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Case Study of NCAA


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Case Study of NCAA

  1. 1. case study NCAALocal Marketing ManagementNCAAThe NCAA needed an efficient way to provide marketing supportto help championship host institutions and conferences generateawareness and promote ticket sales for 88 different NCAAchampionships. Using Saepio’s platform technology, host sites canquickly construct and customize event-specific marketing materialsthat adhere to NCAA brand guidelines, while saving time and money.Background time approving these one-offs via email.Founded in 1906, the National Collegiate Athletic Association In addition, the NCAA found it difficult to manage reimbursements(NCAA) oversees intercollegiate athletics in the United States. for marketing funds it allocated to each host. Once the hostThis includes providing marketing support for institutions and submitted a reimbursement form with receipts, the NCAA issuedconferences hosting annual championships in a range of sports. the funds. However, the methods used to keep track of forms, receipts, and payments were not efficient.Challenge SolutionThe NCAA Championships Marketing team helps host institutionsgenerate awareness and promote ticket sales for NCAA To streamline interactions with host institutions and ensure brandchampionships. Previously, the team shipped marketing materials consistency and compliance, the NCAA launched the NCAAto each host location. Many times, these items were not used or championships promotions website powered by Saepio. Thisdidn’t reach the hosts in a timely manner, leading to little return on marketing hub enables hosts to retrieve materials – including Webinvestment. Some hosts are named a few days before competition, banners, print ads, radio spots, email blasts, billboards, and more – andleading to a tight turnaround to supply them with meaningful quickly construct and customize event-specific content that adheresmaterials. to NCAA brand guidelines. Because each marketing template contains a recipe for how to dynamically assemble saved marketing objectsTo complicate matters, some hosts develop their own materials. The – such as images, text blocks, and logos – into finished marketingNCAA needed to ensure that the NCAA brand was upheld as these materials, the host can easily create needed sites applied the NCAA logo and other branded elements to theirmaterials. The NCAA Championships Marketing team spent significant
  2. 2. Results Once logged in to the site, hosts see all materials available to them based on their funding level. If they customize assets with their own artwork, text, or logos, the NCAA Championships Marketing team is notified via email and logs in to review the materials. Once approved, the host downloads the file format of its choice: .FLV, EPS, JPEG, TIFF, or PDF. Once an institution finds out it’s hosting a championship round, it’s consumed by many operational tasks, such as getting its field or court ready. With Saepio solution, the marketing aspect is a lot easier. Because all materials are online, the NCAA no longer allocates resources to printing and sending materials. Plus, it can easily track usage. Before implementing Saepio, the NCAA didn’t know if schools were using the materials. Now it can decide whether or not to discontinue items based on statistical data. For example, the NCAA previously offered both radio and TV ads. But once it saw that TV spots were not being used, it stopped providing them for selected hosts. This insight, enables the NCAA to move insightfully, allocate budgets and better serve the hosts. To learn more about Saepio’s solutions, visit us at or call 1.877.468.7613. © 2012 Saepio, Inc. © 2011 Saepio, Inc. info@saepio.com021511