Simple Road Safety Suggestions PowerPoint Presentation


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Simple Road Safety Suggestions PowerPoint Presentation

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Simple Road Safety Suggestions PowerPoint Presentation

  1. 1. Simple Suggestion # 1 Promote yellow color for containers, internationally.
  2. 2. Simple Suggestion # 1 Explanation :Dull colored container carriersare likely to cause crash whenparked near road side,especially under low lightconditions.
  3. 3. Simple Suggestion # 1This point has more relevance innon-developed countries wherelaw enforcement, parking andlighting conditions are verypoor.
  4. 4. Simple Suggestion # 1. Commonly seen, Bright colored, easilynon-bright containers visible containers
  5. 5. Simple Suggestion # 1.Governments all over the worldand Worldwide Containermanufacturers should decide tomanufacture the containers withyellow / orange color, in future.
  6. 6. Simple Suggestion # 2Black cycles should be discouraged or futureproduction of black and dark cycles should be banned.
  7. 7. Simple Suggestion # 2 Explanation :Black colored cycles are more likelyto be involved in accidents, whenused under low light conditions orwhen used by immature children.
  8. 8. Simple Suggestion # 2Drunkard / careless / unawarecyclists who enter the main roadsuddenly can cause accidents.Some of these accidents could beaverted, if the color of the cyclewere yellow or other easily visibleshade.
  9. 9. Simple Suggestion # 2 An Idea can save your child !Buy only Yellow Cycles for children Never buy black / dark Cycles
  10. 10. Simple Suggestion # 3 Black vehicles, especially cars and motor cycles should be discouraged or future production of blackvehicles should be banned.
  11. 11. Simple Suggestion # 3 Explanation No. 1:Black vehicles are more likely tobe involved in accidentsbecause of its low visibility.
  12. 12. Simple Suggestion # 3According to the Vehicle ColourStudy by Monash UniversityAccident Research Centre of white cars areMelbourne,most visible and least likely tobe involved in an accident.( Source: )
  13. 13. Simple Suggestion # 3 As per the study, Black cars have a 12 % higher crash risk than white cars.Grey cars are 11 % more risky.Silver cars are 10 % more risky.
  14. 14. Simple Suggestion # 3 Explanation No. 2:Black vehicles consume morefuel to maintain the airconditioner cooling, as blackcolor absorb more heat fromatmosphere.
  15. 15. Simple Suggestion # 3Just imagine the amount of fuel thatcan be saved, globally or in Indiaalone by discouraging blackvehicles.The total annual savings for thecountry is going to be enormous.
  16. 16. Simple Suggestion # 3Say “NO” to Black Cars.
  17. 17. Simple Suggestion # 3An idea can save your family !Prefer bright color for CarsNever buy black / dark Cars
  18. 18. Simple Suggestion # 4Dangerous TV visual advertisements by motor vehiclecompanies should be banned.
  19. 19. Simple Suggestion # 4Dangerous advertisements by motor vehicles companies
  20. 20. Simple Suggestion # 4 Explanation:Youngsters are likely to imitate thedangerous riding / drivingperformed by experts.Statutory warnings will not help.
  21. 21. Unsafe Stunt
  22. 22. Simple Suggestion # 4Such advertisements will result inirreparable character formationregarding riding and driving in kidsand children.Such children may cause accidentsin future.
  23. 23. Simple Suggestion # 5 Promote bright colored dress for Children.Dark / dull colors should not be the prominent shade of school uniforms.
  24. 24. Simple Suggestion # 5Avoid dark dresses Prefer bright dresses
  25. 25. Simple Suggestion # 5Dark School Uniform Bright School Uniform
  26. 26. Simple Suggestion # 5Explanation: Bright color ofdress can help to avert manyaccidents under low lightconditions, when trying to crossthe road, while cycling, whilewalking on the roads withoutfootpath etc.
  27. 27. Road Accident Statistics More than 1.2 million people are killed in Road Accidents, worldwide , every year.3 to 4 % of Gross National Product Is lost in Road Accidents.
  28. 28. Road Accident Statistics 1,14,590 people were killed in INDIA in Road Accidents during the year 2007. Our small state of Kerala accounted for 3802 deaths in 2007. ( Source : National Crime Records Bureau of India)
  29. 29. Road Accident Statistics One child is killed in Road Accidents, every three minutes in the World.
  30. 30. Road Accident Statistics Total worldwide death toll of Tsunami of 2004 was about 2,30,000. But, the annual death toll of Road Accidents is 12,00,000 !!! i.e. more than toll. five times the Tsunami toll