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Pera Technology - Innovation and Research and Development Support


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Contact Safaraz Ali Principal Director of Pathway Group, the Licensed Operator for Pera Technology.
When it comes to understanding and sourcing funding from national and European grants bodies, Pera Technology has proved itself to be one of Europe's most successful grant support organisation and intermediaries.

It's a question of knowing what is available in the first place… and then how best to access the pot. But this is easier said than done; it requires skill, experience and ability. Fortunately, Pera Technology's highly practised team of writers and grant specialists have just what it takes.

Grant funding isn't for everyone. With it comes requirements and time scales that may just not be right for your business. So let Pera Technology listen to your needs and we will give an overview of public grant funding options – be they regional, national or pan-european. We can explain what they are, where they are found, what it takes to be awarded £millions or €millions and what the funding bodies require from you.

Last year alone Pera Technology helped over a hundred companies to win over €150 million in grant funding.

Pera Technology doesn't just stop with writing the winning grant proposals though, we will also project manage the entire thing through to delivery of the end result, ensuring all things proceed to plan and meet all and any requirements of the funding body.

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Pera Technology - Innovation and Research and Development Support

  1. 1. A leading new product development contractor Innovation in action
  2. 2. Pera Technology builds on a rich legacy of supporting UK business which began in 1946. From our origins as a membership organisation, Pera Technology is now one of Europe’s most dynamic, successful and respected innovation companies.
  3. 3. Pera Technology Innovation in action Pera Technology is one of Europe’s leading new product development (NPD) contractors. We exist to make your innovation a profitable and successful venture for your business. We support you in creating the innovative new products that enable you to increase your sales and build a new competitive advantage. We assist in building the unique value chains that make innovation more efficient and productive. We bring innovation to life within your business, adding expertise and experience to enhance your NPD processes. Completely commercially focussed Bringing hard-won, real-world industry experience to your own market knowledge, we have an exceptional reputation for adding innovation expertise to all sizes of businesses in all sectors. Engage with Pera Technology, and you’ll find us to be hands-on, enthusiastic and very commercially-focussed. We never forget that the ultimate purpose of NPD is to make your business stronger, more secure and more profitable. Unique network of innovation expertise Creating game-changing new products requires particular levels of technical expertise. Through our two NPD services – leap® for SME businesses and reach® for enterprise companies – we share our innovation expertise with your business, backed by a unique European network of over 10,000 scientists, technologists and technical experts to bring innovation to life in exciting new ways. At the same time, we can make the innovation process simpler for your business by helping you secure EU funding and by supporting you with project management teams selected for their experience of your sector and market. A leading new product development contractor
  4. 4. Proven multi-disciplinary innovation processes Pera Technology delivers certainty into your innovation process. We will get the right product developed, by the right people, in the right way. Our areas of expertise include: Informatics • Artificial intelligence • Database design and development • Web development • Control systems software • PDA/smart phone software development • Embedded software development • Desktop application • Web services • C #/ASP.Net/HTML/ Javascript • C/C ++ • Java • SQL Server/MySQL/Oracle/ Access • LabView • Visual Studio • MatLab Chemistry and Biotechnology • Molecular design and discovery • Sustainable chemistry • Physical chemistry • Colloid chemistry • Polymer science • Engineering of different chemical processes • Scale up, design and feasibility of chemical and biotechnology processes • Nanotechnology • Production of biofuels including bioethanol and biodiesel • Bioprocession technologies • Biomaterials • Biocatalysis • Fermentation technologies Advanced Materials and Processes • Polymer processing • High temperature adhesives and coatings • Superconductivity and magnetic materials • Thermoplastics • Ceramics • Biomaterials • Nano-coatings • Extrusion • Hand lamination. RTM, RIM, Vacuum Infusion, Autoclave • Reverse engineering   • Polymer materials • Polymer processes • Polyolefin materials • Pultrusion • Injection and compression moulding innovation is seeing what everyone has seen, and thinking what nobody has thought Pera Technology Innovation in action
