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Research design


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Research design

  2. 2. GROUP NO 7Dattatrey shindeGayatri UmaryeNamita kafaliyaOmkar thamboliPradnya ShettySagar sambareSakshi sontakkeShilpa susanShruthi rajanSubin luckose
  3. 3. CONTENT Meaning of research design. Need for & importance of research design. Developing an appropriate research design.
  4. 4. MEANING Arrangement of conditions. Overall framework of the projects. Specific master plan or model. Blueprint . Guides the investigators.
  5. 5. DEFINITION According to Suchman “research design is not a highly specific plan to be followed without deviation ,but rather series of guidepost to keep one headed in right direction”. According to cook “research design is the arrangement of conditions for collection & analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure”.
  6. 6. NEED & IMPORTANCE Smooth sailing of research operations. Stands for advance planning of the methods. Great bearing on reliability of the results. Helps to give directions. Helps in decision making. Research design prevent blind searching. Helps researchers to anticipate potential problems in collecting data etc.
  7. 7. DEVELOPING RESEARCH DESIGN The choice of appropriate design largely depends on the objectives of the research and how much is knownabout the problem and its objectives. Three traditional kinds of research-design: Exploratory Descriptive Hypothesis/casual..
  8. 8. IN CASE OF EXPLORATORY RESEARCH Main objective: Major emphasis is on discovery of ideas & insights. In such studies: The sample size is small Data requirement are vague. The objective is general rather than specific. Non- probability sampling designs are used.
  9. 9. IN CASE OF DESCRIPTIVE Main objective: Describing characteristics of individual or group In such studies: Data collected may relate to the respondents under study Research has specific objective Findings are definite.
  10. 10. IN CASE OF HYPOTHESIS TESTING Main objective:Researchers test the hypotheses of causal relationships between variables. In such studies: Control the influence of one variable on other dependent variable.