Technology plan


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Technology plan

  1. 1. Granbury ISD TECHNOLOGY PLAN Presented By: Sheri Doucet
  2. 2. AGENDA  Introduction  E-Rate Services  Granbury’s Technology Plan  Budget  How technology is being used  Courses being provided
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Granbury Independent School District has developed a Technology Plan that:  shares a common vision for technology in the district  identifies strategies that will help Granbury ISD make advancements in technology to improve student’s academic achievements
  4. 4. E-RATE SERVICES  E-Rate provides grants to schools and libraries to obtain affordable telecommunications and Internet access.  41% of Granbury’s student population is economically disadvantaged and as a result we qualify for a 60% discount.  GISD had to develop a technology plan to apply for the E-Rate grant.
  5. 5. Technology Goals:  Utilizing technology as a tool for improving academic achievement  Developing a strategy for educator preparation  Improving communication to facilitate data driven areas as in student records  Assessing the improvement of telecommunication services, software, hardware, and other services
  6. 6. Technology Expenditures GISD Technology Budget 5% 7% Teaching and Learning $66,500 11% Educator Preparation $86,500 Leadership and Support $137,000 Infrastructure $975,000 77%
  7. 7. Technology in the Classroom Science safety was taught through the use of creating multimedia presentations. Students filmed their Click to begin video and click own commercials. again to stop. Taking a technology hands on approached made learning more meaningful.
  9. 9. Granbury ISD’s Vision…  is moving forward and meeting the challenges of the 21st century learner. Although the current STaR chart shows Granbury is in the Developing Tech , evidence of technology usage within the district points that we are rapidly moving towards Advanced Tech level of progress.
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