Safety Meeting Starters (SMSs) July 2013


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Safety Meeting Material for July - - Safety Meeting Starters (SMS) is your FREE resource aimed to help you have more effective tailgates, job briefings, and safety meetings. SMS features all types of safety information for all types of industries including an Involved Safety Meeting Activity (ISMS), idea for Safety Awareness Items, links to dozens of safety related articles, tools for safety pros, and more.

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Safety Meeting Starters (SMSs) July 2013

  1. 1. Safety Meeting Starters (SMS) July 2013 Happy July! - -Safety Meeting Starters (SMS) is your FREE resource aimed to help you have more effective tailgates, job briefings, and safety meetings. SMS features all types of safety information for all types of industries including an Involved Safety Meeting Activity (ISMS), idea for Safety Awareness Items, links to dozens of safety related articles, tools for safety pros, and more. Feel free to route and share within your organization and network. Also, encourage your fellow supervisors, managers and safety leaders to sign up to receive SMS. One may sign up at; SWtKGC7SeHf8lIG9y5veytZfQ7ncQGIYShXsVPLiVpsEPMJN6MGSB1McQDdFGyF_EZkbJczlBx_b64 IU%3D Wishing you and your family a blessed and safe Independence Day! Thanks again and Remember, no one gets hurt today! God Bless, Matt. Why Wait for Safety Meeting Starters, instead get real time safety information through Matt’s Twitter feed. Follow Matt in June and receive a code for 50% off any one book in Matt’s collection (find Matt’s books here and follow Matt on Twitter from this link: or @safestrat. About Matt… Matt Forck is a board-certified Safety Professional (CSP) and former Journey Lineworker in the hazardous field of electrical line work (JLW). Matt’s recent innovations include the development of the Safety Committee MAP process, a systematic process for safety committee success, and the Informal Leader Program aimed at engaging the true safety leaders within any organization. Matt has published nearly 100 safety articles and written seven books including his latest release, What Safety Leaders Do. He is a frequent speaker at national and regional safety conferences and leads corporate sponsored safety, motivational and culture building keynote presentations. You may contact Matt through his website, SMS is a FREE monthly newsletter to the safety community. Matt Forck, CSP, JLW | | 573.999.7981
  2. 2. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE! 2 S.A.F.E. (See Accidents Forever Eliminated) at Work - A Motivational Safety Column! Make it Last The Romans of the ancient past loved to design and create. Many of their projects have stood the test of time and are still with us today. Examples of such great works would be the Coliseum (built by Titus in 80 A.D.), the Hippodrome (built for horse and chariot racing, able to hold up to a quarter of a million people), the Pantheon and Forum. There are two trademarks of these buildings and of Roman architecture in general, they are columns and arches. The arches were both beautiful and an engineering marvel. The Romans were able to divert the enormous weight of the arch down to the arch’s foundation. During construction wooden braces and scaffolding would hold the weight. After the keystone was finally placed in the arch, the support bracing could be removed. A tradition in Rome was to have the engineer in charge of the project stand under the arch as the bracing was removed. If the design was poor or if he failed in construction…he’d be the first to know. In life, we can learn a great lesson from the senior arch builders of Rome. These are the guys that stood under many an arch as the bracing was removed. They did so with a smile because they knew that they had done it right, and it would hold. They took the time to design, foster and support what they were building. Today, do you stand on your worksite or in your workspace knowing it’s free from hazards? Do you stand there with a smile knowing ‘nothing there can hurt you’ because you have taken the time to free the space of hazards? In making your space hazard-free, you are building a lasting habit for generations to admire. ©2013-SafeStrat, LLC-All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE! 3 Safety Tidbits—the most information packed pages in safety! Quote of the month: Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself. - William Faulkner The past is a guidepost, not a hitching post. - L. Thomas Holdcroft We all need a daily check up from the neck up to avoid stinkin’ thinkin’ which ultimately leads to hardening of the attitudes. -Zig Ziglar Safety, Leadership and Management Resources from July: Safety and Management News from Safestrat’s Twitter Feed - - why wait for the end of the month Safety Meeting Starters when you can get near real time safety updates from my Twitter feed! Join today; or @safestrat. Worker's death at Dick Dykstra Dairy in Ontario prompts state inquiry ontario-prompts#ixzz2XHqWDjmc … Teen killed at mill near Vernon identified columbia/story/2013/06/17/bc-teen-killed-tolko.html … Jose Gonzales, 49, dies in industrial accident at Cupertino-area quarry cement-plant-dies-industrial … Officials investigate rig fatality in southern Wyoming: OSHA investigates Elk Grove factory worker's death …
  4. 4. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE! 4 Here's what we know right now about the building collapse at the Texas A&M equestrian center: Worker resume's at new 49ers stadium after worker's death; Stadium-211378871.html … Publix and OSHA investigating employee's death... employee-dies-in-what-police-are-calling-an-accident … For your late week safety meeting or tailgate; Victim Identified in Deadly Pet Food Plant Accident … Heat Exhaustion Death? LPD, OSHA investigating Sewon employee’s death investigating-Sewon-employee-s-death … Thank you, we hit our first Twitter milestone. Get 50% of any book. See all books; …. Discount code; 89Z7DV99 Small jet runs into hangar at Chino Airport, comes out of chocks during test; chino-airport … Be Prepared, Be Safe: June 16-22 is Emergency Preparedness Week Ursine safety pro tip, folks: Don't toss handfuls of barbecued meat at bears. barbecue-meat/article_96a64d48-d762-11e2-ac79-001a4bcf6878.html … 2nd man dies after Louisiana chemical plant explosion explosion/index.html?sr=sharebar_twitter … Crane safety is focus of OSHA emphasis program in the Northwest Williams confirms operator at olefins plant, age 29, died in Geismar explosion/fire, and eight others hospitalized w/ injuries... Interesting perspective on feedback...
  5. 5. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE! 5 Funny reminder on communication! Man sells his wife's $23K wedding ring for five bucks at rummage sale. wedding-ring-for-10-oops/ … People on scaffold without safety equipment. via @obedi69 #hazardspotting Late week safety awareness is important...use this tragic incident to build awareness. en.html … Interesting OSHA citation. Share with all healthcare related folks. Company-for-Lakeland-Woman-s-Death … Late week Tailgate or safety meeting material, construction worker killed by electrical contact. fatality/-/17419908/20504956/-/fvv3or/-/index.html … Big scare! We can't depend on luck or rescue. street-in-midtown.html?_r=0 … OSHA begins investigation into Newburgh-Beacon Bridge incident 04Jun13.html?goback=.gde_129347_member_246694189 … Race official killed at event. marbles/track-marshal-dies-sustaining-injuries-canadian-grand-prix-010852942.html … Good safety reminder for those kids old enough to stay at home by themselves. A drunk driver plows his car through a woman's home in the middle of the night in Denver sending both to the hospital #9newsmornings Police officer injured when hit by car. Picture of the week? 7 Statistics on Crane Incidents #cranesafety #workplacesafety #worksafe #cranes #7stats
  6. 6. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE! 6 24/7 safety awareness is a great way to ensure employee safety. Here are four skills to help develop it: OSHA plans 'safety stand down' in Southern states to raise awareness to rising temps. states#.Ua-37odmEoo.twitter … Excavation safety reminder for next safety meeting--Investigation into worker's death f25721778ca2.html#.Ua-2sk3mqN8.twitter … via @theeagle Pushing info to Twitter for end of the week tailgates. Learner driver linked to fatality fatality/?cs=1208 … Huge Swarm of Killer Bees Attack Texas Man With 3,000 Stings (via @ABC) Do what leaders do… What Safety Leaders Do The Insider’s Handbook for Safety Leadership Tips, Tactics, Secrets & Ideas Today there is a procedure for everything that is important. Yet, more than 99% of groups fail to have a road map for safety leadership. The reason is that leadership is different. While most of those other procedures are ‘one size fits all,’ safety leadership is not. Each team, work group, and company has a different culture, history, exposures and corporate structure which means there isn’t a cookie cutter mold to safety leadership. To be successful, each organization must customize their program to fit their unique organization. To effectively ‘customize’ your company’s safety leadership program, you first need access to all of the cutting edge leadership tactics, tips and secrets – - which is exactly what this book provides! Then, you can pick the ideas that are right for your group; putting proven methods to work for you – - to get the results you have always aimed to achieve. 204 pages/Price $19.95 Use code GHDF4HQD and get $5.00 off per book, no limits! To learn more and order:
  7. 7. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE! 7 SAI - - Safety Awareness Items (ideas to get raise your team’s awareness! Cooling Bandana Safety is Cool. Cork Screw The Right Tool for the Job or Don’t screw up your safety Corks, Fishing Tackle Don't Let a Short Cut Pull You Under. Corn, Can Of Safety is a “Can of Corn.” Coupons Give coupons for coffee or food in the Cafeteria. The Untapped Secret To Selling Safety -And 401½ Tangible Items Guaranteed To Help Make That Sale! - - How well do you sell safety? The truth is that we are at the mercy of our ability to sell, no matter how “tight” the presentation. Regardless of our education or the facts surrounding an issue, we are still in a position where we have to make the sale in order for a positive change to take place. And, the better we are at selling, the greater our results. The fact of the matter is that there are secrets to selling…even selling safety. One such previously untapped secret is revealed here and your safety results will never be the same! “Matt’s passion for safety continues to shine through as he drives to inspire us to be the best we can be” wrote Bill Dampf, safety professional with three decades of experience. “Through this latest effort, he provides us with hundreds of ways to promote safety awareness to our employees. Although keeping our workers safe is always a challenge, this simple approach to helping us sell safety can be a tool that all of us can use.” Price: $11.99 - - AND use this discount code to save $2..00 per book, B9F5UNDN. Order from this link;
  8. 8. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE! 8 ISMA-Involved Safety Meeting Activity Activity: The Discomfort of Change Estimated Time: 5 Minutes Materials Needed: None. Reference materials: See ISMA below: The ISMA: Ask your group to cross their arms. Take notice whether the right arm is over the left or if the left is over the right. Then, cross them the opposite way, meaning, if right was over left, readjust them so left is over right. Ask, “What does it feel like?” The Take-a-ways: It feels funny, unnatural, odd, and uncomfortable. Why? That’s not the way you generally do it. A similar feeling is experienced when a new safety rule or safety procedure is put in place. The first time or two you act in this new way, following the rule, it feels really odd. But, remember, it is just as good as the ‘other way’ and with time the discomfort will dissolve. Want 101 ISMAs? Check out ISMA (Involved Safety Meeting Activities—101Ways to Get Your People In Involved! at Matt’s website;
  9. 9. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE! 9 SPOT-M –(Safety Picture of the Month) “Watch your step!” Maybe the cones fell in the hole with the worker? This was on an incredibly busy sidewalk. Follow all rules ALL of the time and train all workers to follow too. Choose in favor of your safety! Send me your pics and if we use them in SMS you receive a free book! Send to
  10. 10. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE! 10 Tools for Pros! The Secrets to a $1,000 an Hour Work What Leaders Know about Spending Time and the Value it Brings… Matt Forck, CSP and JLW Have you noticed the huge disparity in some hourly rates or wages? Minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. A skilled craft worker (pipefitter, electrician) might earn four times that amount, around $30 per hour. But an attorney, senior manager or consultant might charge $500 per hour - - nearly 70 times the minimum wage! I recently heard of a life coach who was charging business executives a cool $1,000 per hour and was booked solid! So, why do some people earn ten bucks an hour while others charge hundreds of dollars per hour? It is simply about the value he or she brings to an organization and skill set that the professional has developed over time. But here is the key for all of us; we can learn at least some of the secrets of $1,000 per hour work and apply them to what we do day in and day out. And, in so doing, change the true value we bring to our teams and the companies in which we work. About Safety - - I’d say the concept of ‘ten dollar an hour work versus five hundred dollar an hour work’ is very applicable to safety professionals and to those who manage safety sensitive work (first line supervisors, managers and directors). In safety, the ‘hard’ stuff is easy. The hard stuff are things we can feel, touch and put our hands on like the safety rules, procedure book or OSHA regulations. But, the ‘soft’ stuff is hard. The ‘soft’ stuff is coaching and feedback, work observations, effective communication. Working on the soft stuff is five hundred