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Apprenticeship Grant For Employers (age 16-24)


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The Apprenticeship Grant For Employers Flyer will explain why you should think about taking an apprentice on in your company, what benefits it will provide for both you and them and that you could receive a grant of £1,500 for taking them on. Businesses can claim for up to ten apprentices.

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Apprenticeship Grant For Employers (age 16-24)

  1. 1. Apprenticeship Grant for employers
  2. 2. You could receive a grant worth £1,500 The Apprenticeship Grant for Employers will award £1,500 to eligible businesses*, who commit to employing an apprentice, and who have not taken on an apprentice in the last 12 months. Priority will be given to businesses with less than 250 employees, however grants are available for those with up to 1,000 employees. The apprentice must be aged between 16 and 24, employed for a minimum of 30 hours per week and be paid the Apprenticeship Wage, of at least £2.65 per hour. If the apprentice is aged 19 or above and has completed the first year of their Apprenticeship programme, the employer must pay the apprentice the National Minimum Wage appropriate for their age group. Businesses can claim this grant for up to 10 apprentices. However, the employer must confirm at the beginning of the recruitment process, how many apprentices they are going to employ and when. Receiving the grant is easy... We will process the claim for you and you will receive one £1,500 grant payment when the apprentice has completed 13 weeks of the Apprenticeship programme. Employers who are interested in taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity should contact the Apprenticeship Recruitment Team now: Tel: 0121 707 0550 or Visit: