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Saga Book

  2. 2. 104 Saga-Book BIBLIOGRAPHIA NORMANNO-HISPANICA BY MARIANO GONZÁLEZ CAMPO In 1974 the Swedish scholar Stig Wikander published an interesting and useful bibliographical essay, ‘Bibliographia Normanno-Orientalis’ (BONIS: Bibliography of Old Norse–Icelandic Studies, 7–16), in which he listed the extant books, articles and edited sources dealing with Ara- bic–Scandinavian relations during the Middle Ages, mainly in Eastern Europe. As its title suggests, the bibliography offered here is intended to complete, complement and update that of Wikander, and particularly to extend its scope to the considerable number of publications concerning the existence of Viking raids in Spain and Spanish-Arabic contacts with the Vikings during the Middle Ages. The bibliography follows Wikander’s model in offering a chronologi- cal list of items. It deals mainly with the Viking period and its influence in Spain from military, archaeological, cultural, diplomatic, economic and political points of view, but some publications relating to immedi- ately preceding or post-Viking times have been included as well for comparative purposes. The most problematic task in a bibliography such as this is the selec- tion of the published medieval sources in which Spanish–Scandinavian contacts are mentioned. In this respect I have tried to include in the list those sources (Latin, Old Spanish, Arabic or Norse) published in acces- sible scholarly editions. It must be borne in mind that, as Wikander stated in the preface to his bibliography, the study and availability of the Arabic sources is ‘no easy business’, for several reasons. A bibliography on such a wide-ranging and complex subject cannot pretend to be exhaustive, but the most im- portant publications and a representative selection of others have been included. However, very local and tangential studies have been avoided. A more inclusive list would have been much longer, the risk of becom- ing outdated too soon would have been greater, and studies of little more than local interest included for the sake of their minor reference to the direct or, usually, indirect influence of the Vikings on any aspect of a given place in medieval Spain (often the construction of fortifications which have now mostly disappeared).
  3. 3. Saga-Book 105 Bibliography 1826. Georg Heinrich Pertz, ed. Annales Bertiniani. In Monumenta Germaniae Historica: Scriptores I (Annales et chronica aevi Carolini). Hanover. Reprinted 1976. (See especially the years 844 and 859, where Viking attacks in Spain are mentioned for the first time.) 1835. Hákonar saga Hákonarsonar. In Fornmanna sögur X. Copenhagen. (See pp. 62–93 for the account of the visit of Princess Christine of Norway to Spain.) 1836. E. C. Werlauff. ‘Om de gamle Nordboers Bekjendtskap med den pyrenæiske Halvöe’. Annaler for nordisk oldkyndighed, 18–61. 1840–43. Pascual de Gayangos, ed. and trans. The History of the Mohammedan dynasties in Spain . . . by Ahmed ibn Mohammed Al-Makkarí. London. Re- printed Delhi 1984. 1844. E. F. Mooyer. Die Einfälle der Normannen in die pyrenäische Halbinsel. Eine grösstenteils aus dem Dänischen übersetzte Zusammenstellung der darüber vorhandenen Nachrichten. Münster–Minden. 1855. Theodor Möbius, ed. Blómstrvalla saga. Leipzig. (Chapter 1 claims that this saga was brought to Scandinavia in the thirteenth century, when a Norwe- gian emissary is said to have heard it read in German at a wedding feast in Spain.) 1881. Reinhart P. A. Dozy. ‘Les normands en Espagne’. In Recherches sur l’histoire et la littérature de l’Espagne pendant le moyen âge II. Leiden. Third edition. (There is a Spanish translation of the 2nd edition of 1860: Los vikingos en España. Madrid 1987.) 1882. Adam Kristoffer Fabricius. Forbindelserne mellem Norden og den Spanske Halvø i ældre Tider. Copenhagen. 1884. Alfredo Vicenti. ‘Los normandos en Galicia’. Galicia Diplomática II, no. 33. 1887. Julius Ficker. Ueber nähere Verwandschaft zwischen gothisch–spanischem und norwegisch–isländischem Recht. Aus den Mittheilungen des Instituts für österreichische Geschichtsforschung (II. Ergänzungsband). Innsbruck. (In 1928 a Spanish translation was published: Sobre el íntimo parentesco entre el derecho godo-hispánico y el noruego-islándico. Barcelona.) 1887. Georg Jacob. Der nordisch–baltische Handel der Araber im Mittelalter. Leipzig. 1890. August Strindberg. ‘Relations de la Suède avec l’Espagne et le Portugal jusqu’à la fin du dix-septième siècle’. Boletín de la Real Academia de la Historia XVII, 312–42. 1891. Adam Kristoffer Fabricius. ‘L’ambassade d’al-Ghazal auprès du roi des Normands’. In Actes du 8e Congrès International des Orientalistes tenu en 1889 à Stockholm et à Christiania, sect. I [A]. Leiden, 119–31. 1892. Adam Kristoffer Fabricius. La connaissance de la péninsule espagnole par les hommes du Nord. Mémoire destiné à la 10ème session du Congrès International des Orientalistes. Lisbon. 1896. Alexander Seippel. Rerum normannicarum fontes arabici I (textum continens). Oslo.
