Your Food Hygiene Rating on Every Smartphone with new FSA App


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Now your Food Hygiene Rating is available on every Smartphone with new FSA (Food Standards Agency App). Your potential customers will be able to view you in comparison to your competitors.

If you have a low rating it will make customers think twice so we have a solution! We offer food hygiene training that will make sure that you and your staff have all the relevant knowledge needed to bring your business to the highest standards.

For more information please call: 0121 707 0550 or e-mail: or visit:

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Your Food Hygiene Rating on Every Smartphone with new FSA App

  1. 1. Your Food Hygiene Rating on Every Smartphone: Food Hygiene Ratings on FSA Smartphone App
  2. 2. Are you proud of your businesses food hygiene rating? If not, you want to be! The Food Standards Agency have launched a new mobile app, available on android, iPhone and Windows 8. Users just download the app, type in the name of your restaurant and the food hygiene rating appears. Your Food hygiene rating on every smartphone...
  3. 3. If you run a restaurant, pub, or any catering or hospitality business which serves food, you need to be aware of your food hygiene rating, and you need to be thinking about how you can ensure it stays high; because with this information available to customers at the click of a button, wherever they are – they could be choosing between you and your competitors while standing in front of your restaurant. Your Food hygiene rating on every smartphone...
  4. 4. In order to improve food hygiene and food safety in your business, there are two key areas you need to focus on, firstly, process and secondly food hygiene training. The process element, comes down to ensuring that you have stringent and thorough food safety processes in your business. The staff and managers need to know these processes inside out and to follow them carefully. How do I improve my food hygiene rating?
  5. 5. Food hygiene training though can make the real difference between these processes being paid lip service to, or being followed and being given the attention they deserve. In another blog, we talk in more detail about four C’s of food hygiene and food safety, but a key element of this is the confidence that the food hygiene inspectors have in your team. That confidence will come from having a well-trained team who understand the importance of food hygiene to your customers and your business. How do I improve my food hygiene rating?
  6. 6. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) want customers to choose based on a restaurants food hygiene, and they are so serious they’re giving customers the opportunity to evaluate your food hygiene rating wherever they are. Make sure they choose you! How do I improve my food hygiene rating?
  7. 7. For more information: Visit: Call: 0121 707 0550 E-mail: Need More Information?…