Holden's pov first day of hs


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Holden's pov first day of hs

  1. 1. Safe Sangthongsuk November 23, 2008 English 10 First Day of High School I didn’t wake up in a very good mood because it’s the first day of High School and to tell you the truth, I’m very nervous. I remembered my first day in Middle School didn’t turn out so good because I was late to every one of my classes because I couldn’t open my goddamn locker. All my teachers were so phony because they were so nice on the first day and the next thing you know, they’re shouting at you because you didn’t turn something in. I was ready in about 15 minutes so I was just horsing around in the kitchen. I took out the leftover steak from last night; it was hard as hell so I decided to eat cereal with milk. I got out of the house as soon as I was done because I didn’t want my mom to find out that I didn’t take the sandwich she made. If she found out I didn’t take my lunch, she would get a hemorrhage. When I got out of the house, I walked into Karl who was this biggest bastard I’ve ever met in my life. He’s this hot-shot bastard that thinks he’s good at every sport and thinks that all the girls at school think he’s cool and everything. “Holden!” He shouted across the street. I wasn’t in the mood to shoot the bull with him so I pretended that I didn’t hear him. He shouted my name a couple of times but then he gave up. To tell you the truth, I should have walked with Karl to school because I was early and for Chrissake, I didn’t know where to go. I took out the schedule I got last week but the goddamn schedule didn’t say anything about where to go. Luckily, I walked into Mal who I knew from last year in Middle School. “Hey Mal!” I sounded very excited. “Holden” He said. “Ya know where to go?” I asked him.
  2. 2. “I think we oughta go to the community group or somethin’, mine is Mr. Spencer in room 210” He said. This was one thing I like about Mal, he always knows what to do. Last year, I got to know him very well because I was in a lot of his classes. I would just sit in class and find my mind thinking about other things. So I always asked him about homework. “How do you know who your community group is?” I asked him. “It oughta be on the schedule, did ya look on your schedule yet?” I looked down at my schedule, “Mine is Mr. Spencer too, Lets go look for this goddamn community group”. The first day of high school went better than I thought to tell you the truth. It was sad though because the teachers are all phony, they kept saying “It’s okay, I won’t mark you late. It’s the first day”. I bet next week, they’re gonna give me hell if I go late to class.