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TAFE14 Best 30 New Ideas for Online Marketing


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TAFE14 Best 30 New Ideas for Online Marketing

  2. 2. saffireevents
  3. 3. saffireevents HISTORY
  4. 4. saffireevents EVENT PORTFOLIO Rodeo Austin South Texas State Fair Rodeo Belton/ 4th of July Celebration Brazos Valley Fair Heart O' Texas Fair & Rodeo Amarillo Tri-State Fair Fort Bend County Fair Central Texas State Fair Comal County Fair Okeechobee County Fair Amador County Fair Chowchilla Fair Palomino Fest Lea County Coors Cowboy Club Washington County Fair Texas State Forest Festival American Royal Colorado State Fair Napa County Fair Dodge City Round Up Brazoria County Fair San Angelo Rogers County Fair Greater Baton Rouge State Fair Central States Black Hills Stock Show/Rodeo Los Fresnos Twas the Lights Reno Rodeo Redding Rodeo Northwest Washington Fair Sikeston Rodeo Delaware State Fair Sangamon County Fair East Texas Park of East Texas Laramie County Fair Benton-Franklin Fair Carroll County Fair Pendleton Round-Up Pony Express Days Arizona National Livestock Show Yolo County Fair California Rodeo Salinas Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show Old Sorehead Trade Days Cuero TurkeyFest Fiesta San Antonio Glenn County Fair State Fair of Louisiana Four States Fair Montgomery County Fair Agricultural Learning Center Grant County Fair North Texas State Fair Rooftop Rodeo West End Fair Crabtree Amusements Trinity Valley Exposition Brackenridge Recreation Complex Kitsap Rodeo Cowpokes Refugio County Fair Rockdale Fair & Rodeo
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  10. 10. saffireevents SAFFIRE ASSOCIATION PARTNERS
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  13. 13. saffireevents NOTES ABOUT THE PROGRAM • No need to write it all down– Leave me your business card or a piece of paper with your contact information and I’ll send you the slides. • Feel free to Use your device! • Ideas are not in order of importance.
  14. 14. saffireevents INFO ON HOMEPAGE 1 Now more than ever, your homepage must be enticing. • Users want to spend an average of 10 seconds on a webpage. What would a user see in 10 seconds on your homepage? • Could they find what they needed and move on within your site or would they leave?
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  17. 17. saffireevents To Users:
  18. 18. saffireevents COSIDER BIG BRANDS
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  23. 23. saffireevents ADD A PHOTO UPLOAD TOOL 2 Use entertainment options to increase time on site. • Allow your customers to upload their photos to your website. Have a photo contest even. (Then, you can later use the photos for your marketing.)
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  25. 25. saffireevents ADD OTHER INTERACTIVITY • You can also have: • • Polls, Photo galleries, Video galleries, Twitter Feeds etc. Your website has to be your main priority. It affects every other portion of your online marketing & ecommerce. • GOAL: Drive traffic to your website. 3
  26. 26. saffireevents SIKESTON RODEO
  27. 27. saffireevents
  28. 28. saffireevents ON SOCIAL: INCLUDE A PHOTO 4 A VERY IMPORTANT TIP • EVERY social platform reports higher interaction when a photo is included. • Tweets with image links get 2x more interaction. • The Engagement Rate on Facebook posts with photos is .37%. Without a photo, it’s .27%.
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  30. 30. saffireevents EXAMPLE
  31. 31. saffireevents PHOTO IN POST, NOT LINK 5 • Use the Upload Photos/Video function to publish photo files directly into your post instead of posting a link that shows a thumbnail.
  32. 32. saffireevents The Difference?
  33. 33. saffireevents LINK TO PHOTO
  34. 34. saffireevents PHOTO
  35. 35. saffireevents CAN EVEN EXPAND POST
  36. 36. saffireevents NOT A DESIGNER? TRY CANVA. 6
  37. 37. saffireevents ALSO INCLUDE VIDEO 7 • Include video on your website, on your social media, wherever you can. Link to YouTube or embed the video right in your page. • Consider This: 100 MILLION videos are watched every week on YouTube. Don’t you want to be a part of the party?
  38. 38. saffireevents Videos are shared 12x MORE than links/text posts
  39. 39. saffireevents HOT FAIR VIDEO
  40. 40. saffireevents VIDEO IDEA
  41. 41. saffireevents
  42. 42. saffireevents FACEBOOK GRAPH SEARCH 8 • Have you used this yet? Figure out what types of people have friended you! • Let’s try it out!
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  44. 44. saffireevents MAKE FOLLOWERS INSIDERS 9 • Make sure your Facebook & Twitter followers are the first to know about entertainers, ticket sales and other big event announcements.
  45. 45. saffireevents AMAZON GOLD BOX
  46. 46. saffireevents POST VENDOR DEALS 10 • Ask your vendors in advance if they want to participate in a “2 for 1” discount deal, and then post it to your social media and website. • Remember to include a photo if it’s on social media!
  47. 47. saffireevents WEST END FAIR
  48. 48. saffireevents EXAMPLE TEXTS
  49. 49. saffireevents PARKING-GREAT FOR TEXTS 11 • If your event is notorious for bad parking, promote your text list as a parking update mechanism. • Might want to include a “Don’t Text & Drive!” every so often for your civic duty.
