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Prithvi solar car


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we don't just make just a car, it's ecofriendly car because it doesn't need any type of fuel, it runs on solar energy.

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Prithvi solar car

  1. 1. PRITHVI (SOLAR CAR) Hello Friends, I am Explaining My Project Solar Car..... We made a Solar Car with one seat capacity as a Teamand Participated in ESVC (Electrical Solar Vehicle Championship) Event Organized byISIE (Imperial Society Of innovative Engineers). We were champion in all over Asia with 4 awards. The whole event divided into two round, 1) Virtual Round 2) Dynamic Round 1) Virtual Round In virtual Round we had to given a presentation about our car and all details of our car in paper work like car design, material of car, steering system, breaking system, power train etc. It was held in Chennai. We gave our best and we got 4th rank of all over Asia from 154 teams. There were many teams which had participated second time but it was our first time then also we secured 4th rank. that night Was Asowame for ours. 2) Dynamic Round Dynamic round was held in AMBALA city which located in HARIYANA. It was a event of three days. First day first round was Technical Inspection, in that round there were four panel located in line and they checked each and everysystem of our car. This round is because of safety purpose. We cleared it in second attempt. Second day there were two events, first was Acceleration & Break test. In that they checked your full Acceleration (pick up) and break at that speed. We secured 2nd rank in that. Second event was Autocross, in that there was a zig-zag path and we have to finish it. Our Driver was extraordinary and because of that we got 1st in Autocross. After that round whole ground cheers with PRITHVI...PRITHVI... and that feeling was formidable. Third day and the last day the last event was Endurance Round (RACE), in that all participants have to run their car for one and half our. we completed 15 lap which was maximum and again we got first rank. After that event the time of result announce, The event President Mr. Vinod Gupta said that any guess for the winner and again whole ground cheer with PRITHVI... PRITHVI... and president said that yes The Champion is team prithvi. After that party time.... It Was very Good learning Experience.
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