Questions to ask before taking on an Apprentice - Need an apprentice?


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Questions to ask before taking on an Apprentice - The benefits of running an Apprenticeship schemes will help you to ask the questions to yourself and others that need to be asked before taking on an apprentice. The power-point includes useful tips and hints and will help you gain an all round understanding of the apprenticeship program and how it affects employers.

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Questions to ask before taking on an Apprentice - Need an apprentice?

  1. 1. Questions to ask before taking on an Apprentice(s)
  2. 2. “Before taking on an Apprentice there are a few questions you need to take into consideration, so that you can get the best out of hosting an Apprenticeship scheme.” Read our top tips on questions to ask! >>>
  3. 3. “Have you identified where there are skill gaps in your work-force?” …If you know where these skills gaps are, you can ask the recruitment team to meet your specific needs, rather than an offthe-shelf course. This will give you the specialised staff member(s) that you need and the Apprentice(s) will gain a better understanding of what you want from them.
  4. 4. “Why do you need an Apprentice(s)?” What does your employee needs to be able to do by the end of the course? i.e. Do you want to have a member of staff with a specific qualification or a level of skill?
  5. 5. “What do you want your Apprentice(s) to achieve?” In what timescale do you want your employee to complete the training? Have you considered what your employee is realistically capable of achieving? Knowing these things will help you to find the best candidate.
  6. 6. “You may get better results by describing the job you would want an Apprentice to do & then asking the recruiter how they will work with this.” - This works better than asking for a specific course because it is more tailor-fitted to what your organisation needs.
  7. 7. “What support will you or the Apprentice(s) Line Manager provide during training?” What advice, guidance, support and information will be available? How will you ask whether he or she is coping with the course at review periods? Are they attending and achieving? Are they reaching their learning targets? Do you have the time?
  8. 8. “Will you offer financial support?” …With course fees, the cost of materials or transport All Apprentices are entitled to the National Minimum Wage for Apprenticeship, however it is great to offer your Apprentice a better package then your competitors,. Whether this is a better pay packet, commission and/or expenses paid.
  9. 9. Do you need advice on what courses or types of training will be most beneficial to your organisation? - The Sector Skills Council have created a picture of the training that will best equip staff in particular sectors. Further questions to help you identify what your training needs are and how to meet them are available on the Business Link website -
  10. 10. “Once you have answered these questions you will be in a better position to approach Apprenticeship Recruitment Agencies & get the support you need!”
  11. 11. For more information E-mail: Call: 0800 995 0870 or 0121 707 0550 Visit: Follow: #Pathwaygroup