  50. 50. saffireevents CREATE CONTESTS FOR INTERACTIVITY 12 Facebook has changed its contest rules! • Biggest change: You can now utilize likes and comments as voting mechanisms. • You still can’t make people tag themselves as part of a contest.
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  53. 53. saffireevents BE A BIG DEAL 13 • Post information about weather, big local news stories, incidents, accidents whatever you can think of on your social media. • Sometimes the things that people care about will SHOCK you. • You can also post YOUR breaking news and ask local news organizations to follow you.
  54. 54. saffireevents COLORADO STATE FAIR
  55. 55. saffireevents INCORPORATE INSTAGRAM Mainly MOBILE Known for image DOCTORING Trends YOUNGER 14
  56. 56. saffireevents WHO USES INSTAGRAM?
  57. 57. saffireevents Use #nofilter 15 • It seems crazy, but on Instagram, Fortune 500 companies recently reported getting 20% higher interaction on photos with #nofilter than the next highest filter option.
  58. 58. saffireevents WHAT IT MEANS
  59. 59. saffireevents DON’T FAKE IT!
  60. 60. saffireevents TRY IFTTT 16 • It stands for: IF THIS THEN THAT. • You create “recipes” to make something automatically happen within your social media. • For Saffire, we use: IF we post to our Instagram, automatically post it on our Facebook. • Search IFTTT in your App store or go to
  61. 61. saffireevents
  62. 62. saffireevents PROMOTE YOUR SPONSORS • Use your social media as a way to interact with your sponsors—especially big ones! • They will retweet and favorite you. EVERYBODY WINS. 17
  63. 63. saffireevents USE THE 80-20 Rule 18 Make 80% of your posts fun and 20% promotional.
  64. 64. saffireevents POST FROM MASCOT
  65. 65. saffireevents ADVICE POSTS SHARED 522% MORE
  66. 66. saffireevents LIVE TWEETS 19 • Put up screens that show your live twitter feed, with #YourEventName to get your tweet on the big screen.
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  68. 68. saffireevents
  69. 69. saffireevents OFF SEASON 20 • Post photos of your fairgrounds in the winter, covered in snow…or rain as the case may be! • Say something creative like, “We’re in hibernation! What do you miss most about the fair?”
  70. 70. saffireevents MORE OFF SEASON 21 • Everyone loves a random holiday. Look them up in advance, and post about them. You can even schedule it in advance through Facebook now!
  71. 71. saffireevents GRANDPARENTS DAY
  72. 72. saffireevents TEXT “Happy Grandparents Day! If you have a special memory with your grandparent or grandkid at the fair, please share!
  73. 73. saffireevents EXAMPLE COMMENT “Playing washer pull or draw a number. It was something my family could afford & it benefited a great group. We'd win a small plant or something & just could not walk away. We would just keep playing.” 
  74. 74. saffireevents Make sure you are acting as your page!
  75. 75. saffireevents TWEET SHORTER 22 • No need to use all 140 Characters! (That would be crazy long!) • Tweets under 100 characters get 17% higher engagement than longer tweets. • This is partially because they can be retweeted.
  76. 76. saffireevents WHAT TO TWEET? • If I can’t use all 140 characters, what should I tweet? • Here are some ideas! 23
  77. 77. saffireevents QUALITY NOT QUANTITY Most effective tweets ask for: 1. Download: Increase clicks by 11%
  78. 78. saffireevents QUALITY NOT QUANTITY 2. Retweet Increase retweet by 311%
  79. 79. saffireevents QUALITY NOT QUANTITY 3. A Follow: Increase follows by an average of 85%
  80. 80. saffireevents WHEN TO TWEET 24 • 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week. Interaction levels don’t point out a clear “winner” for when you should post.
  81. 81. saffireevents BUFFER APP CAN HELP
  82. 82. saffireevents USE TWITTER ANALYTICS 25 • You can now view analytics from your twitter account! • Go to • It’s going to say “Advertise on Twitter” (Since you’re smart, you will know it’s more than that now!)
  83. 83. saffireevents
  84. 84. saffireevents INCORPORATE PINTEREST 26 • Add boards of things to do in your city, links to your vendors pages, places to stay
  85. 85. saffireevents COOL PINTEREST IDEAS
  86. 86. saffireevents SPEND 30 MINUTES: GOOGLE+ Why? • When people +1 your page, it can have a significant impact on Search Engine Ranking • Google+ has merged with Google Places • Google Communities serves as a place where people can chat about your business. 27
  87. 87. saffireevents JOIN THE (EMAIL) CLUB 28 • EVERYBODY loves to be a part of a club. • Make your email list or text list a “club” sign up or encourage people to pay to join with perks. • Can do kids & adults!
  88. 88. saffireevents
  89. 89. saffireevents MOBILE IS A MUST 29 • According to Forbes: “87% of connected devices sales by 2017 will be tablets and smartphones.” ARE YOU READY?
  90. 90. saffireevents ALMOST LIKE AN APP
  91. 91. saffireevents THE DIFFERENCE
  92. 92. saffireevents EXAMPLE MOBILE STATS 40% Mobile Visits 43% Mobile Pageviews 54% Mobile Visits 40% Mobile Pageviews 47% Mobile Visits 44% Mobile Pageviews
  93. 93. saffireevents ONLY WRONG TO BE SILENT 30 • The internet is fast moving; people are quick to forget. Today’s story is yesterday’s history. • ALWAYS RESPOND to comments, even negative. The worst thing you can do is not be a part of the conversation.
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