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Saf trans hs_sarl fco 2013 - fob&cif


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Saf trans hs_sarl fco 2013 - fob&cif

  1. 1. SOCIETE AFRICAINE DE FRET - TRANSIT HOLDINGS SARLRoute: Aéroport Senou Port 32, Kalaban Coura, Bamako, Mali. Tel: +223 7135 3072 / Mob: +223 6011 6842Email: / website: www.safsarlgold.comDated: Year 2013Dear Sir/Madam,FULL CORPORATE OFFERWe, SAF TRANS HS SARL, Represented by our Assistant Director, Mr. Ibrahim I.Yaya, with full corporate responsibility and penalty of perjury have the full authority andlegal right to offer for sale alluvial gold bar concentrate which is of non-criminal origin.DESCRIPTIONCommodity: ------------------------------ Gold Dust (AURUM UTALIUM)Quantity: ---------------------------------- 330 KG AvailableQuality: ------------------------------------ 22 carat +plusPurity: -------------------------------------- 96.3% and above.Origin: -------------------------------------- Rep. of Mali.F.O.B Price: ------------------------------ $27,000 U.S Dollars/ Per Kilo DustC.I.F Price: ------------------------------- $28000 U.S Dollars/ Per Kilo DustSmelting to Bar: ------------------------ $150 U.S Dollars /per KiloShipment: --------------------------------- The shipment would be carried out by freight to thebuyer’s international airport of destination.Currency/Payment: --------------------- US Dollars/All payments have to be clean money ofnon-criminal origin.CONTRACT PROCEDUREA. Seller issues FCO to buyer. Buyer returns the FCO signed and sealed with Buyer’s LOI onbuyer’s corporate letter head paper.B. Buyer and Seller signs a Sales and Purchases Agreement (SPA) at Round Table Meeting inBamako, Mali.C. The buyer will have to see the gold and perform a purity test at the DNGM (Direction Nationalde Geology et Mine). The price per kilogram is $ 28,000 USD. Total quantity available is 330 kg,22 carat gold bar and 96.3% purity and reserved for shipment.D. The buyer will pay only 2% insurance for C.I.F or half of the total cost exportation of the goldbar quantity for F.O.B basis.
  2. 2. SOCIETE AFRICAINE DE FRET - TRANSIT HOLDINGS SARLRoute: Aéroport Senou Port 32, Kalaban Coura, Bamako, Mali. Tel: +223 7135 3072 / Mob: +223 6011 6842Email: / website: www.safsarlgold.comExport Tax Break Down at 7%i. Economic Affair: -------------------------------------- 1.5%ii. Custom Duty: --------------------------------------- 1%iii. Export Permit: --------------------------------------- 1%iv. Insurance: --------------------------------------- 2%v. Transportation: --------------------------------------- 1%vi. Transaction Fee: --------------------------------------- 0.5%Payment of 7% to be paid direct to the Government of Mali Authorized Exportation Company.E. The buyer will carry the gold bar with the seller’s representative back to buyer’s country andwill DEDUCT the payment of 7% before making the final payment after the refinery hasperformed a full assay.F. Seller will issue copies of all export documents to buyer prior to shipment as well as the noticeof shipping details. ETD, ETA and airway bill.G. As agreed with the buyer, the Seller’s representative must accompany the product to buyer’sdestination to witness final process. Buyer will arrange Ticket and hotel accommodation forseller’s representative at buyer’s destination.OWNERSHIP:Seller is the full owner of the gold dust until full payments is effected by the buyer.DOCUMENTATIONS:All pertinent documents concerning the exportation of the merchandise would be provided to thebuyer including the followings:a) Certificate of originb) Certificate of ownershipc) Assay reportd) Signed commercial invoicee) Certificate of insurancef) Custom duties and tax clearance certificates.g) Certificate of non – criminal originh) Certificate of Analysis.
  3. 3. SOCIETE AFRICAINE DE FRET - TRANSIT HOLDINGS SARLRoute: Aéroport Senou Port 32, Kalaban Coura, Bamako, Mali. Tel: +223 7135 3072 / Mob: +223 6011 6842Email: / website: www.safsarlgold.comi) Export permitj) Type of airline, Flight number and date of arrivalCOMMODITY:Type of gold: Gold (Au Metal 22 Carat + and Dore Bar with Purity 96.3% Fineness: 100%, to be paidAfter refinery at the buyers destination has performed a full assay.TITLE:Seller confirms and warrants that the Title of the Gold Bar to be sold herein is free and clear of anyand all liens and/or encumbrances and Seller states that the gold bar is not of terrorist and/orcriminal origin. The Title to the gold bar shall pass from the Seller to the Buyer upon Buyer clearingthe goods through his country’s custom.TOTAL QUANTITY:The total quantity available of 330 KG, 22 carat, on 1 kg gold bars each which the Seller is selling anddelivering to the Buyer under this agreement has to be decided by the Buyer. Buyer and Seller shallwork out a schedule of Deliveries.DELIVERY:The gold bars as specified herein will be delivered by the Seller to the buyer’s destination address.Delivery of gold will be within two days after signing this agreement with the buyer.PAYMENT:The Buyer shall pay for the gold bar delivered under this contract, in clean and clear United StatesDollars of non-criminal origin. Buyer will pay by a wire transfer 100% of the value of the goldcontained in each shipment after verification by Buyer’s refiner that the gold has the purity warrantedby the seller. The price of gold per kg can be increased depending on Local Miners increase for Labour.Buyer and Seller acknowledge that the chosen refiner may assay the gold after shipment in one day orin five (5) days according to the volume of other transactions scheduled by the refiner to precede ourtransaction.NOTEAll quantities below 20KG must be fully assay and paid for in full before here in Bamako, Mali.
  4. 4. SOCIETE AFRICAINE DE FRET - TRANSIT HOLDINGS SARLRoute: Aéroport Senou Port 32, Kalaban Coura, Bamako, Mali. Tel: +223 7135 3072 / Mob: +223 6011 6842Email: / website: www.safsarlgold.comNON CIRCUMVENTURE / NON DISCLOSURE:The parties will not in any manner, solicit, nor accept any business in any manner from sources northeir affiliates, which sources were made available through this agreement, without the expresspermission of the party who made available the sources and the Parties will maintain completeconfidentiality regarding each other’s business sources and And/or their affiliates and will disclosesuch business sources only to names/parties Pursuant to the express written permission of the partywho made available the sources, and the parties will not in any way whatever, circumvent, eachother, or any of the parties involved in any of the transactions. The parties are desirous of enteringinto and do to the best of their abilities, assure that the transaction code established will not beaffected and that they will not disclose names, addresses, telephone, e-mail and tel /fax or telexnumbers or contacts by either party to third parties and that they each recognize such contacts as theexclusive property of their respective parties and that they will not enter into any direct negotiationsor transactions with such contacts revealed by the other party.We hereby declare the above-furnished information is true and correct to the best ofour Knowledge and this offer is being made without any prejudice, for the successfulcompletion of this said offer.SELLER/S SIGNATURE BUYER/S SIGNATURE