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Safe work method statement ppt 0813

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Safe work method statement ppt 0813

  1. 1. Safe Work Method Statement What Are The Kinds Of Hazards In A Safe Work Method Statement?
  2. 2. Yesterday, we have learned that a lot of people are confused with the terms "risks" and "hazards" which is why they use them interchangeably. Also, we understood that these two are not the same so it wouldn't be right to use the term "risk" if you meant to say "hazard" or vice versa. But in this short post, we're going to discuss about the types of workplace hazards that must be specified in safe work method statements whatever the type of high-risk jobs that the workers are doing. There are actually six classifications of hazards in a safe work method statement. If you don't know how to classify them, it will be difficult for you to create an efficient work method statement. The different types of hazards will be explained below. BIOLOGICAL HAZARDS When we talk about biological hazards, it means that they're caused by living things or living organisms like humans, plants, animals, birds, insects, bacteria, and viruses.
  3. 3. They'll always be present in any type of workplace-- whether it's a construction site, a demolition site, and so on thus, when writing such document, you need to specify what living organisms which are capable of causing hazards to the workers are present in the site. This is for them to be vigilant about these organisms. CHEMICAL HAZARDS These are often found in laboratories and other areas where the workers are required to use chemicals. Not all of the chemicals used can cause hazards to the workers' health and sometimes, it just depends on the toxic and chemical properties of the chemical. In preparing a work method statement for workers who are exposed with harmful chemicals, you need to specifically state the kind of chemical used and what their adverse effects will be.
  4. 4. ERGONOMIC HAZARDS Ergonomic hazards are hazards which are caused by improper set up or arrangement of the work environment. These hazards can be eliminated by ensuring that the workplace is in order. This ensures the safety in the workplace. Otherwise, these hazards need to be specifically written in the safe work method statement as well as their adverse effects. PHYSICAL HAZARDS Physical hazards actually refer to the hazards that are caused by the equipment and the tools that are used by the workers. If the tools and equipment are not used properly, it may lead to accidents as well as other undesirable events. These hazards can be reduced if they use the tools and equipment properly and if they are specified on the document.
  5. 5. PSYCHOLOGICAL HAZARDS These are caused by people in the workplace and by the work itself. These hazards include stress, violence, etc. SAFETY HAZARDS Not being careful is often the cause of these hazards. One needs to be extra careful to avoid them or the document must state what will be the adverse effects if they aren't cautious. These are the different types of hazards that are present in the work environment. Companies should know all these things so they will be able to create an effective Safe Work Method Statement. For you to know more about these things, simply check out Occupational Safety Solutions and don't forget to visit their website.