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EMS 2014 Presentation by Saffire Events, President, Kendra Wright

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Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. saffireevents SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Landscape, Benefits & Challenges Kendra Wright
  2. 2. saffireevents GET READY! It’s going to be a wild ride!
  3. 3. saffireevents NO NEED FOR NOTES Share your business card at the end; I’ll send you the slides.
  4. 4. saffireevents
  5. 5. saffireevents HISTORY
  6. 6. saffireevents Rodeo Austin South Texas State Fair Rodeo Belton/ 4th of July Celebration Brazos Valley Fair Heart O' Texas Fair & Rodeo Amarillo Tri-State Fair Fort Bend County Fair Central Texas State Fair Comal County Fair Okeechobee County Fair Amador County Fair Chowchilla Fair Palomino Fest Lea County Coors Cowboy Club Washington County Fair Texas State Forest Festival American Royal Colorado State Fair EVENT PORTFOLIO Napa County Fair Dodge City Round Up Brazoria County Fair San Angelo Rogers County Fair Greater Baton Rouge State Fair Central States Black Hills Stock Show/Rodeo Los Fresnos Twas the Lights Reno Rodeo Redding Rodeo Northwest Washington Fair Sikeston Rodeo Delaware State Fair Sangamon County Fair East Texas Park of East Texas Laramie County Fair Benton-Franklin Fair Carroll County Fair Pendleton Round-Up Pony Express Days Arizona National Livestock Show Yolo County Fair California Rodeo Salinas Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show Old Sorehead Trade Days Cuero TurkeyFest Fiesta San Antonio Glenn County Fair State Fair of Louisiana Four States Fair Montgomery County Fair Fiesta San Antonio Glenn County Fair State Fair of Louisiana Four States Fair OVER 100 Four States Fair Montgomery County Fair Agricultural Learning Center Grant County Fair North Texas State Fair Rooftop Rodeo West End Fair Crabtree Amusements Trinity Valley Exposition Brackenridge Recreation Complex Kitsap Rodeo Cowpokes Refugio County Fair Rockdale Fair & Rodeo Children’s Center NILE MATE Volusia County Fair Firefighter’s Fair Fayette County Fair Extreme Tix CLIENTS! Salvation Army Jerry Jones Education Town Wings Stadium Bradford County Fair Pasco County Fair Greeley Stampede Sweetwater Events Complex iFest Hardee County Fair Angelina Ccounty Fair/Expo Midland Horseshoe Arena Harborside Events Center My River District Taylor County Expo Five State Fair Western Heritage Classic Extraco Events Center Central Washington State Fair El Paso County Fair
  7. 7. saffireevents
  8. 8. saffireevents PALAMINO FEST
  9. 9. saffireevents PALAMINO FEST
  10. 10. saffireevents
  11. 11. saffireevents
  12. 12. saffireevents
  13. 13. saffireevents
  14. 14. saffireevents SAFFIRE ASSOCIATION PARTNERS
  15. 15. saffireevents
  16. 16. saffireevents How many of you use social media in your free time?
  17. 17. saffireevents How many of you manage your city or event’s social media?
  19. 19. saffireevents HOW DO PEOPLE HEAR ABOUT YOUR EVENTS?
  20. 20. IF YOU MAPPED THEM, WOULD THEY MATCH? saffireevents 5 4 3 2 1 0 RESULTS Online Newspaper Radio SPENT Television Outdoor
  22. 22. saffireevents MOBILE FOLLOWS SUIT Source: Morgan Stanley Research
  23. 23. saffireevents ACCORDING TO FORBES 87% of connected device sales by 2017 will be tablets & smart phones!
  24. 24. saffireevents
  25. 25. saffireevents
  26. 26. saffireevents
  27. 27. saffireevents MAKE EVENT PAGES INTERACTIVE
  28. 28. saffireevents MAKE EVENT PAGES INTERACTIVE
  29. 29. saffireevents MAKE EVENT PAGES INTERACTIVE
  30. 30. saffireevents HIGHLIGHT EVENT COMPONENTS
  31. 31. saffireevents MAXIMIZE VIRAL SHARING
  32. 32. saffireevents FACEBOOK
  33. 33. saffireevents is KING of social media.
  34. 34. saffireevents YOU KNOW THE STATS • Over 1 BILLION monthly active users • One in every seven humans on earth is active on Facebook • 461 Million users are on Facebook mobile • 10 Million Facebook Apps
  35. 35. saffireevents You make an estimated $174 per Facebook like.
  36. 36. saffireevents You may have heard Facebook is dwindling.
  37. 37. FACEBOOK GOALS saffireevents 1 2 3 Find ‘em: Get ‘em: Keep ‘em: Ads Likes Engage
  38. 38. saffireevents Using a CASE STUDY of…
  39. 39. saffireevents
  40. 40. saffireevents
  41. 41. saffireevents 98,901 POPULATION TYLER, TEXAS 213,381 240,000 POPULATION SMITH COUNTY FAIR ATTENDANCE
  42. 42. saffireevents THEY RAN A FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN
  43. 43. saffireevents Likes went from 3757 to 8140 in about a month
  44. 44. 1 saffireevents Part ONE
  45. 45. FACEBOOK GOALS saffireevents 1 2 3 Find ‘em: Get ‘em: Keep ‘em: Ads Likes Engage
  46. 46. saffireevents Are you a LATE adopter?
