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Evaluation question 1

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Evaluation question 1

  2. 2.  For this question I am going to compare my magazine created to another established and published magazine, to show that I followed the codes and conventions of a music magazine. In creating my magazine I chose a ‘VIBE’ magazine as it was the same genre as mine and is well established.
  3. 3. COMPARING MY FRONT COVER From looking at my magazine you can see that I have incorporated a bold title that is like the vibe magazines positioned on the right. The font of my magazines masthead similarly follows the same block capitals as the vibe magazine, making it stand out and attract my target audience. In addition the use of my cover lines shows that I am following the codes and conventions of a specific kind of magazine. I included my cover lines in order to attract the likes of my target audience. This was through the use of Perpetua titling font, showing it to be clear, bold and still look realistically like a music magazine.
  4. 4. COMPARING MY FRONT COVER The use of my record positioned behind my barcode was used to show the difference in my magazines compared to the rest. Also enforcing the theme of ‘retro-styled’ RnB music magazine, that would immediately attract to my target audience. Another way I have stuck to the codes and conventions of a music magazine is due to my barcode, issue line, date line and price of the magazine. This is also displayed on the vibe magazines. The image of my protagonist follows a medium close- up shot and is looking directly into the camera to engage with the target audience. All magazine models are posed and are looked at from an angle.
  5. 5. COMPARING MY FRONT COVER For this I have used a selling line of ‘Greatest’, including the word ‘RnB’ indicating the genre of the magazine. I used different colours for the font, showing diversity and also so I could remain keeping the target audience engaged. The left thirds main cover line was done in red and black, also at a large scale. This was done to show the target audience this was the main article within the magazine.
  6. 6. COLOUR SCHEME  As my magazine is RnB of genre, I used black as my main background colour. I chose white and red as my supporting colours because they are also widely used for RnB magazines, which is similarly like the two vibe magazines. Additionally I have chose these colours as they will be versatile to both genders. These colours are associated with my aimed target audience of 18-21, as these colours are widely used in their material possessions and clothing.
  7. 7. COMPARING MY CONTENTS PAGE For the contents page of my music magazine I followed the codes and conventions of an official contents page. This included features of an editor’s note, establishment of the features of this month and features of every month and a clear title. I allocated numbers on contents to show my target audience where to find the certain features, that they be more eager to read. My masthead follows block capitals and has a black header behind it to make It stand out. This is the same design that my front cover masthead had, which shows consistency, showing to my target audience it is the same magazine.
  8. 8. COMPARING MY CONTENTS PAGE For my contents page I would consider it not having a main image, this is due to all the Images being roughly the same size. However I used a medium-close up shot and long shot to display the models. I used the image of a model singing as I wanted it to still be in the theme of music. I also used the image of the model with the record as I also wanted the record to stay consistent throughout all pages that ‘Lana Mosely’ was in. My colour scheme stayed consistent throughout my contents page, as the fonts and shapes all remained the same colours. For the headings of certain features I used block shapes to define and make them stand out. In having these different coloured fonts and shapes made the splitting up of the magazine easier for my target audience to read.
  9. 9. COMPARING MY CONTENTS PAGE I used an editors note for my contents like one of my exemplars. I thought this would be good for the contents page because it makes the magazine more inclusive of the target audience, as it displays a note specially directed to them.
  10. 10. COMPARING MY DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD For my double page spread I used the template and idea of the Alexandrea Burke interview, as her interview was similar to my storyline of a winner of a singing competition. My quotation was meant to be taken from Lana Mosley summarising the painful background she has come from, before she had come to fame. I made the main image keep the prop of the record for the double page spread, to show the magazines consistency of music representation. I have also used codes and conventions by using a drop capital to start of my opening line of the interview. I used another image of my artist to show variation, like the exemplar double page spread.