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Simple Road Safety Suggestions document


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Simple Road Safety Suggestions document

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Simple Road Safety Suggestions document

  1. 1. Simple Road Safety SuggestionsFive numbers of simple, zero cost and easily implementable roadsafety suggestions are listed below. The suggestions are capable of saving thousands of lives, every year. should cycles. 1. Black color should not be used for cycles.Black colored cycles are more likely to be involved in accidents, especially whenused under low light conditions or when used by immature children. Drunkard,careless, safety unaware cyclists who enter the main road suddenly can causeaccidents.Some of these accidents could be averted, if the color of the cycle were yellow orother easily visible shade. Default color for cycles should be changed toyellow. Public should be educated about this point.Cycle manufacturers should be asked to stop producing black and dark cycles.There is nothing to lose for the cycle manufacturers. Yellow or other bright coloredcycles can be produced instead.
  2. 2. 2. TV Commercials involving dangerous driving should be banned.Advertisements by automobile companies involving scenes of dangerous and riskyriding or driving should be banned. Youngsters are likely to imitate the same. Smallkids watching such advertisements may decide “I will also do like this when I growup” and they will do this for sure when they grow up.Statutory warnings will not help. It may be noted that small kids cannot read suchwarning and none of the parents are likely to explain the statutory warning to thechildren.Such advertisements will result in irreparable character formation regarding ridingand driving in kids and young children. Such children may cause accidents infuture. Following link is an excellent example of such advertisements. link can be easily accessed by searching using the key word bajaj pulsaradvertisement at
  3. 3. 3. Black cars and black two wheelers also should be discouraged.Black vehicles are more likely to be involved in accidents becauseof its low visibility. According to the study by Monash UniversityAccident Research Centre of Melbourne, white cars are mostvisible and least likely to be involved in an accident.Also, black vehicles consume more fuel, to maintain the airconditioner cooling, as black color absorbs more heat fromatmosphere.Hence black vehicles, especially cars and motor cycles should bediscouraged by educating people about the higher crash risk andhigher fuel consumption.If future production of black vehicle can be banned, it will be ideal. vehicle ideal.
  4. 4. containers. 4. Use bright color for containers.The color of most of the Containers is very dull. Hence containercarriers are likely to cause crash when parked near road side,especially under low light conditions. This point has morerelevance in under developed / developing nations where lawenforcement, parking and lighting conditions are poor comparedto developed nations. Yellow or bright color should be promotedfor containers, internationally.Government of India should take initiative to reach a consensus onthis among container manufacturers of the world.
  5. 5. children. 5. Use bright colored uniform for school children.This point is also more relevant in under developed nations. Brightcolored dresses should be promoted for children. Dark and dullcolors should not be the prominent shade of school uniforms.All schools should be asked to change to bright colored uniform asearly as possible. This should be implemented slowly with a noticeof one or two years, without causing any financial burden for theparents. Public also should be educated not to use dark shadesfor dresses.In India, more than 10 crore school children are walking on thebusy footpath-less roads with two way traffic and crossing the footpath-busy roads, everyday mostly without the attention of parents. , everyday,A decision to implement bright colored uniform / dress will help toavert accidentsavert many road accidents, and help to save many LIVES,EVERYDAY!!!.EVERYDAY!!!