  47. 47. saffireevents ADVICE FOR “NEW” WORLD In September, Facebook made a change to its algorythm, drastically reducing the reach of business posts. In December, they did it again. Now an estimated only 3% of your followers will see your posts if you don’t advertise.
  48. 48. saffireevents USER EXPERIENCE WHY? & CA$H
  49. 49. saffireevents ADVICE FOR “NEW” WORLD Simultaneously, they put out new ad plans for businesses. Example ad types: • PAGE POST AD – Can automatically advertise latest post (text, image or video) • PAGE AD – Get more Likes by advertising your page • OFFER AD – Like a coupon, with “Get Offer” button • EVENT AD – Includes event details and RSVP link
  50. 50. saffireevents ADVICE FOR “NEW” WORLD Post, and advertise or don’t post. Advantages: • Greater reach • Greater targeting • Protection against wasting money • It won’t run if people don’t click
  51. 51. saffireevents WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/ADVERTISING
  52. 52. saffireevents TOP OPTIONS Promoted Page – Page Likes Promoted Posts – Engagement
  53. 53. saffireevents PROMOTED PAGE • Promoting your PAGE will get more LIKES. • This is done in two ways: • In News Feed – “Ad” • On right-hand side – “Sponsored Story”
  54. 54. saffireevents AD TEXT & IMAGE
  55. 55. saffireevents AUDIENCE
  56. 56. saffireevents AUDIENCE, CONT.
  57. 57. saffireevents BUDGET
  58. 58. saffireevents EXAMPLES
  59. 59. saffireevents PAGE AD- BEST PERFORMER • 35-64 year olds within 50 miles • 43 clicks, 35 page likes • $8.15-23 cents/like
  60. 60. saffireevents nd Best PAGE AD- 2 • 18-35 year olds within 25 miles – 863 impressions • 17 clicks, 13 page likes • $2.09-16 cents/like
  61. 61. saffireevents VARIATIONS
  62. 62. saffireevents PROMOTED POSTS • Promoting your POSTS will get ENGAGEMENT with your messages. • This is also done in two ways: • In News Feed – “Ad” • On right-hand side – “Sponsored Story”
  63. 63. saffireevents HOW TO PROMOTE A POST
  64. 64. saffireevents
  65. 65. saffireevents
  66. 66. saffireevents Targeting options are the same as Page Likes.
  67. 67. saffireevents EXAMPLES
  68. 68. saffireevents PROMOTED POST • TOTAL REACH: 13,685 • TOTAL CLICKS 454
  69. 69. saffireevents PROMOTED POST “We made it to 6,000 Facebook Fans so it's time for a giveaway! LIKE this status before midnight for a chance to win 1 of 6 Unlimited Ride Armbands! *Valid any one weekday (Monday-Friday)”
  70. 70. FACEBOOK GOALS saffireevents 1 2 3 Find ‘em: Get ‘em: Keep ‘em: Ads Likes Engage
  71. 71. saffireevents Facebook CONTESTS
  72. 72. saffireevents THE DOS & DON’TS DO • • DON’T Utilize Likes and/or • Place contests on personal Comments as a voting Facebook timeline mechanism • Require people to tag Collect entries by having themselves in promotions users message you
  73. 73. saffireevents TOP 5 CONTEST TIPS 1. SET GOALS • What are you trying to achieve? Ex: likes, email addresses, comments, etc. 2. CONSIDER THE AUDIENCE • Important in determining your prize package 3. DETERMINE CONTEST TIMEFRAME • Run daily small contests for likes & comments or longer timeframe for more personal information
  74. 74. saffireevents CONTEST TIPS, CONT. 4. CREATE A PRIZE PACKAGE • If your prize is bigger, you can ask for more information 5. PLAN THE FUFILLMENT • Know how quickly you can deliver and make sure it’s within the expiration date
  75. 75. saffireevents CONTESTS FOR INTERACTION
  76. 76. saffireevents
  77. 77. saffireevents EXAMPLE
  78. 78. saffireevents CONTESTS FOR MORE DATA
  79. 79. saffireevents IFRAME IN TO FB
  80. 80. saffireevents THE BIG CONTEST
  81. 81. saffireevents USE FOR EMAIL COLLECTION 467 entries
  82. 82. saffireevents LATER… “We just drew the name of the first winner of the ULTIMATE FAIR EXPERIENCE! Are you ready to know who it is?”
  83. 83. FACEBOOK GOALS saffireevents 1 2 3 Find ‘em: Get ‘em: Keep ‘em: Ads Likes Engage
  84. 84. saffireevents WHAT DO I POST?
  85. 85. saffireevents SIMPLE ANSWER: Whatever gets action from your audience.
  86. 86. saffireevents If other people like/share/comment on your post… FACEBOOK SHARES IT WITH MORE PEOPLE
  87. 87. saffireevents POPULARITY CONTEST
  88. 88. saffireevents ADVICE FOR “NEW” WORLD Mimic what you see on the platform. Content is King, but context is even more important. Don’t interrupt or be intrusive. Talk about what they’re talking about. Example: My late talking son.
  89. 89. saffireevents ADVICE FOR “NEW” WORLD Share “jabs,” non-direct to what you sell. Aim to hit an emotion so hard that the customer wants to share it, because it will say as much about them as your event. Example: Remember when you were little and asked for ice cream. What happened?
  90. 90. saffireevents ADVICE FOR “NEW” WORLD Be a real person, like a friend. Share: • Entertainment to help them escape • Useful information they can utilize
  91. 91. saffireevents ADVICE FOR “NEW” WORLD Leverage pop culture • Show customers you love the music, shows, etc. they do • BE READY when something happens you can leverage • Examples: Ponchos, Harlem Shake, Oreos, Sound of Music
  92. 92. saffireevents DEEP THOUGHT Ask questions in your posts that get people to talk about themselves in relation to your event.
  93. 93. saffireevents GRANDPARENTS DAY
  94. 94. saffireevents TEXT “Happy Grandparents Day! If you have a special memory with your grandparent or grandkid at the fair, please share!
  95. 95. saffireevents EXAMPLE COMMENT “Playing washer pull or draw a number. It was something my family could afford & it benefited a great group. We'd win a small plant or something & just could not walk away. We would just keep playing.” 
  96. 96. saffireevents FUN POSTS
  97. 97. saffireevents
  98. 98. saffireevents PROMOTIONAL POST
  99. 99. saffireevents PROMOTIONAL POST “Don't miss our CRAZY GOOD DEALS on the Weekend Pack and Weekend Super Pack. The savings on these online only specials can't be beat! BUY NOW!”
  100. 100. saffireevents Don’t worry… YOU CAN TRY THIS AT HOME.
  101. 101. saffireevents EXAMPLE “Are you a Facebook Fanatic? LIKE our page, then tag us in a photo while you’re here and we’ll give you a free t-shirt if you show us your post!”
  102. 102. saffireevents Now, for a NERDY Party Trick.
  103. 103. saffireevents IMAGES are so important.
  104. 104. saffireevents 10% of photos EVER TAKEN Were taken in the last 12 months.
  105. 105. saffireevents The engagement rate of Facebook POSTS WITH PHOTOS is so much greater than without.
  106. 106. saffireevents IMAGES are hard.
  107. 107. saffireevents
  108. 108. saffireevents Do you share NEWS?
  109. 109. saffireevents
  110. 110. saffireevents Do you market to MOMS?
  111. 111. saffireevents PINTEREST
  112. 112. saffireevents PINTEREST
  113. 113. saffireevents Luckily, both are easy!
  114. 114. saffireevents PINTEREST
  115. 115. saffireevents Is your audience YOUNG?
  116. 116. saffireevents Incorporate Instagram
  117. 117. saffireevents Mainly MOBILE Known for image DOCTORING Trends YOUNGER
  118. 118. saffireevents INSTAGRAM IDEAS • Choose photos that bring out the “lifestyle” of your brand • Launch a contest for people to share brand-related photos; curate on your website or Facebook • Choose a unique hashtag • Add humor and context with captions
  119. 119. saffireevents INSTAGRAM
  120. 120. saffireevents We’ll give you X when we have X Instagram followers. Take a picture and win!
  121. 121. saffireevents Great for 13-25 year olds SNAPCHAT
  122. 122. saffireevents IDEAS FOR SNAPCHAT • Have people send you a snapchat with themselves at your event • Snapchat them back with a coupon • Send coupon codes • Send out behind-the-scenes photos and videos • Direct to YouTube or website • Show people new event features
  123. 123. saffireevents Is your audience BROAD?
  124. 124. saffireevents YOUTUBE Customers exposed to videos are 437% more likely to engage in your brand. Engagement = Purchases SAFFIRE RECOMMENDATION Make your videos raw and not too produced to help customers identify with your brand.
  125. 125. saffireevents WHEN TO POST?
  126. 126. saffireevents Do not post when You have news.
  127. 127. saffireevents Do some EXPERIMENTING to see what works best for you.
  128. 128. saffireevents SCHEDULING POSTS
  129. 129. saffireevents
  130. 130. saffireevents TWITONOMY
  131. 131. saffireevents
  132. 132. saffireevents If you want to use TAGGING Use FACEBOOK to schedule posts!
  133. 133. saffireevents Make sure you are acting as your page!
  134. 134. saffireevents EDITORIAL CALENDAR
  135. 135. saffireevents Don’t forget to drop off your business cards.
  136. 136. saffireevents FREE ONLINE MARKETING TIPS Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube Saffire Events @SaffireEvents saffireevents saffireevents saffirestudio Questions?