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The Foodlets Business Plan Released


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Foodlets becomes the 1st tech startup in India to release its business plan to the public.

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The Foodlets Business Plan Released

  1. 1. The Foodlets Business Plan foodlet n A piece of information with a picture of a food item, its name, location and the price
  2. 2. Sharing is GainingAfter requests from 100s of users, restaurants andmedia personnel we finally decided to release our business plan to all.
  3. 3. PHASE I Foodlets Engineering team builds
  4. 4. PHASE II The Business team collects data of the best food in the town
  5. 5. PHASE III Food makers Food make great lovers find business good food.
  6. 6. PHASE IVA great service to humanity The creator of the universe blesses the Foodlets team with plenty of Brownie Points
  7. 7. PHASE V The team encashes the Brownie Points for loads of money
  8. 8. :)What was your April Fools prank? Find us here and share your story