Frost & Sullivan Presentation: The Key to Marketing Success


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Frost & Sullivan Presentation: The Key to Marketing Success

  1. 1. Frost & SullivanMarketing Asset Management- The Key to Marketing Success
  2. 2. Understanding MarketingAsset Management• Marketing Asset Management (MAM) Marketing Asset Management Market Drivers enables the management of content Value Tangible Proposition throughout the lifecycle from creation HIGH Of MAM Interesting ROI Integration and acquisition to delivery. with Existing Global Branding Digitization Of Content Technology Compliance Ease of Deployment and use• Version control, creative collaboration, and role-based access ensures proper Market Drivers handling of content.• MAM systems have become a critical tool for the success of any marketing LOW Medium Term Short Term Long Term organization. In this chart there are numerous short-term and long- term drivers that are propelling these solutions• Integrating with and providing a collaborative workflow environment for creative teams.
  3. 3. The Value Proposition• Marketing departments are more interested than ever in solutions that streamline and raise efficiency and productivity through the marketing workflow.• Tangible proof ranging from the elimination of costs associated with lost or misplaced content to increased revenue through marketing asset and resource re-purposing demonstrates the benefits of MAM.• The value proposition from four broad perspectives: Cost Reduction, Workflow Optimization, Revenue Generation, and Brand and Marketing Message Consistency.
  4. 4. Cost Reduction• Cost savings on real estate• Cost savings on maintenance of physical repositories• Elimination of the cost of lost, misplaced, or redundant work SAVINGS• Cost savings on delivery 4
  5. 5. Workflow Optimization• Content discovery• Cycle time acceleration• Increased workflow collaboration• MAM facilitates a well indexed marketing asset repository 5
  6. 6. Workflow Optimization• MAM integrated through Web services ensures that creatives and business managers remain on the same page.• Reporting can be used to measure the usage of content, generating valuable information that can be used for decision-making in future content cycles. 6
  7. 7. Revenue Generation• Repurposing of content• Repurposing of resources Number of users Multiplied by 260 days worked each year• Management of resources, Multiplied by budgets and reporting functionality Average cost per hour ( Including salary, benefits, overhead )The rule of thumb at a very conservativeand micro level is that MAM can saveone hour per day per power user. 7
  8. 8. How Much Savings?!?!• To put that in perspective, take a fully burdened marketing manager at a software company in Seattle, Washington, who costs about $200 an hour performing tasks that could easily be automated.• Saving just one hour a day in marketing asset discovery through an integrated marketing process, it saves the company $52,000 a year using the equation above. 8
  9. 9. Brand and MessageConsistency• Get timely and relevant messages out to potential and existing customers with a uniform message that reinforces the brand image.• Without effective collaboration and approval, misplaced logos, creative assets or outdated product information can seriously compromise a company’s global brand identity.• A well-integrated MAM system tied in to other systems such as campaign management, CRM tools and business process management solutions, enable the right content goes out to the right delivery platform and conveys the right message. 9
  10. 10. MAM in Action: H&R BlockChoosing a Solution• Leading tax services provider H&R Block struggled with maintaining marketing collateral consisting of both images and text.• The company relied on a limited repository with PDFs that allowed for minimal document customization. H&R Block researched solutions to best meet its present and future needs for marketing asset management.• H&R Block finally chose Saepio Marketing Asset Manager. According to H&R Block, Saepio provided a best-in-class MAM solution and was considered an industry leader. 10
  11. 11. MAM in Action: H&R Block The Result• H&R Block discovered that marketing asset management-based FAMS for marketing asset management greatly aided in defining the system and approach to support a new brand strategy.• The associated workflow of FAMS simplified the marketing processes.• Messaging was dramatically improved, as all messages for programs were archived in a central database.• FAMS greatly reduced time associated with creating, repurposing, and editing marketing collateral.• On the front-end, the system integrated with the company’s existing procurement system, expediting the process of budgetary approvals.• H&R Block was able to align its strategy through the well-executed deployment of Saepio Marketing Asset Manager. 11
  12. 12. For More Information: Contact Saepio:• Download the white paper • • • 877.468.7613 12