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Healthy living


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this ppt is about health

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Healthy living

  2. 2.  Right Mix Of Values Be Your Own Master Believe In Your Self Develop Your Personality
  3. 3. RIGHT MIX OF VALUE-1 Live and Let Live Work and Let Work
  4. 4. RIGHT MIX OF VALUES - II Respect Others Give Space To Others Help The Needy
  5. 5. BE YOUR OWN MASTER Choose Your Own Work Take Initiatives Grab Opportunities
  6. 6. BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF Rate of progress in individual. As long as you know you do your best, you will make satisfactory progress. No one is good to every thing. Learn to say ‘no’, when required
  7. 7. DEVELOP YOUR PERSONALITY There are many points of view on each subject. Collect facts from all the available sources and form your opinion and judgment.