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Selling your domiciliary care business?


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Selling your domiciliary care business?

  1. 1. Are you looking to sell your Home Care (Domiciliary Care) business?
  2. 2. Or do you need help with your Home care business? Have you realised that this is possibly one of the most difficult businesses to run? Starting any business is difficult however we feel that a home care business is more difficult that most businesses. We are seeking care businesses looking to sell or that need help growing.
  3. 3. • We will Listen & Clarify • Open & Honest • Believe in Relationships • You will always get Respect, Dignity, Professionalism and Courtesy Why Talk to us? These are our Service Principals:
  4. 4. Seeking opportunities where:• Home Care (Domiciliary Care) companies for Sale (principals only) • Or are you looking to start a Dom Care business and seeking partner / investor? • Are you looking to start a Home Care franchise and need advise? • Are you focussed on building your Care business and need some help?
  5. 5. For help and support with your Care Business, please contact as below: Safaraz Ali (Saf) Twitter: @SafarazAli Text/Whatsapp on: 07974650751