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StartupJo charter


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StartupJo is an initiative for Jordanian Startups who want to build their community online and offline.

This is our Charter.

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StartupJo charter

  1. 1. StratUpJo Charter<br />Article I – Name<br />The official name of our community network is “StartUpJo”.<br />Article II – Function & Definition<br />StartUpJo is an entrepreneurial support community network established by and for Jordanian entrepreneurs and their startup businesses. Where entrepreneurs can meet and share their experiences, learn from each other, and work collectively to promote StartupJo and its members primarily to potential investors of all types, and to help its members gain more exposure through organizing events and marketing endeavors where and when possible. <br />Article III – Purpose <br />Section 1 – Purpose & Objectives<br /><ul><li>Collaborative support in seeking investments
  2. 2. Collaborative exposure to markets, including exploring new markets and opportunities
  3. 3. Support each other through Knowledge sharing and networking
  4. 4. Creating both an online and offline collaborations and knowledge-base community.
  5. 5. StartupJo, will help its members explore organizational and management options.
  6. 6. Organize and hold events that promote Startupjo, and help its members market and promote their businesses, whether to consumers or investors.
  7. 7. Organize and hold training events or activities that help startupjo members develop and grow, whether through securing special deals and discounts, or enlisting volunteer trainers that can support members needs.
  8. 8. Enlisting the support of volunteer third-party organizations to provide advice, funding (for certain StartupJo activities and expenses), and/or help in promoting Startupjo and its objectives.</li></ul>Section 2 – Mission Statement<br />The mission statement for StartupJo is as follows:<br />The purpose of StartupJo is to serve as a nexus to its members, to facilitate the development and growth of member startups. StartupJo members shall work together to foster innovation and entrepreneurship; Stratupjo shall make available entrepreneurial resources, sponsor educational and social events to further the knowledge and spirit of entrepreneurialism, and inspire and support the creation of successful new ventures between Investors and StartupJo entrepreneur members.<br />Article IV – Membership and Participation<br />Section 1 – Non-Discrimination<br />All Jordanian entrepreneurs and Startups are eligible to join Starturp without regard to race, origin, color, religion, disability, age, or gender.<br />Section 2 – Recognition of Membership<br />Membership to StartupJo will be voluntary for the time being.* Members will need to provide contact information and a description of their Startup and will be encouraged to attend meetings and participate in events and fundraising if needed. Time permitting; further involvement in the form of Support team member, committee member or event organization will also be encouraged.<br /><ul><li>*Membership fees and qualifying for membership are up for discussion On Core Teams agenda at this time</li></ul>Section 3 – Listing of Board Members (Core Team Members)<br />Core Team members will form the management executive board for StartupJo. The Core team’s responsibilities are defined in Article VII.<br />The Core Team (Board) members of StartupJo are duly noted as follows: <br />Section 4– Membership Benefits<br />Specific and detailed Membership benefits will be discussed and decided on by Board members at their next meeting and duly shared with all members, and added to this charter. Membership benefits will be aligned to StartupJo’s purpose and objectives.<br />Section 5– Membership Requirements<br /><ul><li>Membership requirements and qualifying for membership are up for discussion On Core Team’s agenda at this time. And would be later added to this Charter.</li></ul>Section 6– Listing of Founding Members (Core Team + Members at time of inception)<br />The founding members StartupJo are duly noted as follows: <br />Article V – Advisors<br />Section 1 – Designation of Advisor<br />StartupJo may have outside advisors, These advisors can provide advice to core team and when called for help in reviewing important decisions made by the core team, on an as-needed basis. Advisors can also help in securing speakers for events and or provide advice to individual members when possible. Outside Advisors, are volunteers and StartupJo supporters. Such advisor will maintain no voting power, but their advice is welcomed at meetings to which they are invited.<br />Article VI - Meetings<br />Section 1 – Types of Events/Meetings<br />StartupJo will host a combination of events such as meetings, pitches, speaker and Tutorial<br />Series. A description of each type of event follows:<br /><ul><li>General Monthly Meeting: All startupjo members will meet once a month, to be briefed on the months activities, news, address collective issues decided on by the core team.
  9. 9. The Pitches Series: we either need to establish a fixed casual event for members to sit in and listen to one member present, or keep it per the startup members to call for such an event through our forum. In either case the core team, will need to facilitate the presentation, provide constructive criticism and allow our advisors to add their input. at large, this type of event is a peer-to-peer event and should be comfortable for presenters and attendees alike.
  10. 10. The Speaker Series meetings involve the invitation of a guest speaker or panel of speakers. Our guest will either talk about a pre-selected entrepreneurial topic, or will be interviewed by an advisor or StartupJo board member about their business experiences. There shall be a question and answer session at the end. A social-networking gathering with our guest and the StartupJo members sometimes will follow. Speaker Series meetings are open to both members and non-members when sponsorship is secured.
  11. 11. The Tutorial Series shall be specific workshops held by StartupJo on any planned date. Workshops may cover topics such as legal issues, web marketing, writing a business plan, hiring employees, opportunity recognition, exit strategies, etc. Topic-specific meetings will be open only to StartupJo members.
  12. 12. Networking events are events either organized by StartupJo, or made available to StartupJo members through third party.
  13. 13. Investor Pitches are ultimately what we plan to organize on regular basis, whereby we invite potential investors to present to them a selected group of startups that match the investors interests.
