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Free Software / Open Source Business Models


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Free Software / Open Source Business Models

  1. Free Software / Open SourceBusiness ModelsSaeid Zebardastwebsite: zebardast.iremail: saeid.zebardast@gmail.com2nd Technical Conference of The Free Software / Open SourceSep 8-9, 2011Zanjan, Iran
  2. This Presentation isOpen Source You can download it and use is when you need, and modify on it, and re-upload it and so on.
  3. Disclaimer Do I hate companies working with closed-source software? No, Love & Peace dudes.
  4. In the next 30 minutes wefigure out the answer to How to make money with Free Software?
  5. What are differences? Open Source Close SourceCost Low cost or free ExpensivePowered by FOSS community Traditional CompaniesModification Free to modification and hack Not allowedEnd user support FOSS community, wikis, forums One-stop shopPersonalize Extremely Customizable Few preferences
  6. What is Open Source?NOT a business modelA smarter way to produce software Lower development costs Higher quality software Superior innovationA smarter way to distribute software Brand awareness & market penetration Lower cost of sales & marketing
  7. Why is Community Important?
  8. Revenue Models
  9. Dual LicensingOne Product two License one for free distribution and free use another for proprietary useCopyright and control of the core product developmentis held in one hand, the original developer.When to use: You are a market leaderWhy client adopt: The client really likes the open sourceproduct and needs it for commercial use.
  10. Case: MySQLProduct SQL DatabaseFree License GPLUsers Approx. 5 Million UsersCustomers Around 0.1 % of UsersMain Income License (>50%), Brand, ServicesDevelopment In houseMarketing DirectTechnology Standardized (SQL)
  11. Case: MySQLThe Virtuous Circle of Open Source
  12. Case: MySQLMySQL Community Server MySQL Enterprise Server• for the Open Source fluent audience, do • for the non-DIY commercial userit your-self (DIY)• for those who don’t need support • Subscription offering for those who want extra help developing, deploying and managing MySQL Dbs coupled with access to MySQL technical support• free-of-charge • part of the MySQL Enterprise
  13. Case: MySQL
  14. Distribution & Service Model Sell support/customization and the other Professional services. Training Consulting Custom Development Post Sales Support Strategy requires a large base of clients that want to use the product. Controlled by Value Driven Pricing & Competition
  15. Case: Red Hat LinuxProviding the product on CD rather as an onlinedownload.Providing support services to enterprise customers.Support for installation, answering technical questionsand training employees to use the product.Upgrade ServicesProvide onsite assistance
  16. The Ecosystem StrategyCompany creates a network of partners or preferredIndependent Software Vendors (ISVs).Software Franchising Brand Licensing Support SellersRed Hat & Oracle is one of their major partners.
  17. Dual Product ModelPenetrate the market by releasing an open sourceproduct & sell a different product.Example: Eclipse and its non open source plugins.
  18. The Web-based Advertising Model Software generate revenue through advertisement. Firefox has a Google search bar built into the web browser. Mozilla Foundation raked in whopping $70 million in revenues in 2007 & 85% of from Google.
  19. Acquisitions of Open Source firms MySQL for $1 billion Sun for $7.4 billion Xen Source for $500 million Zimbra for $350 million JBoss for $350 million
  20. Donation
  21. What about Iran?
  22. ProblemsLaw (Legal problems) & CopyrightSanctions against IranInternet censorshipDocumentsInternet bandwidthData centersTeamworkInvestment
  23. Questions, Comments?