Handbook of research in entrepreneurship education pages 55 61


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Handbook of research in entrepreneurship education pages 55 61

  1. 1. Handbook of Research in Entrepreneurship Education <br />Faculty Entrepreneurship , University of Tehran, Iran<br />Professor : Dr Arabiun<br />arabiun@ut.ac.ir<br />SaeedNeghabi<br />660188102<br />30/1/89<br />
  2. 2. Teaching entrepreneurship in Sweden<br /><ul><li>Three decades ago entrepreneurship was synonymous with small business in the Swedish context.
  3. 3. Växjö University, in 1975 still just a college subordinate to Lund University, on the initiative of one of the authors (Johannisson) launched a full academic programmed in small business management.</li></li></ul><li>Teaching entrepreneurship in Sweden<br /><ul><li> In order to gain legitimacy in the academic world the small-business management programmed at Växjö University in the 1980s was turned into a complete bachelor programmed.
  4. 4. Two years of study were extended into three and a half years</li></ul>the first two covered general management courses <br />final one-and-a-half years included internships in small firms as outlined above.<br />
  5. 5. Teaching entrepreneurship in Sweden<br />In the 1990 the course administration, as a response to the increasing international concern for entrepreneurship (as opposed to small-business management), tried to make the students launch their own ventures.<br />
  6. 6. Teaching entrepreneurship in Sweden<br />In 1998 the other author (Hjorth) became academically responsible for starting a National Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Learning. This annual workshop, gathers some 40 participants from about 20 universities in Sweden, providing the participants with opportunities to debate challenges in running entrepreneurship courses<br />
  7. 7. Review case <br />A Master’s programmed in entrepreneurship as social creativity<br /><ul><li> At the universities of Stockholm and Malmö a Master’s programmed in entrepreneurship is open to all students.
  8. 8. Participants with backgrounds in such diverse fields as fine arts, medicine, engineering, biology, and business have graduated from this programme. They bring with them different professional identities (as rehearsed in educational contexts) and formal</li></li></ul><li>A Master’s programmed in entrepreneurship as social creativity<br /><ul><li>The programme invites students to approach entrepreneurship as part of society rather than simply part of business.
  9. 9. A view on entrepreneurship is initially communicated, stating that:</li></ul>the world is not a perfect place<br />There are alternative to deal with that<br />I want to be part of this challenge<br />
  10. 10. The more specific outline of the programmed is that it runs over one year, comprising<br />Four courses during the first semester:<br />variations on entrepreneurship.<br />the practice of entrepreneurship.<br />C. the software of entrepreneurship (a processual perspective on creativity<br /> and innovativeness and on running projects)<br />D. the hardware of entrepreneurship(a structural point of view; focus on<br /> marketing, financing, and business law, centred on the start-up phase)<br />
  11. 11. Two projects during the second:<br />life-images of entrepreneurship (entrepreneurs visit the programmed and <br />tell stories; students write are port reflecting upon their learning from these ‘live cases’)<br /> B. entrepreneurial project (students can choose from engaging in an <br />entrepreneurial venture, developing their own business plan, or investigate a<br /> topic from an entrepreneurial perspective)<br />
  12. 12. End<br />
  13. 13. آموزش کار آفرینی در سوئد<br />سه دهه پیش کار آفرینی در سوئد مترادف با کسب و کارهای کوچک بود.<br />یکی از پیشگامان آموزش کار آفرینی در سوئد دانشگاه واکسجو بود <br />که یک دوره سه سال نیمه را در سال 1980 راه اندازی کرد. <br />
  14. 14. <ul><li> دو سال اول : د رس های کلی مدیریتی
  15. 15. یک سال نیم آخر کارآموزی
  16. 16. در سال 1990 Administration
  17. 17. ٍبعد از مدتی Enterprise and business development </li></li></ul><li><ul><li>در میانه دهه 1990 دولت سوئد خواستار تحقیق در مورد سیستم آموزشی سوئد</li></ul>با رویکرد کار آفرینانه شد.<br /><ul><li>در سال 1998 Hjoth مسول را ه اندازی کار گاههای بین المللی کار آفرینی میشود </li></li></ul><li> مطالعه یک Case <br /><ul><li>برنامه آموزشی کارآفرینی برای همه شرکت کنندگان از رشته های مختلف</li></ul>دیدگاه نسبت به کار آفرینی<br /><ul><li>جهان مکان کاملی نیست
  18. 18. راه های دیگر برای مواجه با آن وجود دارد
  19. 19. من می خواهم عضو از این چالش باشم</li></li></ul><li>کار آفرینی را به عنوان موضوع زندگی تصویر سازی میکنند<br />
  20. 20. دوره یک ساله<br />چهار درس در ترم اول <br />تنوع در کار آفرینی<br />تمرین کار آفرینی<br />نرم افزار کار آفرینی<br />سخت افزار کار آفرینی<br />دو پروژه در ترم دوم<br />شرح زندگی یک کار آفرین<br />پروژه کار آفرینی خودم<br />