  14. 14. Exposure Events those are events either organized by StartupJo or made available to to StartupJo and/or its members, for marketing and publicity purposes, whether to consumer markets or investor communities and networks.</li></ul>Section 2 – Number of Events/Meetings<br />StartupJo will seek to have no less than Five events per month, One general members meeting, and two Core Team meetings, One Pitches/or training event, One Networking/ promoting/ or pitching to investors event. (until all organizational issues are resolved the core team will be meeting once every week) <br />Section 3 - Quorum<br />The quorum for a certain number of members present in order to conduct business shall be addressed and set by the Core Team for all types of meetings. <br />Article VII – Management/Executive Board Responsibilities<br /><ul><li>Oversee the scheduling and agenda of Board meetings and Advisory Board meetings;
  15. 15. Make sure all other members are acting within a moral and ethical framework which upholds the values of StartupJo;
  16. 16. Attend board meetings, General Startupjo member meetings, and events;
  17. 17. Be available to StartupJo members who wish to obtain guidance on entrepreneurship or learn about available resources or connect them with someone from within StartupJo, an advisor or third-party that can help the member
  18. 18. Assist in raising money for covering StartupJo expenses;
  19. 19. Petition entrepreneurship related organizations for Funding each quarter;
  20. 20. Work to develop the budget for each quarter
  21. 21. Keep a spreadsheet-based account of all funds, payments, and inflows into the StartupJo expense fund
  22. 22. Will be responsible for the recruitment of new members through events and other methods of communication;
  23. 23. Will be responsible for the building and recruitment of Support Team members from StartupJo’s members;
  24. 24. Work on Networking Events and ensure that all members are aware of events and meetings;
  25. 25. Ensure that all members concerns, suggestions, and requests are voiced;
  26. 26. Updating membership list (at least one time per quarter);
  27. 27. Building external relationships with other entrepreneurial organizations and investment networks;
  28. 28. Maintain regular contact and communication with StartupJo advisors
  29. 29. Send out messages and event notices via the general forum and member-only communication tools;
  30. 30. Oversee and execute fundraising events;
  31. 31. Plan and execute all events;
  32. 32. Plan and execute short and long-term marketing strategies for StartupJo;
  33. 33. Manage StartupJo’s Support teams that will plan and execute events and programs;
  34. 34. Ensure that all StartupJo events run smoothly;
  35. 35. Manage logistics including confirming speaker attendance;
  36. 36. Develop press releases, maintain relations with media, and encourage publicity
  37. 37. Write and mail thank you letters to all speakers and outside meeting participants;
  38. 38. each year, until and unless an election system is put into place.
  39. 39. Assign a board member at each meeting to Take minutes at all board meetings and general meetings and put those notes into a summarized form; Send the minutes of Board meetings to all board members (and advisors when needed) after each meeting;
  40. 40. Update and maintain StartupJo web site, forum and Social media tools/accounts;
  41. 41. Maintain archive of all StartupJo documents, forms, speakers, events, and hand-outs, and meeting minutes;</li></ul>Article VIII –Funds<br />The board members shall create a budget for each quarter for the following quarter. All StartupJo board members (and advisors if called on by board members) shall ratify the budget each quarter. Funds for StartupJo are provided by internal and external fundraising activities, and outside donors. It is the responsibility of the Board team chair to ensure funding for each quarter activities.<br />Article IX –Amendments<br />Changes to this charter may be suggested by members and board members. All suggestions will be addressed at the following board meeting. Also decision for amendments Quorum should be decided on by core team members A copy of both the original document and the latest version shall be made available through the web site.<br />Article XII – By-laws<br />Section 1: Board Memeber Resignation<br />If an board member leaves or is otherwise unable to serve during their term, that board member shall resign and another board member will be selected by the all remaining board members for the remainder of his or her term. If there is advance notice of this possibility arising, the opening will be made public to the Startupjo and an election will be planned and held.<br />Section 2: Removal of a Board Member or Member<br />If a board member does not adequately fulfill their assigned duties, his/her peers (fellow board members) may call for a Censure. All members of the board (not including board member in question) must approve the censure. Upon a second censure a separate initiative may remove the officer from his or her position.<br />Any member that is found guilty of criminal charges, fraud, or exhibits <br />A vote for the removal of any member can only take place under the following conditions:<br />1. A member receives two censures;<br />2. A member exhibits behavior deemed unbecoming of a StartupJo Board member or member.<br />If the offense is to such an extent that the board feels it is necessary to remove the removed board member from Startupjo as a member, they may do so upon a similar vote. Upon removal of a member officer, a replacement officer shall be selected or elected as soon as is possible.<br />A board member that is removed from the board may not run for that position again. Any person who is removed from StartupJo membership may not re-enter Startupjo except in the case that they petition the Management Executive Board to re-enter and all attending board members at a meeting approve such an initiative. <br />Re-entry into StartupJo membership cannot be granted if the expelled member in question is found guilty of criminal charges or fraud by a local or an international court.<br />Article XIII –Parliamentary Procedures<br />Initiatives or issues to be considered either for discussion or a vote at a Management Executive Board Meeting can be proposed by any StartupJo member. To be considered for a vote, a board member must second an initiative. A vote will be called by the board members. Unless Board members decide the issue requires to be offered for discussion and voting in a General meeting. Board members in agreement will respond with “Yea.” Board members not in agreement will respond with “Nay.” If the result is unclear, an individual tally of the votes will be taken by the meetings Secretary.<br />aArticle XIV – Ratification<br />For this Charter to go into effect it must be ratified and signed by all members of the Executive Management Board and founding members.<br />This document, the ‘Charter of the StartupJo is hereby put into full effect, this ____ Day of June, 2011 upon the signatures of the following members of the Founding Executive Management Board and Founding members.<br />Executive Management BoardFounding Members<br />