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Attracting the Best Young People - The Apprenticeship Scheme


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Attracting the Best Young People - The Apprenticeship Scheme tells employers how they can attract the best talent and should consider running an Apprenticeship Scheme.

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Attracting the Best Young People - The Apprenticeship Scheme

  1. 1. Attracting the Best Young People: The Apprenticeship Scheme?
  2. 2. In many businesses, the graduate training programme has been a long held & well delivered scheme for graduates to enter the business & learn about the different elements of it by touching various departments & then find the role in the business that fits their skills the best.
  3. 3. This structure has been around for some time & is generally considered by both employers & graduates as an excellent method. In fact, graduates often seek out employees with these structured programmes rather than just a job, because they give them the best chance of success & career development.
  4. 4. The main reason for this change has been the significant increase in debt burden that graduates are expected to take, based upon increasing tuition fees. In addition to this & if we look at the market more widely, we can see that young people, businesses, educational establishments & the government are also placing higher importance on vocational qualifications.
  5. 5. So with more young people coming into businesses at an earlier age & through vocational qualifications such as Apprenticeships, are businesses putting in place the ‘Apprentice Training Schemes’ that will ensure that the young people they take on outside of their graduate recruitment, have the same chance of success?
  6. 6. Yes. While the scope of the training programme, how long it goes on for & what elements it covers may be different, an SME with a well laid out programme is going to stand out to talented local Apprentices & young people & can mean the at the quality of individual you employ increases. In addition, as a small business you may well be able to offer more ‘growth opportunities’ than in a bigger firm. Is this relevant to all businesses including SMEs?
  7. 7. In many ways, it would probably look similar to a graduate programme, although it may be longer & cover more breadth to ensure the placement is right. Here’s some key elements to consider: What could an apprentice training scheme look like?
  8. 8. 1. Different Paths The first thing to consider is the nature of your business and where the person is going. For example if you are a technical business, you may have a technical apprenticeship or a clerical apprenticeship (non- technical route). While it’s important young people see breadth, we want to make sure they are in an area which they are interested and skilled in.
  9. 9. 2. Multiple Departments/Roles Within the apprenticeship training programme the young person needs to see how different elements of the business work. Not just so they can understand the business, although this is key, but also so they & their mentors can assess their aptitude for different roles. Having a defined end role in mind could be damaging if the person simply doesn’t suit it. As in a graduate training programme, a sufficient amount of time needs to be spent in each department.
  10. 10. 3. Tutoring & Mentoring An Apprentice needs to have one person in the business that is going to guide them & work with them to progress. This person will oversee their progress & then take feedback & input from the appointed mentors within a specific department in order to evaluate progress & determine position suitability. During the time in any department a specific tutor or mentor needs to be appointed so they can ensure the person gets the best from that department.
  11. 11. 4. Job Training In order to succeed an apprentice is going to need specific training for the job they are doing, whether that’s marketing or mechanics, the individual will need a structured training programme.
  12. 12. 5. Life Training Where an Apprenticeship training programme might differ from a graduate one is the importance of considering their age and life experience. As many people who have been to university will say, their biggest learning curve has come from living away from home for the first time.
  13. 13. 5. Life Training Continued… Understanding that this experience hasn’t happened, consider things such as personal financial training or other life skills training. It may seem outside your responsibility, but a happy & settled young employee is going to be much more productive than one distracted by external factors.
  14. 14. 6. Reward & Recognition This is not unique to any training programme of job for that matter, but a clearly structure rewards & recognition programme that incentives the key behaviours you want to develop & the performance standards you expect as a business will only further help to drive an Apprentices performance forward.
  15. 15. Why would I do this? …Two key factors:
  16. 16. 1. Attracting the Best Staff As we mentioned at the outset, graduates are looking for the best training programmes to help their career develop. Apprentices and other young people are in the same boat. If you want the most talented young people, offering them more than just a job will make you stand out.
  17. 17. 2. The Success of Apprentices We hear many people say that Apprenticeship recruitment is cheap. And it can be in comparison to other techniques. However, it is only cost effective if the person succeeds. If you have a long line of people not achieving their potential, then irrelevant of where they have come from, this is expensive & time consuming
  18. 18. How Pathway Group can help you Pathway group work with businesses of all sizes to help make their recruitment successful. We believe in a consultative and on-going process, where we don’t just place employees & apprentices in your business, but by establishing a partnership, we ensure that the placed individual is a success. That process is different for all business.
  19. 19. If you’d like to find out about how we can help make your apprentices more successful, contact Pathway Group. Call: 0121 707 0550 E-mail: Visit: For more information