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Fire Proof Safes


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Sturdy Gun Safe supplies a large choice of security safes and fire proof safes designed and engineered to protect your security arms and guns from a fire. Contact them for more details.

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Fire Proof Safes

  1. 1. Sturdy Gun Safe Offers the Best Fire Proof Safes Against Great Prices Sturdy Gun Safe is now offering their customers a truly wonderful range of US made steel gun safes and fireproof safes at competitive and extraordinary prices. As one of the most reputed gun and fire safe manufacturer in the country the company produces and markets supreme quality safes those are not only completely fire resistant but also come with advanced security lock features like shear pins those are designed in a way that whenever force is applied for opening the safe the pins break inside rendering it impossible to open the safe without help from trained professional technicians. In order to offer better security to your guns and other valuable belongings even in temperature as high as more than 1550 degrees Fahrenheit and compared to other gun safes for sale available in the market have 80% less movable parts making them better equipped to withstand extremely high temperature and open without any problem even after a accident has taken place. Compared to other similar safe manufacturing companies, fire proof safes manufactured by the Sturdy Gun Safe are always less expensive for this family owned business owes absolutely nothing to the banks and also spend little on advertising their products. Instead of that they focus on manufacturing better quality safes with improved security option and fire resisting capabilities and provide their customers the best quality safes also against the best of the prices.
  2. 2. So if you are looking for a good safe that can offer complete protection to your guns and ammunition or a fireproof safe for safekeeping your valuable documents this is the company that a huge number of Americans depend upon for best security of their data and other valuables against fire or other threats. The company has also made their entire range of products available online and interested customers can browse to anytime they want to take a look at the complete range of safes available there as well as compare their fire resistance and other security features for finding a safe that will be the best for your personal storage requirements.
  3. 3. Sturdy Gun Safe Manufacturing 2030 S. Sarah, Fresno California, 93721 USA Phone No: 800-262-0023 Website: