MedeaDesign Project
Model Space
Costumes   Medea
Costumes   Jason
Costumes   Chorus
Final Scenic Design
Medea Design Statement        The group’s overall concept is what is taking place inside Medea’s head as she is committing...
Visual Metaphor       Burning Coal
Style Painting
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Medea project


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  • Medea project

    1. 1. MedeaDesign Project
    2. 2. Model Space
    3. 3. Costumes Medea
    4. 4. Costumes Jason
    5. 5. Costumes Chorus
    6. 6. Final Scenic Design
    7. 7. Medea Design Statement The group’s overall concept is what is taking place inside Medea’s head as she is committing the various acts throughout the play. Therefore the images are not reflecting what ishappening in reality, but are reflecting what Medea feels is happening to her. The overarching concept is that deep down in the darkest recesses of her mind, Medea knows that everything isfalling apart all around her but she is being pushed by forces outside her control to commit ever egregious and heinous acts. To emphasize the broad idea, the group has chosen to depict the final scene in a devastated wasteland, almost apocalyptic, and having the main part of the stage is a kind of spiralstaircase, gradually getting smaller towards the top. This signifies the fact that as Medea commits these acts; her mind is saying that in a hellish realm where evil people exist, she is rising tothe very top. The final act of murdering her children takes place at the top. The group feels that this falls in step with the way Medea feels in the script where she laments that she, as a woman in a male dominated society, has no other alternatives. Heractions, however awful, are given to her by the limited options she has. She won’t accept things as they are, she cannot simply run away, and she cannot make things go her way peaceably.The trail of destruction she will leave behind is inevitable. The mood of the design will definitely be bleak. A feeling of sadness along with a touch of hopelessness and distain will also be present. Since this is depicting the final scene, muchof the set will take on the sense of utter destruction that Medea has left in her wake. Burning embers, rubble, smoke, crumbling structures, and fire will be scattered throughout the floor of thestage. Crackling fire and the sounds of rustling wind will accompany the scene. The main element of the design will most noticeably be the large spiraling staircase/platforms at the center. The spiral certainly gives the clear meaning of things spiraling out ofcontrol, and the choice to make it go upwards gradually forces the audiences focus to the top, where, even with no one onstage, hopefully one can get the sense that something veryunpleasant is going to take place at the pinnacle.Winston TiptonShay GilbertShaun WelshLauren Plum
    8. 8. Collage
    9. 9. Visual Metaphor Burning Coal
    10. 10. Style Painting