dollar an hour work. Safety sensitive environments are rich with these opportunities. Here, five hundred dollar an hour work can drastically change the results. Why transition to five hundred dollar per hour work? Decades ago in Paris, legend holds that a lady was walking through the streets shopping when she noticed a painter who was set up and painting on a street corner. The lady walked over and interrupted the man’s work to ask if he would paint her. Without much discussion he stopped his work, pulled out a new canvass and went immediately to work. Within a few minutes he handed her the painting. It was beautiful, exquisite. Pleased with the work, she asked what she needed to pay for the painting. He replied five hundred dollars. Shocked, the lady said, “Well, sir, it only took you a few minutes.” To which the painter replied, “No, that has taken an entire lifetime.” The painter was Pablo Picasso. Think in terms of Blue Chips! Often, if I am conducting a full day or multi day seminar, I will end the session with the blue chip activity. Two participants will stand with their backs to a table as the rest of the participants gather around to cheer on these two volunteers. When I say the
  11. 11. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE! 11 word, they will turn and begin to pick up discs. After about ten seconds I will yell stop. What generally happens is that the participants will turn around and immediate start picking up chips, the ones that are closest to them. What they fail to realize is that there are three different color chips, white, red and blue. When they turn around, the white chips are right in front of them and there are lots of white chips, so they focus their entire time picking out these chips. What they don’t realize is that white chips have a value of one, red chips have a value of ten while blue chips have a value of 500! In a recent session, I asked a participant why he didn’t pick up blue chips, he said, “I didn’t even see blue chips!” He was totally focused just on those chips immediately in front of him. Each day supervisors and middle managers are pulled in a dozen different directions. An entire day can be largely spent putting out ‘the fire of the hour’ only to move to the next fire, then the next (picking up the chips that is closest to them). Or, if one is not putting out fires you are likely trying to get caught up on the scores of paper work, phone calls or emails. In both cases, this is the work that is closest to them, white and red chips. All of your work is important, or you wouldn’t do it, but some work brings more results than other tasks. The first objective is to understand what is ten dollar an hour and what is five hundred dollar an hour, or a blue chip. Once we have that understanding and can see blue chips in our work day, we simply do more of the five hundred dollar per hour work. Doing this over the next few years will bring you added skills…and value to your organization. Beyond Coaching Rules - - A recent study entitled The Peer Principle by Bloomberg Businessweek published in May 2010 stated, “In the area of safety, our study found that 93% of employees say they see urgent risks to life and limb, and yet less than one-fourth of those who see concerns speak up about them. Rather, they wait for bosses or others to take action.” Researchers compared organizations with average safety performance to organizations with exceptional safety performance. At first, they could not find a difference. But after thousands of interviews with managers and first line supervisors, they found some eye opening information. In the end, researchers found that accountability was the key element to outstanding safety performance. But, it wasn’t supervisors holding workers accountable that propelled organizations to the next level. Instead, it was workers holding each other accountable. “Remarkably, cultures of accountability had little to do with bosses. Rather, it was all about peers.” Organizations with cultures of peers coaching peers found remarkable success - - and not just in safety. “Those supervisors and managers with the strongest safety records were five times more likely to be ranked in the top 20% of their peers in every other area of performance. They were 500% more likely to be stars in productivity and efficiency and employee satisfaction and quality, etc.” Today, most organizations have observation programs where supervisors watch employee work and offer coaching. Yet, these are too often limited to easy stuff…the rules. While the safety rules need to be observed and discussed, so do more important elements like peer to peer accountability, job planning, job leadership, job communication. These are harder to grade but
  12. 12. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE! 12 if you want to move your organization to the next level, and work toward five hundred dollar an hour work, take this step. Train, do not Educate - - To educate simply means that you give a person information. Training means that you give information with the expectation that a new behavior results. Five hundred dollar an hour work means that one sets up training programs (change behavior) instead of education programs. Years ago, when I was a safety professional supporting nearly 400 linemen, substation technicians and natural gas pipefitters/equipment operators in out-state Missouri, we determined that one of the contributing factors to a number of injuries was poor job planning. In the electric utility industry, OSHA demands a plan before any work begins and mandates a five step process to job planning. In coordination with others, we put together a top notch interactive program, and then delivered it. About three months later I was back in front of a group I had trained just 90 days earlier but they didn’t know the information. They were not using it day in and day out for job planning. I had educated…not trained. Virginia Tech Professor and noted safety professional Dr. E. Scott Geller says it this way, “Training requires coaching which means C for Care, O for Observe, A for Analyze, C for Communicate, and H for Help. This requires observation of behavior and appropriate delivery of corrective and supportive feedback.” Five hundred dollar an hour work means that processes are set up to ensure a change in behavior after training…or as Dr. Geller says, COACH. Elevate Organizational Energy - - The sad truth is that I have been to some funerals that had more positive energy than safety meetings. Safety meetings are just one example of a task that all too often is simply a ‘check the box’ activity. Energy is a key to results, positive or negative. Think about your own life. When your energy is low, the quality of your decisions is lower than if you are feeling good and energy is high. When energy is low, you are less tolerant, coach less and offer less feedback compared to when your energy is high. Five hundred dollar an hour work includes evaluating your team’s or the organization’s energy and finding ways to move that energy to higher levels. Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz in their groundbreaking book entitled The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal said the following. Keep these quotes in mind as you energize your team! “Energy, not time, is the fundamental currency of high performance. Performance, health and happiness are grounded in the skillful management of energy.” And, “Leaders are the stewards of organizational energy!”
  13. 13. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE! 13 Communication/Aligning arrows - - I think communication can best be discussed through a picture. Think of your organization (or team) as a big arrow. Your job is to move that big arrow (team) toward a goal. Whether it is a seemingly simple goal like, complete this one task without injury or incident, or a larger goal like eliminating soft tissue injuries, your job is to move them there. But, a team is not comprised of a big arrow, it is made up of people. In our illustration, people are represented by smaller arrows. You will notice not all people are aligned around the goal. People do not align for a host of reasons including competing goals, lack of communication and lack of understanding about the goal. In short, this is ineffective communication and you likely will not reach the goal. Five hundred dollar an hour work is aligning goals through effective communication so that you will reach your goal. One secret to improved communication is this formula; Q (quality of proposal) x A (acceptance of the proposal) = R (results). In most cases, safety has been about the ‘Q’, the quality of the proposal (procedure or safety rule) equals R, the associated result. Each day we have a choice. Are we going to pick up white chips and red chips, or are we going to make sure that we spend more and more time each day with blue chips. If you do, someday your name may be added to the five hundred dollar an hour list. But more importantly, you will be setting safety within your team and organization on a new path for success. The money is nice…but safety is a reward that saves lives! Matt Forck, CSP and JLW, is a keynote speaker supporting clients in over ten countries; assisting in key areas of worker safety, leadership, accountability and cultural improvement. You can learn more about Matt and sign up for his free safety materials through his website, You can follow Matt on Twitter @safestrat. References; The Peer Principle, Bloomberg Businessweek - -The Influential Leader May 2010