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case study SonicLocal Marketing ManagementSONIC Drive-Ins®Like many other marketing groups, the marketing team at SONICDri...
Moving from a “DIY” Approach to                                         By offering easy customization and ordering capabi...
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Case Study of Sonic


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Case Study of Sonic

  1. 1. case study SonicLocal Marketing ManagementSONIC Drive-Ins®Like many other marketing groups, the marketing team at SONICDrive-Ins® seeks to streamline marketing efforts at the store level,while at the same time boosting brand consistency. To meet theseobjectives, SONIC uses marketing platform technology.Background SolutionWith approximately 3,500 drive-ins nationwide and more than a To foster greater marketing success at the store level, SONIC lookedmillion customers served every day, SONIC has established itself to Saepio. With Saepio, SONIC is well equipped to deliver a one stopas a leading purveyor of the classic drive-inexperience. With a resource for all a franchise’s marketing needs. Now, SONIC provideshistory that goes back to the 1950s, customers at every SONIC corporate, franchise, and store level marketers with a single systemDrive-In can still enjoy being served by a smiling carhop, often on that streamlines marketing content development and delivery.roller skates, that brings orders right to the car. SONIC’s innovative Benefitsmarketing continues to be instrumental to the company’s ongoing With Saepio, SONIC’s stores save time because they don’t have tosuccess. reinvent the wheel each time they want a new marketing piece. IfChallenge a user needs an ad today, they cancreate it instantly, rather thanWhile SONIC’s corporate marketing team directed all national waiting weeks or a month to get it developed and produced. SONICand many local marketing programs, other local marketing efforts has realized significant cost reductions by minimizing time spent atwere managed by franchise owners and managers. Many stores the franchise level on ad hoc, one-off marketing deliverables, andhad long-established vendor relationships and found it cheaper associated agency expense. Not only can stores produce more, andor more expedient to develop resources tailored to their specific more effective, marketing deliverables, but the company benefits fromlocales, however, the corporate brand suffered through inconsistent more consistent brand execution across the board.execution when these ad-hoc efforts were of poor quality. Notonly were the corporate resources not fully leveraged, but thestores were spending significant time and money to develop theirown deliverables in addition to those that existed. Ultimately, thisresulted in profits not being optimized for the enterprise.
  2. 2. Moving from a “DIY” Approach to By offering easy customization and ordering capabilities, Saepio Store Marketing is helping staff at stores save time and cut costs. For example, marketing representatives and franchise staff can now resize an ad SONIC’s marketing efforts have traditionally been managed by without incurring any agency expenses. In addition, with Saepio, a mix of staff, including executives at corporate headquarters, SONIC’s corporate marketing team not only delivers a host of marketing directors at the franchise group level and owners marketing assets, but also provides user guides that instruct people and managers at the store level. While national marketing was how to use each piece so they can be as successful as possible. relatively easy to coordinate and manage from the corporate offices, marketing execution at the store level was another story. “Now our stores can cut agency costs, while increasing sales by more fully and more effectively leveraging the tools available,” In many cases, store management had long established relationships Fields stated. with their own vendors, and they were accustomed to developing their own deliverables. While they sometimes used resources Saepio helps make these automation and customization capabilities developed at corporate, in many cases this required customization easy to use, which is critical given that people with a range of of the pieces, whether that meant changing pricing, promotional backgrounds need to use the system. Today, the user base runs dates, contact info, or other store-specific information that was the gamut of titles and backgrounds, including store operators, either too cumbersome or not an option at all. franchise owners, corporate executives, franchise marketing directors and more. Empowering Local Stores while Ensuring Brand Consistency “After an extensive evaluation of about 12 solutions, we found that Saepio offered an unparalleled combination of expertise, robust and With Saepio, SONIC can provide a centralized, convenient place to flexible product capabilities, and value,” Fields explained. “Now access virtually all the resources a store may need for its marketing that the system has been deployed, all these characteristics have efforts. Today, SONIC’s online storefront includes the following helped us maximize the value from our investment.” items: • Merchandizing elements, including virtually all promotional and display items such as hardware, wall posters, bag stickers and golf balls To learn more about Saepio’s solutions, visit us • All corporate advertisements, including some that can be customized according to regional or store-specific needs at or call 1.877.468.7613. • Customizable bag stuffers, so users can create their own, including customizing backgrounds, offers, pricing and promotion dates While Saepio affords local stores the flexibility they need to tailor marketing vehicles to their specific needs, SONIC’s corporate marketing group can also constrain such things as fonts, colors, logo placement and more to ensure a high level of quality and brand consistency. “Saepio helps us completely protect branding,” said Lane Fields, SONIC’s Local Store Marketing and Marketing Calendar Manager. “Now we can create a consistent look and feel for deliverables that people would otherwise be creating from scratch.” © 2012 Saepio, Inc. © 2011 Saepio, Inc. info@saepio.com021511