  4. 4. 106 Saga-Book 1897. Adam Kristoffer Fabricius. ‘Normannertogene til den spanske halvø’. Aarbøger for nordisk oldkyndighed og historie, 75–160. 1898. Francisco Pons Boigues. Los historiadores y geógrafos arábigo–españoles, 800–1450 AD. Madrid. Reprinted Amsterdam 1972. (Contains a chapter on al- Ghazal and a translation into Spanish of the account of his embassy to the Vikings.) 1899. Antonio López Ferreiro. Historia de la Santa A. M. Iglesia de Santiago de Compostela II. Santiago de Compostela. 1909–10. Jón Stefánsson. ‘The Vikings in Spain. From Arabic (Moorish) and Spanish Sources’. Saga-Book VI, 31–46. 1910. Henri Bourgeois. ‘Les normands en Espagne d’après l’“Heimskringla” de Snorri Sturluson’. Boletín de la Real Academia Gallega 38, 21–25. 1917. Manuel Gómez-Moreno. Anales castellanos. Discursos leídos ante la Real Academia de la Historia. Madrid. (See p. 25 where a Viking attack on Campo (Compostela?) in 970 is mentioned.) 1919. J. P. de Guzmán y Gallo. ‘La princesa Cristina de Noruega y el infante Don Felipe, hermano de Don Alfonso el Sabio’. Boletín de la Real Academia de la Historia LXXIV, 39–65. 1924. B. Sánchez Alonso, ed. Crónica del Obispo Don Pelayo. Madrid. (Includes a brief mention of the Norman king Roger of Sicily.) 1926. Lucas de Tuy. Chronicon Mundi. Primera edición del texto romanceado conforme a un códice de la Academia de la Historia. Edited by P. Puyol. Madrid. (This Old Spanish medieval text, following earlier Latin sources, men- tions some Viking attacks in Spain.) 1927. Georg Jacob. Arabische Berichte von Gesandten an germanische Fürsten- höfe aus dem 9. und 10. Jahrhundert. Quellen zur deutschen Volkskunde I. Berlin. 1928. Eivind Kválen. ‘Nordmenn på landnåm i Spania og Nordafrika 844–858’. Syn og Segn 34, 10–25. 1928. Alexander Seippel. Rerum normannicarum fontes arabici II (praefationem, adnotationes continens). Oslo. 1930. L. Saavedra Machado. ‘Expedições normandas no Occidente da Hispânia’. Boletim do Instituto Alemão da Universidade de Coimbra III, 44–65. 1931. J. Olrik and H. Ræder, eds. Saxonis Gesta Danorum I. Copenhagen. (In Book IX it is related that Ragnarr loðbrók sailed the Mediterranean on his way to ‘Hellespontus’ and Book XII mentions a certain Ulvo Gallitianus, whose nickname was due to his raids in Galicia.) 1933. Alejandro Requejo. ‘¿Normandos? ¿Escandinavos? ¿Vikings?’ Boletín de la Comisión Provincial de Monumentos Históricos y Artísticos de Orense X, 107–11, 131–35, 191–98. 1937. P. Melchor M. Antuña. Ibn Hayyan: Al-Muqtabis. Chronique du regne du calife umaiyade Abd Allah à Cordoue. Paris. (Mentions Viking attacks in al- Andalus.) 1937. Evariste Lévi-Provençal. ‘Un échange d’ambassades entre Cordoue et Byzance au IXme siècle’. Byzantion XII, 1–24. (Reprinted in E. Lévi-Provençal. 1948. Islam d’Occident. Études d’Histoire Médiévale. Paris, 81–107.)
