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Getting Started - Creating products and services that make life better


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Foodlets Team at SVS College of Management Studies, Goa.

An interactive session where we shared the Foodlets story and engaged with the students on different aspects of Entrepreneurship and how to look for opportunities around.

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Getting Started - Creating products and services that make life better

  1. 1. Getting StartedCreating products and services that make life better SVS College of Management Studies 9 Feb 2011
  2. 2. This is the Foodlets story Keep eating good food and keep creating Foodlets :)
  3. 3. How to get Started?
  4. 4. Beyond Ideas ThinkSolutions
  5. 5. Beyond I ThinkTeam
  6. 6. How do we build an enterprise? # 1 A solution to a problem # 2 Build a Product/Prototype/Service # 3 Define your Business Model
  7. 7. Define your business model Why will someone use my Service? How will I make money? Whats needed to get this done? What needs to be done?
  8. 8. Our Experience Fact #1 Things are easier when you actually do them.Fact #2 If you search hard enough you willfind people around who want to help you.
  9. 9. What can you do today as students? Academic Projects Internship at a Startup Build a Personal Brand Look for a Mentor
  10. 10. @rashmibansal @guyKawasakiimage sources -
  11. 11. How many of you want to go out and createan enterprise that changes the customers life for good?
  12. 12. Keep in touchRohit Barreto #rohit.barreto Govind Naroji #gov1nd govind.naroji@gmail.comSagar Arlekar