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  1. 1. NETWORK Made by –Abhay goya
  2. 2. What is network Network is a group of devices to one another.For ex. network of network of telephone, or radio network, or cable network etc
  3. 3. NEED OF NETWORK The need of network can be summarized in these lines: the network is needed because 1. It breaks the barriers of distance , cost and time.2. it is very cost effective as compared to telephone networks. 3. All types of data viz. audio, video, pictures, graphics etc. can be
  4. 4. Communication channelIs the medium, which carries the message/ information / sound etc. sent by the sender, and takes it to receivers end
  5. 5. Components of network 1. The sender2. Communication channel- the air 3. The receiver.
  6. 6. Five components of network 1. Sender speaks through a communication equipment, which is telephone, at his end.2. The telephone converts the sender’s voice into a signal which is carried through the telephone cables to the receivers end. 3. at receiver’s end, the signal reaches to the communication equipment, telephone, which converts the signal back to the voice form