  5. 5. Saga-Book 107 1941–51. Bjarni Aðalbjarnarson, ed. Heimskringla I–III. Íslenzk fornrit XXVI– XXVIII, includes the following: ‘Óláfs saga helga’. In Snorri Sturluson, Heimskringla. ÍF XXVII. (See chap- ters 17–18, where the attacks of King Óláfr inn helgi in Galicia are mentioned. Especially interesting are the several Galician place-names given in Old Norse.) ‘Magnússona saga’. In Snorri Sturluson, Heimskringla. ÍF XXVIII. (See chap- ters 4–7, where several attacks of Sigurðr Jórsalafari in Galicia, al-Andalus and the Balearic Islands are mentioned.) ‘Haraldssona saga’. In Snorri Sturluson, Heimskringla. ÍF XXVIII. (See chap- ter 17, where attacks of Jarl R†gnvaldr in al-Andalus are mentioned.) 1944. (author unnamed). ‘Esquema de las expediciones normandas (en con- memoración del arzobispo Gelmírez)’. Revista General de Marina 127, 701–12. 1946. César E. Dubler. ‘Sobre la crónica arábigo-bizantina de 741 y la influencia bizantina en la Península Ibérica’. Al-Andalus IX, 283–349. (Mentions al- Ghazal’s diplomatic activity within the wider context of Spanish–Byzantine relations.) 1948. Claudio Sánchez-Albornoz. ‘La auténtica batalla de Clavijo’. Cuadernos de Historia de España IX, 94–139. 1950. Hussain Monés. ‘Contribution à l’étude des invasions des Normands en Espagne musulmane entre 844 et 859. Suivie du texte de la relation d’Ibn Dihya sur le voyage de Yahya al-Gazal auprès du roi des Normands en 845’. Bulletin de la Societé Royale d’Études Historiques II, fasc.1. Cairo. 1951. Jesús Carro García, ed. Corónica de Santa María de Iria, códice gallego del siglo XV. Cuadernos de Estudios Gallegos, anejo V. Santiago de Compostela. (Old Galician text which mentions several Viking attacks in Galicia.) 1952. Felipe Ramón Cordero Carrete. ‘De los esponsales de una hija de Guillermo el Conquistador con un rey de Galicia’. Cuadernos de Estudios Gallegos XXI, 55–78. 1952. Justo Pérez de Urbel, ed. Sampiro, su crónica y la monarquía leonesa en el siglo X. Madrid. (Latin text which mentions Viking attacks in northern Spain.) 1954. Harris Birkeland. Nordens historie i middelalderen etter arabiske kilder. Skrifter utg. av Det Norske Videnskaps-Akademi i Oslo II. Hist.-Filos. Klasse no. 2. 1954. Emilio García Gómez. ‘Textos inéditos del “Muqtabis” de Ibn Hayyan sobre los orígenes del reino de Pamplona’. Al-Andalus XIX, 295–315. (Bilin- gual edition of some Arabic texts from the ‘Muqtabis’ by Ibn Hayyan, in which Viking attacks in al-Andalus are mentioned.) 1954. Justo Pérez de Urbiel. ‘Lo viejo y lo nuevo sobre el origen del Reino de Pamplona’. Al-Andalus XIX, 1–42. 1955. Emilio García Gómez. Review of Arne Melvinger’s Les premières incur- sions des Vikings en Occident d’après les sources arabes. In Al-Andalus XX, 469–71. 1955. Evariste Lévi-Provençal. Review of Arne Melvinger’s Les premières in- cursions des Vikings en Occident d’après les sources arabes. In Arabica II:3, 361–62. 1955. Arne Melvinger. Les premières incursions des Vikings en Occident d’après les sources arabes. Uppsala.
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