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  1. 1. PIZZA<br />Pizza is Italian food . It’s prepared with dough and cheese . Pizza is a delicious food. <br />
  2. 2. ingredients<br />-dough (500g).<br />-Mozzarella cheese (100g).<br />-tomato paste<br />-Tomato , Herbs & Garlic.<br />-Fresh herbs, oregano, basil - chop these-Olives-Mushrooms-Artichokes<br />
  3. 3. Directions<br />Mixing all dry ingredients together. Add (3 L) of hot water in and start mixing. Cover and leave pizza dough to rise . After 1 hour punch the dough down . Take out the pizza dough and knead it . Roll the pizza dough . Spread a tomato paste on your fresh pizza dough base . Placing toppings on top of the pizza base dough . Put the pizza into the oven for 30 minutes . After 30 minutes take it out and enjoy . <br />