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  1. 1. Return The Magicworld Character Test How to Start? Start Now!
  2. 2. Which floral scent best describe you? Light fragrance Strong fragrance Return
  3. 3. What flavour of lip balm for you? Fruity Minty Return
  4. 4. What bouquet best describe you? Non-red bouquet (e.g.white/blue/purple) Red bouquet (e.g. red/pink/orange) Return
  5. 5. What fragrance for THAT first-date? Sweet floral scent Fresh fruity scent Return
  6. 6. Which smell do you prefer? Sun-dried grass Grass wet from rain Return
  7. 7. Which scent do you prefer? Rose Lily Return
  8. 8. You just discovered a new shampoo you like the smell very much what is the shape of bottle? Round Oblong Return
  9. 9. When you’re feeling blue Which smell can sooth you best? Smell of flowers Smell of the forest Return
  10. 10. You are watching a highly-rated drama and saw a fragrance pouch, what colour is it? Purple Red Return
  11. 11. A new vanilla-flavoured ice-cream.. What’s your take on it? Rather interesting Not really interested Return
  12. 12. Which of the following brings on nostalgia ? ( Longing for something past ) Freshly baked bread Smell of nature Return
  13. 13. If the glow of the moon has a smell Which best describe that smell? Exciting/Vibrant/Eye-catching/Fragrant Melancholy/Lonely/Steadfast/Quiet Return
  14. 14. Which scent do you prefer? Spice Tea Return
  15. 15. What’s your take on body odour Hate it! As long as I like it Return
  16. 16. Which scent perks you up? Citrus Menthol Return
  17. 17. Which scent do you like on your opposite sex? Fruity Natural Soap Return
  18. 18. Amusement parks reminds you of? Milk and grapes Sweet candy Return
  19. 19. Burning aromatherapy-incense in your room Which shape do you prefer? Cone-shaped Stick-like Return
  20. 20. Your take on perfume? Love it! Not really… Return
  21. 21. Your take on baby soap scent? I like… Not exactly Return
  22. 22. Do you know your own smell? Nopes Yes! Return
  23. 23. Like the smell of leather? Yes! Nope! Return
  24. 24. You are the fruity-fragrance type You radiate independence and happiness, always immersed in fun-seeking activities, like an innocent child. You always manage to bring life into the party, thus you are indispensible to parties. Although you are cheerful, well-liked by most, others think that it is difficult to be good friends with you, because the impression that you give is one of a comedian. Some thinks that you like to make a fool of others and are dependent on others, so they are reluctant to be close to you. But, you are actually mature and firm. There are few that truly understands you, leaving you with few bosom buddies. Return For more smiles everyday… subscribe to Mayurs magicworld ( [email_address] )
  25. 25. You have a very strong sense of self-awareness and your own world, unlikely to be manipulated. You will use your own strength to actively reach your goals, and gives other an impression of being passionate. You are decisive with friends, added to the image of a lone-ranger, those around you will feel that you are a mysterious character. While being mysterious can be charming sometimes, others feel they cannot talk to you in a relaxing manner and finds you difficult to handle due to your caginess and high self-regard. It even gets to the point where people avoid unnecessary contact and stay as far away as possible. The real you is actually rather gentle, but people will only notice your merits when they are very close to you. Return You are the orient-floral fragrance type For more smiles everyday… subscribe to Mayurs magicworld ( [email_address] )
  26. 26. You are the grass-fragrance type You have very strong will, not dependent on others and gives an impression of being a lone-ranger. You are extremely curious and sensual, living a clear-headed, modern life. At first glance you place yourself on a pedestal, and are difficult to get along. But once others talk to you, they know you are easygoing. And when the relationship develops, they realise you are affable. You have an androgynous charm, which makes you popular with all genders. But you don’t like your weak side to be seen. You might look cool on the surface, but beneath it all, you are really Passionate. Only people who know your true self can maintain a long-lasting relationship with you. Return For more smiles everyday… subscribe to Mayurs magicworld ( [email_address] )
  27. 27. You are the floral-fragrance type You always give others a feeling of optimisim, enthusiasm and facing challenges head-on. You also give an impression of being gentle, thoughtful, and great at managing inter-personal relationship. Others feel that a person like you are strong, yet vulnerable. Your caring nature and ability to accept and forgive, makes you more charming and trustworthy. You always let others think that you are someone who doesn’t say “no”, and it’s easy to be used by people who are dependent and self-centred. These people get close to you because of your attentiveness and easygoing nature, in order to make use of you. Return For more smiles everyday… subscribe to Mayurs magicworld ( [email_address] )
  28. 28. Waiting for !! Return For more smiles everyday… subscribe to Mayurs magicworld ( [email_address] )
  29. 29. 关于闪烁 Return For more smiles everyday… subscribe to Mayurs magicworld ( [email_address] )
  30. 30. Just click on the options that you feel good from your heart. Once you click you will get new question. Answer some 10 questions and you will get the result, an interesting one… Return For more smiles everyday… subscribe to Mayurs magicworld ( [email_address] ) Start the Test Fast