  5. 5. Idea creation The more innovative concepts you can explore, the more desirable products will be revealed. Our idea creation and innovation support is unrivalled in the UK. Efficient project management Nothing is left to chance. We harness the required talent. We form a winning team. Managed by integrated and empathetic managers, your project will move forward ceaselessly to its inevitable and successful conclusion. A great product Here, life is given to your vision. Prototyping and small scale manufacturing make your product real. Pera Technology does not focus on theory. Instead we help you produce the exciting new products your customers will love. Electronic and Electrical Engineering • Analogue and digital electronics • Multi-layer PCB design • Wireless communication • Energy harvesting • Analogue electronics • Embedded control systems          • Programmable logic development (FPGA, CPLD, VHDL) • Digital signal processing • Firmware design and development using assembly language and C • Obsolescent component re-design • Cost reduction re-design • Instrumentation • Microprocessors • Opto-electronics and photonics              • Small quantity prototype production                    • Power harvesting and low power design • Circuit simulation and optimisation                          • Wireless and wired communication • System design and verification • Sensor interface design • Design for regulatory approvals • RD programmes • Independent verification testing Physics, Modelling and Mathematics • CAE analysis • FEA structural/component development • Aerodynamics • Thermodynamic modelling • Hydrodynamical modelling • Designing and building prototypes • Microwave and RF • Modelling: applicator/ antenna design • Theoretical model development • Process development • Equipment design, build and optimisation • Measurement capability – dielectric, gain, transmission loss • Process modelling • Biological/chemical • Diffusion • Process/system development • Power electronics • Control algorithms • Data analysis/interpretation • Automated analysis Mechanical Engineering and Design • Structural analysis • Failure modes • Mechanical design • CAD design, modelling and FEM analysis using SolidWorks, Acusolve • Product design • Rapid prototyping • Engineering design • Process engineering • Systems engineering • Project management • Commissioning • Programme management • HS management • Engineering management • Senior management • Product design • Manufacturing • Materials and food processing • Maintenance, assembly and fitting • Skilled machinists • Mechanics of materials • Automation and control • Environmental technology • Energy • Robotics • Complex mechanics • Heat and energy transfer • Transport research • Composites • Impact absorbtion Project Management • APM (Association for Project Management) certified project managers • Project management and co-ordination, programme management • Creating terms of reference for projects, including requirements analyses • Administering RD projects • Advising clients on product commercialisation, intellectual property protection (including patenting) Pera Technology Innovation in action
  6. 6. Innovation for SME businesses leap® is Pera Technology’s new product development service for SMEs. We’ve helped hundreds of SMEs conceive, create and commercialise innovative new products, providing the expertise to fill knowledge gaps and securing the funding to make it all happen. With our unique support, SMEs throughout the UK have introduced hundreds of new products to create new sales, new profitability and new competitive advantages. NPD with leap® gives you everything you need to fully commercialise your innovations – without having to share equity or IP rights. Research Analysis Development Manufacture Supply Funding Our Innovation Workshop is an exercise in identifying a number of distinct technological approaches that can be pursued in support of your innovation. The workshop follows a structured approach, with contributions from a broad range of specialists. Pera Technology Innovation in action
  7. 7. Pera Technology Innovation in action
  8. 8. Innovation for enterprise companies reach® from Pera Technology has a proven track record for creating game changing new products and processes for enterprise companies of all sizes and in all industry sectors. reach® provides the expertise required to create a new, market disruptive product that delivers on your commercial objectives. Through our proven three stage process, you can create the impact you’re looking for. 1. Our vast and diverse talent network offers the knowledge to turn product ideas into product reality. 2. Our focussed team works together to run the project on time and on budget. If required, we can also point to a hugely successful strike rate on securing funding. 3. Following de-risking and feasibility analysis of your innovation, we’re ready for prototyping and market launch… and the rewards of your innovation. …the solution you are looking for is within reach® Pera Technology Innovation in action
  9. 9. Pera Technology Innovation in action
  10. 10. Further information To find out how Pera Technology can help you, please contact us at or on +44 (0)1664 501501 leap® For further information about our leap® offering for SMEs, please contact us at or on +44 (0)1664 501201 reach® For further information about our reach® offering for large enterprises, please contact us on +44 (0)1664 501501 Pera Technology Innovation in action
  11. 11. A leading new product development contractor Nottingham Road Melton Mowbray Leicestershire LE13 0PB United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0)1664 501501 Email: