufacture to support ourcustomers smaller volume requirements.The facility consists of fully flexible reactors, available in both glass lined andstainless steel. The array of reactors gives a capacity from 50 liters up to 1000liters. The reactors are complemented by a range of enclosed filter dryers forsolids handling with fractional and short path distillation equipment for liquids.The Pilot Plant is connected to the site ring main system meaning that the vesselsare all vented to our system.
  11. 11. • Temperature range from 35°C to 300°C• 20 L Autoclave (Hydrogenate) working at 20 Kg .sq. inch.• 50 L Glass Reactor with distillation assembly.• Distillation equipment including Short Path Distillation unit for Liquids• Vacuum = 1 m Bar• 200 L pilot Reactor
  12. 12. PIIG is a multidisciplinary group consisting of representativesfrom Production, Engineering, Quality, Research and Sales andMarketing that meets every 3-6 weeks. Every Product made atIAL has a PIIG associated with it.In its infancy the PIIG may be initially a Technology TransferGroup (TTG) that implements a new process or technologyinto Production or the Research Pilot Plant. As the processbecomes mature, the TTG develops into a PIIG and somemembers may leave and others may join depending on thegroups requirements.
  13. 13. Plans Production campaigns and logistics• Reviews Production output and yields• Shares Customer communications• Review Quality and Delivery Performance and plans to meet Customer expectations• Examines product failures and puts corrective and preventative actions in place• Resolves analytical issues• Revises operating procedures• Plans cleaning operations and plant changeovers• Covers Safety• Reviews training requirements
  14. 14. • Pharmaceutical• Agrochemical • Fertilizers• Dyes • Road construction• Pigments • Agro Chemicals• Textiles • Textiles• Water treatment
  15. 15. • Fertilizers• Plastics• Road • Pharmaceutical industry construction• Mining industry• Plastic• Paper
  16. 16. • As per order • Toilet cleaner• special chemical • Floor cleaner• formula • Liquid detergent • Fabric softener
  17. 17. 1. “FIRST AWARD” issued by CHEMEXCIL, Export PromotionCouncil (set up by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India)for outstanding ExportPerformance of Inorganic and Organic Chemicals Panel during 2006-2007.2. “Certificate of Export Recognition” issued by Government ofMaharashtra for Export Achievement in Product Group “Basic Chemicals (SSI)”for the year 2007-08.3. “Certificate of Export Recognition” issued by Government ofMaharashtra for ExportAchievement in “Konkan Region (SSI)” for the year 2007-08.
  18. 18. 4. “Certificate of Export Recognition” issued by Government of Maharashtra for Export Achievement in Product Group “Basic Chemicals (SSI)” for the year 2008-09.5. “Certificate of Export Recognition” issued by Government ofMaharashtra for ExportAchievement in “Konkan Region (SSI)” for the year 2008-09.6. “GOLD AWARD” issued by CHEMEXCIL, Export Promotion Council(set up by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India) foroutstanding ExportPerformance of Inorganic and Organic Chemicals Panel during 2007-2008.