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2011 Esh Action Plan


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A sanitized version of an Environmental, Safety & Health Action Plan

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2011 Esh Action Plan

  1. 1. 2011 ES&H Action Plan ~ Triumph Nashville, TN ~ Triumph Nashville Injury Data 2006 – 2010 Actuals & 2011 Goals 7 6.6 6 5.3 5 4.9 4.3 4 3.9 3.6 3.4 3.3 3 2.9 3.0 2.4 2 1 1.2 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) Days Away Restricted Transferred Rate (DART) 2010 Recordable Injuries - by Type of Injury 2, 6% 7, 19% 10, 28% 9, 25% 8, 22% Reaction Laceration Slip/Trip/Fall n=36 Strain Struck ByIn 2010 Triumph Nashville experienced 36 OSHA recordable injuries and worked1,680,000 hours resulting in a Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) of 4.3.In 2011 our objective is to reduce our injuries by at least twenty percent whichtranslates to 28 injuries and a TRIR of 3.4.This ES&H Action Plan has been developed to achieve our 2011 injury reductiontarget objectives. The plan consists of the following elements: 1. Training 2. Rewards & Recognition 3. Procedures 4. Teams 1
  2. 2. 5. Inspections 6. Investigations 7. Medical 8. Emergency Response 9. Industrial Hygiene Sampling 10. Environmental1. TrainingMonthly Safety Alerts will be published in accordance with the following matrix bythe ES&H Manager and distributed to department heads. Further distribution willbe made by department heads to their direct reports who will use the ES&H Alertas an aid to facilitate communication of facility requirements to team members atteam meetings. Employees will sign attendance sheets and supervisors willroute completed sign-in sheets to their department head who will routecompleted sheets to the ES&H Manager. The ES&H Manager will reportcompletion rates at monthly ES&H Steering Committee Meetings.In addition to the above training modules, a slip/trip/fall prevention campaign willbe launched 1Q11.2. Rewards & RecognitionThe ES&H Manager will distribute to department heads weekly updates of thedays without an injury and summarize the YTD injury experience. Thesecommunications are to be posted on communication boards.The ES&H Monitor Teams will establish plant-wide recognition targets forachieving pre-determined milestones without a recordable injury. When thosemilestones are achieved, the facility will be given an award to recognize thatachievement. 2
  3. 3. ES&H Monitor Team T-Shirts. Each ES&H Monitor Team member will bepresented with a shirt to recognize their participation as an ES&H Monitor TeamMember.Individual employee recognition letters signed by the General Manager will bemailed to employee’s homes who have achieved five year anniversaries withouta recordable injury.3. ProceduresReview and UpdatesFacility ES&H Procedures will be reviewed by ES&H Team members and unionsafety committee representatives to ensure they meet or exceed regulatorycompliance requirements and are consistent with practices in place. Theserevised / update procedures will be used as input for the monthly ES&H Alertsdistributed to supervisors who will use the material during their team meetings.4. TeamsES&H Team members have been assigned to serve as a resource on eachES&H Monitor Team and have a 90% attendance objective for participation intheir respective ES&H Monitor Teams. The following team assignments havebeen made:Ted Wilkinson – Bond ShipBrian Patton – GIVTodd Chynoweth – Machine ShopKC Chapman – AirbusDerrell Bowden – C130Barbara Chapman – 2nd Shift 3
  4. 4. ES&H Monitor Team business will be summarized on common spreadsheettracking system and communicated at monthly ES&H Steering CommitteeMeeting.5. InspectionsWeekly inspection with union committee – Each Monday 1:30 – 3:30Supervisor safety observationsValidation audits with department heads and ES&H ManagerEmergency equipment audits – monthly – AEDs, Fire Extinguishers.Monthly EH&S inspection - monthly6. Investigations 1. Formal injury investigations will be conducted for each medical treatment or more severe injury. The following will participate in the investigation: The injured employee, the employee’s supervisor, the employee’s department head, the department union safety representative and safety monitor representative and an ES&H Team member. 2. Results of investigations will be communicated to facility through the chain of command. 3. A team consisting of the injured employee, their department head, supervisor and union representative will present the investigation findings at the next ES&H Steering Committee Meeting. 4. Pre-startup reviews – Prior to new and rearranged processes, a pre startup review inspection will be conducted in accordance with established procedures. 5. Decommissioning inspections – Prior to decommissioning and scrapping equipment, an environmental review of the equipment will be conducted in accordance with established procedures to verify there are no potential contaminants or pollutants in the equipment.7. Medical As part of the conservative treatment protocol for soft tissue injuries, ergonomic assessment of work stations will be conducted by Health Unit personnel. Those assessments will include recommendations to reduce ergonomic stressors and a tracking mechanism to follow those recommendations through to completion. Injury Management – Conservative treatment of soft tissue injuries with symptoms of pain and pain alone will continue are key to achieving our TRIR and DART objectives. A conservative treatment protocol is in place for soft tissue injuries and will be managed by the on-site occupational physician’s assistant. 4
  5. 5. Historical first responder, CPR and AED training will be reviewed to determine the number of active employees trained on each shift. Initial and refresher training will be completed in 2011 to ensure adequate numbers of first responders are trained on each shift. Appropriate first responder drills will be conducted to ensure their skill level remains fresh.8. Emergency ResponseIn 2011 the following plant-wide emergency drills and critiques will be conducted:1). A shelter in place drill and post-drill critique – April 2011 and2). An emergency evacuation drill and post-drill critique – October 2011.3). Quarterly first responder drills – March, June, September December 20119. Industrial Hygiene Sampling MatrixThe following industrial hygiene sampling matrix has been developed to formalizeindustrial hygiene sampling plans.10. EnvironmentalIn addition to regulatory compliance and reporting activities, the following twoenvironmental initiatives will be implemented in 2011.ISO 14001 CertificationCertification Implementation Schedule Environmental Management Review Follow-up Review - 2/15/11 Audit Training – 3/11/11 Gap Identification Documents Developed or Revised – 4/30/11 Employee Training Material Developed – 5/30/11 Employee Training Delivered – 8/30/11 Internal Audit – 9/16/11 Stage 1 Audit – 10/14/11 Certification – 11/18/11 5
  6. 6. Cardboard RecyclingImplementation Schedule Process map complete – 3/1/11 Compactor in place – 3/30/11 Employee training material developed – 4/15/11 Employee training delivered – 4/30/11 Cardboard recycling in place – 5/01/11 6