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Presentation on ip


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Published in: Business
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Presentation on ip

  1. 1. Presentation on Input Devices
  2. 2. INDEX• Introduction• Mouse• Keyboard• Scanner• Game input devices• Other devices
  3. 3. What is Input Device ?• An input device is any hardware device that sends data to the computer, without any input devices, a computer would only be a display device and not allow users to interact with it, much like a TV.
  4. 4. Keyboard• The keyboard contains a group of keys that correspond to characters and functions.Wired Keyboards Wireless Keyboards  Bluetooth  Infrared (IR)  Radio Frequency
  5. 5. Types of Keyboard Optimus Tactus Keyboard Touch ScreenKeyboard glass keyboardCombimouseFlexible Illuminated FullIlluminatedKeyboard keyboardKeyboardSized Keyboard Projection Flexible
  6. 6. Grippity Keyboard• Touch screen pads + joystick + Keyboard
  7. 7. Mouse• A pointing device that functions by detecting two-dimensional motion relative to its supporting surface.
  8. 8. Types of MouseMechanical mouse Opto-Eechanical Mouse Optical mouse
  9. 9. New Types of MouseLogitech-Touch-Mouse Ring Mouse Slim Mouse
  10. 10. Scanners• Computer peripheral or a stand-alone device that converts a document, film, graphic, or photograph to a digital image
  11. 11. Handheld Scanner• It is used by hand and, through the hands movements, scans the document.
  12. 12. Sheet Fed Scanner• The paper is moved automatically through the scanner across a stationary scan head.
  13. 13. Flat Belt Scanner
  14. 14. Barcode reader/Scanner• Is a hardware device capable of reading a barcode and printing out the details of the product or logging that product into a database.
  15. 15. Business Card Reader• Allows a user to scan business cards into their computer for digital storage.
  16. 16. Fingerprint scanner• Device that verifies a user or enters password information by scanning their finger
  17. 17. Magnetic- card reader• Is a device that can retrieve stored information from a magnetic card either by holding the card next to the device or swiping the card through a slot in the device.
  18. 18. Book Scanners• A high quality digital camera with light sources on either side of the camera mounted on some sort of frame to provide easy access for a person or machine to flip the pages of the book.
  19. 19. Gamepad• A peripheral device designed to be connected to a computer or console gaming system.
  20. 20. Joystick• Allows an individual to move an object in a game such as navigating a plane in a flight simulator.
  21. 21. Light gun• Detects light using a photodiode in the gun barrel.
  22. 22. Paddle• Commonly used with games that may contain various buttons used to steer and utilize different options in a game.
  23. 23. Kinect• Allowing users to play games with the use of their own body as the game controller.
  24. 24. Optical Mark Reading• OMR is a system that gathers information by using a hardware device that detects a reflection or an absence of reflection from a card or piece of paper.
  25. 25. Magnetic-Ink Character Recognition• MICR is a font capable of recognition using magnetically charged ink.
  26. 26. Touch Screen Monitor
  27. 27. Digital camera• A camera that stores the pictures or video it takes in electronic format instead of to film.
  28. 28. Air Pen
  29. 29. Digitizing pad• Input device equipped with a touch screen on which one can write, draw or point using a stylus.
  30. 30. Microphone• Allows computer users to input audio into their computers.
  31. 31. Remote• That allows a user to control a device or object in another location.
  32. 32. Webcam• Allows anyone connected to the Internet to view either still pictures or motion video of a user or other object.
  33. 33. Virtual Reality• VR is a computer-generated artificial environment that allows a user to view, explore, and manipulate the environment
  34. 34. Gloves
  35. 35. Mechanical mouse• Contains a metal or rubber ball on its under side. When the ball is rolled in any direction, sensors inside the mouse detect this motion and move the on- screen mouse pointer in the same direction.
  36. 36. Opto-Eechanical Mouse• Accurate than a mechanical mouse that used only wheels and rollers• Not as good as an optical mouse.
  37. 37. Optical mouse• That utilizes light-emitting diodes (LED) or laser as a method of tracking movement, which make them more proficient than earlier mice.• These mice are identified by examining the bottom of the mouse.