case study audiLocal Marketing ManagementAudiWhen Audi was preparing to launch a new corporate identity in 2008,the luxury...
Wish List                                                                    versions of each ad.         When Audi looked...
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Case Study of Audi


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Case Study of Audi

  1. 1. case study audiLocal Marketing ManagementAudiWhen Audi was preparing to launch a new corporate identity in 2008,the luxury auto maker decided its ad builder software had outlived itseffectiveness. Audi selected Saepio to protect its branding and to givedealers a single point of access for all marketing assets.Background SolutionWith roots dating back to 1911, Audi has become one of the world’s Saepio offered Audi more bang for the buck. Sophisticated metadatamost successful luxury automotive brands. The company’s distributed tagging makes finding assets – including print ads, flyers, flashmarketing force of nearly 275 domestic dealers play a key role in Audi’s banners and emails – fast and easy for dealers. Dynamic customizationmarket presence and market share gain for luxury brands sold in capabilities and automatic resizing eliminate the need to involve anAmerica. outside agency to manually version ads. Plus, storefront enhancements and real-time reporting add to the new system’s value.Challenge Key BenefitsWhile Audi had provided an ad builder resource for its dealers sincethe early 2000’s, Audi needed a much more dynamic solution that Implementation took just two months and dealers embraced thestreamlined ad creation for across all models, offer types, media and solution right away. Dealers can customize ads and send placement-size. Without such a system, ad hoc efforts by local dealers to create ready output to publications within minutes – without jumpingtheir own ad materials often caused brand effectiveness to suffer. through hoops or having to send corporate-approved art first to anIn addition,with the original system, images were not tagged with agency for local customization, saving Audi hundreds of thousandsmetadata so finding the right asset was cumbersome for users. of dollars. And Saepio platform makes it much easier for dealers to comply with brand standards.
  2. 2. Wish List versions of each ad. When Audi looked for a solution for its dealers, its “wish list” was long: “With our old system, we had to have an agency create different • scalability to address future needs templates for any given ad to accommodate each model, offer type, • a campaign management and planning component and size,” he said. “Now we just have to create one template and Saepio • improved asset tagging for easier searches does the rest.” • automatic resizing for ads Dollars are not the only savings Audi realizes. Ads that used to take • drive cost out of and efficiency into the advertising process hours, days or weeks to create can now be customized and sent to • the ability to customize digital marketing mediums, like flash images, web banners, and email templates production in 30 minutes or less. • quick adoption by dealers to gain full benefits Campaign management and planning; more streamlined and • the option to print locally or send to a centralized print-on- integrated email and other collateral customizing capabilities; demand vendor increased flash customization; and user customizable interfaces are a • customize pricing and other local market details few of the new resources Audi has in the works. • value-added services like co-op implementation • the ability for CRM and ad agencies, as well as corporate Additionally, Dahncke said they continue to add enhanced real-time marketers, to interface with the system reporting about who is using the system and what they are using, data In addition, Audi corporate marketing wanted to leverage the that used to take two weeks to generate. “We’re reducing costs, saving experience of a proven vendor with top accounts and they wanted to time and empowering dealers to get a locally relevant message out get the most functionality they could for the price. Audi considered 10 faster… all while protecting the Audi brand,” Dahncke said. “Saepio providers. In the end, Saepio was able to meet all of their criteria. gives us a competitive advantage.” “From start to finish, the technical implementation of the Saepio solution took just two months,” said Mark Dahncke, who managed the solution launch for Audi of America. “This was the smoothest rollout of any program offered to our dealer base. The system was well received by dealers – we’ve had virtually no complaints.” To learn more about Saepio’s solutions, visit us at or call 1.877.468.7613. Smarter Spending on More Resources Dahncke estimates that the dynamic customization and resizing features alone save $450,000 by eliminating the need for 15 © 2012 Saepio, Inc. © 2011 Saepio, Inc. info@saepio.com021511