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Hs 1160 webinar


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Hs 1160 webinar

  1. 1. Indiana HB 1160 &SB 160
  2. 2. Definition of Bills
  3. 3. Definition of “National Criminal History Background Check…”IC 10-13-3-12"National criminal history background check"Sec. 12. As used in this chapter, "national criminal historybackground check" means the criminal history record systemmaintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation based onfingerprint identification or any other method of positiveidentification.As added by P.L.2-2003, SEC.4.
  4. 4. Fingerprints vs. Name-BasedBackground Checks Fingerprints driving decision Fingerprints vs. E-Verify Fingerprints not absolute E-Verify verifies ID through SSA and DHS
  5. 5. Background Check Through State Filters against 20+ felony crimes Crimes not included:  DUI  Theft  Possession of drugs (meth, cocaine, etc) Does NOT provide a crim history to compare against application Does NOT contain arrests
  6. 6. IC 20-28-5-8(c)Disqualifying Offense
  7. 7. State vs Private Vendor Search of Indiana State Repository & FBI SHS:  Multiple checks and balances because no database complete  SSN Verification  National Criminal Database  National Sex Offender  County Criminal Searches  Federal Courts  Indiana Participating Courts  E-Verify  ALL records verified with court of record
  8. 8. CostState $45SHS $28
  9. 9. Solution Contact Bill Sponsors via email and letter Contact your representative and senatorEmail us at for legislative contact informationOr Call: 888-215-8296 and ask for Mike, DJ or Brigitt