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Aircraft maintenance package methods


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Strategy and knowledge about managing maintenance in aircraft industry

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Aircraft maintenance package methods

  1. 1. Maintenance Package Manufacturer • To provide the operator with packaging options for fleet maintenance program • Increase the production efficiency of an organization Operator • Increase aircraft availability • Reduce production costs
  2. 2. Maintenance Package Considerations Operational considerations • Route structure • Flight length • Frequency of flight Commercial considerations • Traffic patterns • Seasonal constraints Technical considerations • Maintenance program • Manpower skills • Tooling
  3. 3. Block Packaging Background 0 This is focused on the principle of grouping all maintenance tasks that require frequent repetition under a letter check (i.e. “A”, “B”, “C”, “D” Checks). 0 This method produces a small number of relatively large work packages having the disadvantage of a relatively long maintenance ground time.
  4. 4. Block Packaging Conditions Large airplane fleet High utilization Spare airplane available Long range operation Flexible manpower Non-scheduled maintenance Single centrally located maintenance base Utilization varies with calendar season Contract maintenance
  5. 5. Block Packaging Advantage Disadvantage Advantage • Reduces spare requirements at out stations • Increased ground time • Logistical considerations for spares are also simplified. • Accomplishment of modifications • Rectification of non-routines • More efficient sequencing of long jobs Disadvantage • Manpower requirements • the risk of the airplane becoming a parts department • High component removal
  6. 6. Equalized/Phase/Progressive Package • Tasks are arranged into many small packages all having approximately the same ground time, less than 8 hours Ground Time • Satisfies the availability requirements specified by airline operations and scheduling • The larger letter checks are segmented into smaller but more frequent work packages Commercial • Helps to get the maximum life out of life-limited componentsComponent
  7. 7. Equalized Considerations Small aircraft fleet Low & Constant utilisation No spare airplane Short range operations Manpower equalization Scheduled operations Multiple maintenance locations Maintenance performed in house
  8. 8. Equalized Benefit & Loss Advantage • Simplifies manpower planning • High aircraft availability • Reduced ground time • Frequent visit supports full component life • Balanced workload on small fleets Disadvantage • High spare requirement at out stations • Increase in production planning and scheduling workload • Careful planning is required due to the limited ground time • There is limited time for the accomplishment of modifications • Short jobs are inherently inefficient • Limited time to identify and rectify non-routines
  9. 9. Thank You 0 Source : 0 Ir. Anthony K. Muchiri, Maintenance Planning Optimization for the Boeing 737 Next Generation