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History of Women in Tech - Trivia


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Trivia of some of the contributions and persons of interest, run before my History of Women in Tech talk at CodeMash 2015

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History of Women in Tech - Trivia

  1. 1. Women in Tech Trivia Compiled by Sarah Dutkiewicz
  2. 2. Who gets credited with having found the first bug?
  3. 3. Grace Murray Hopper This happened in 1947. However, she was quick to point out that she was not present when the bug was actually found. - Source: “Amazing Grace” Murray Hopper
  4. 4. Who was the first female to receive a PhD in computer science?
  5. 5. Sister Mary Kenneth Keller She helped develop the computer language BASIC. Her dissertation was on “Inductive Interference on Computer Generated Patterns”. In 1965, she was awarded her PhD in Computer Science. - Source: Mental Floss
  6. 6. Which woman in tech held a patent on a secret communication system?
  7. 7. Hedy Kiesler Markey Her Secret Communication System is Patent No. 2,292, 387, granted in 1942 to Hedy and composer George Antheil. This system reduced danger of detection and jamming of torpedo systems. - Source:
  8. 8. Which woman in tech helped form gaming company Sierra On-Line?
  9. 9. Roberta Williams Along with her husband Ken, Roberta Williams helped find gaming legend Sierra On-Line. She is known for her work on the King’s Quest series. - Sources:; Wikipedia
  10. 10. Which woman in tech developed the algorithm behind the Spanning Tree Protocol?
  11. 11. Radia Perlman Her contributions appear in computer science and networking. She also gets attributed as The Mother of the Internet, although she doesn’t approve of that attribution. - Source: The Atlantic
  12. 12. Which woman in tech is known for her hardware work in augmented reality?
  13. 13. Jeri Ellsworth From hardware to emulate home computers if the 1980s to developing an augmented reality project called castAR, Ellsworth is known for her work in the hardware space. - Source: Wikipedia
  14. 14. Making programming easier and more accessible
  15. 15. What’s the name of the movie about the ladies computing in World War II?
  16. 16. Top Secret Rosies: The Female ‘Computers’ of WWII This documentary talks about the women who were responsible for the ballistics tables in World War II and their role with the ENIAC. - Source: IMDB
  17. 17. Which woman was the lead software engineer on Project Apollo?
  18. 18. Margaret Hamilton She designed software robust enough to handle buffer overflows and cycle-stealing, which was instrumental in the Apollo 11 lunar module landing on the moon. - Source:
  19. 19. Which female video game designer worked on River Raid and Super Breakout?
  20. 20. Carol Shaw Her official title was Microprocessor Software Engineer. She worked on the algorithms to create continuous, non-random landscape. - Source: Women24
  21. 21. Which lady co-founded Apache Mahout, a platform for scalable machine learning and data mining?
  22. 22. Isabel Drost-Fromm In addition to committing to Apache Mahout, she also speaks at conferences on things such as free software, Lucene, and Hadoop. - Source: O’Reilly
  23. 23. ABI is a social enterprise founded on the belief that women are vital to building technology that the world needs.